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Creality3D Ender 3 Max 3D Printer US$240 (~A$326.28) Delivered (AU Stock) @ Creality3D


Great price on the Creality3D Ender 3 Max 3D Printer, cheapest elsewhere that I could find was $460 delivered. This is the upgraded version of the popular Ender 3 with larger workspace.

Australian stock ships from local warehouse.

Creality Ender-3 Max 3D Printer

Powerful Hotend Kit-Extremely Precise Printing: Modular hotend with a heat-resistant copper nozzle enable rapid filament melting and smooth filament extrusion.

Large Print Size-Max Workspace, Max Production: 300x300x340mm, a widen workspace for your creativeness.

Smooth and Stable Linear Pulley System: Smooth motion and stable printing are ensured by a reliable motion system composed of a special Z-axis precision T-screw rod, V-profiles, and linear pulley system.

Dual Cooling Fans-Effective in Heat Dissipation: The axial cooling fan continuously helps hotend heat dissipation. The double blower fans promote quick cooling on the extruded filament. Always deliver fine results.

All-metal Extruder-Smooth Filament Feed-in: All-metal Bowden extruder is powerful in filament feed-in.

Carborundum Glass Platform-Smoothness Starts from the First Layer: With its superiority in heat resistance and surface flatness, the Carborundum glass platform helps prints adhere better and users remove prints easier. No wrapping and no scratches.

TMC2208 High-performance silence driver: The German import TMC2208 chip driver is adopted to use in X-axis and Y-axis. It is effective to reduce the motor noise and shake that brings a comfortable and silent work environment for you.

To get price in title:

  • Apply coupon 3MAXT88 at checkout.

Note: Title prices include GST & Shipping. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD

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    Paid similar money for a 3 V2.. This would have been a better purchase right?


      Unfortunately I'd say yes, don't sweat it too much though - filling out the build plate is pretty rare IMO unless you're printing multiples of the same part or working on a very large multi piece model.

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      agree with 'tellhimhesdreaming', i paid 280 for my V2. and for the extra few dollars i would have got this but no remorse with what i have now
      you'll likely upgrade yours beyond what is in the posted deal anyway.

      but even with the increased build space you're still not going to be printing full size helmets etc,

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      Only if you need the larger build volume. The v2 has some nice upgrades like belt tensioners and a better screen.
      There's more mass in the bed to move back and forth, you either need to print slower or sacrifice quality on the max, and the X-axis gantry is also longer but still only supported on one end, so you'd expect more sag over its length unless the rollers are tensioned very exactly.

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    the Creality3D site only allows payment to be made via paypal? If so the price comes to $339.88AUD for me…

    • +1 vote

      There is an option for you to pay via usd, click the small currency option near your payment method, it will allow you to use USD. Suncorp, ING, Up is a few banks dont charge international fee


        I am with CBA tho


          cba charges you 3% afaik for international conversion one


          I have a CBA Diamond card which used to have both Mastercard and AMEX all in one account. The AMEX card didn't charge international conv fees, but they got rid of that a few years ago. So now whenever I make a payment in international currency, I use my 28 Degree card which doesn't charge a fee.


        champion, thanks for the info!


    Just been using mine for a few days now, fantastic! Alot less assembly work than the v2 as well.


    Thank you OP. First printer! Now to buy some fillament!


    for those still sitting on the fence, looks like they now have a bundle of the printer + BL Touch kit for $340 US, the code still works with the bundle, works out to be $251 US.

    Can't resist, just placed an order.

    The cheapest Creality BL Touch kit sells for $88 on ebay, while the "unbranded" starts from $15, fingers crossed that I will get the official Creality kit with this order………..


      Okay Creality has just confirmed that the coupon shouldn't apply to the BL Touch kit bundle. So it's a seriously good deal.


        How did you find this out?


          Emailed them to try and upgrade my order (which they say has shipped but the shipping company says hasn't) to the bundle.


        damn maybe that is why there has been no update on my order………..

        lucky I haven't rushed out to buy any filaments yet, let's see how this plays out.


          Well after a bit of back and forth and me telling them I was going to order again and just return the original they've offered me a coupon to bring the BL touch on it's own down to $12usd or so. I doubt they'd kick up a stink over your order.

          P.S. didn't mean to ruin this for anybody. I literally had no idea that the code wasn't supposed to apply to the bundle.


            @stickyfingers: good to hear you got the BL touch deal as well :)

            hopefully I will get an update soon.


            @stickyfingers: well it looks like they have fixed the discount which included the BL touch…..

            Even though it comes to $251USD after applying the code on the creality page, when you go to checkout, it directs you to paypal, and that's where the total appears as $340.20USD! Here is the breakdown from the paypal page.

            1 BL Touch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor For Ender Series
            China/For Ender 3 Series $49.00USD

            1 Ender-3 Max 3D Printer
            Australia/Ender-3 Max $329.00USD

            Subtotal $378.00USD
            Discount $37.80USD
            Total $340.20USD


            @stickyfingers: can you DM me the discount code? looks like the promo code no longer works with the bundle.


              @BlitzR: I'm still chatting with support to get a working code as it doesn't even seem like they know how to use their own platform. Every code they sent me throws an error.

              It seems like they are trying to make a user specific, one use code. If they give up and give me a generic one I'll post it here though. Otherwise just nag their support, they seem to try and avoid at first but give in if you annoy them enough.



    so I placed the order a few days ago, and I got a "Dear John" email, no, not that kind of "Dear John", but something like "Hi John, your order is being prepared blah blah blah".

    only problem is, my name is not John………… well, the shipping name and address on the email looks correct, so fingers crossed my printer won't end up going to some "John" dude somewhere………

    anyone else encountered this?


      Nah but I got a shipping notification saying it would be here Monday and the courier (Direct Freight Express) says they haven’t even received the item yet. Creality say they have given it to the shipping forwarder, yet I ordered from the AU warehouse?

      I wanted to cancel and get the BL Touch bundle instead :/


        I still haven't gotten any shipping notificatons yet :(


          Mine said Auspost with a tracking number that doesn't work with Auspost. Then I got the tracking notification from Direct Freight Express with that tracking number.

          I feel you though, my filament came on Sunday (how good is Dragonfly shipping via Amazon) and it's teasing me.


    did they arrive yet , a lot of people are reporting the zstop is way to high and cant be adjusted , with out getting new fittings


      Mine arrived Thursday. Apart from scratching the bed from leveling it wrong it's been great!


      Where did you read about this issue?

      The Z stop may not be able to be adjusted, but you can adjust the height of the bed to get bed nicely level, without any extra fittings. There are plenty of videos out there on how to adjust the bed level on the max.

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    cheps videosand a few others on youtube and Reddit. the slot for the z stop is notched in and wrong on some machines. you need to get tee nuts and longer screws yourself to fix.


    got my shipping notification a few days ago, it is being sent from China, but according to the latest tracking update, it has already arrived in Sydney, so can't complain I guess.

    better start shopping for some filament :)

    and maybe I am getting too far ahead of myself, but should I go for the dual Z axis upgrade?

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      its going to be great , once its dialled in

      • +1 vote

        I will have a play around as-is for now, and consider upgrades later I guess.

        PS just received the printer today, now, I just gotta find a place to set it up (I am guessing packing it up and putting it back in the box after each print is probably not a good idea? not to mention very tedious)

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    for those who might be having trouble leveling their Max, this link is pretty useful (at least for a complete noob like me):


    scroll down for Max

    youtube videdo: