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LG A1 55 Inch OLED55A1PTA $1950, 65 Inch OLED65A1PTA $2850, C1 55 Inch OLED55C1PTB $2450 @ Appliance Central


Even better deals than the JB Hifi one for LG's latest OLED 2021 TVs. It's also free delivery to certain metro areas.

  • Self-Lit OLED - Perfect Black, Billion Rich Colours, OLED Eye Comfort
  • Alpha 7 Gen4 AI Processor 4K - AI Picture, AI Sound, eARC
  • ThinQ AI - Hey Google, Amazon Alexa, Apple Airplay 2, Apple HomeKit, Home Dashboard, Magic Remote Control, Game Optimiser
  • Home Cinema Experience - Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, FILMMAKER MODETM
  • A World of Entertainment - Netflix, Apple TV, Disney+, Stan, Amazon Prime, Optus Sport, Twitch, Game Optimiser, Sports Alert

A1 65 $2850 - https://www.appliancecentral.com.au/oled65a1pta-lg-65-inch-4...

The C1 55 is also on offer at $2450 - https://www.appliancecentral.com.au/oled55c1ptb-lg-55-inch-4...

The C1 65 is $3420 - https://www.appliancecentral.com.au/oled65c1ptb-lg-65-inch-4...

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  • +3

    FWIW I picked up a BX 65" for $2500 from TGG last week, well worth it!

    • That's a sweet price- how did you get it so cheap?

      • +2

        The BX are basically clearance, and they had a 15% off promo going. I nearly went for it…

      • I need to know too, looking to buy one

      • +1

        Called TGG, asked what the best price they could do a 65" BX for, they said $2500 said OK coming to get it.

    • I want to know too. How did you get that price??

    • +2

      Good deal, fwiw I was lucky to pick up a G1 65" for $2827 in July due to poor pricing communication. It's a once-off and hard to replicate

      • +1

        Deal of the year if you got that!

    • +2

      I did the same and got $2690 TGG (purchased this week). Tried JB Hifi and was told BX65 is online price only and has to be done online ($2999). Bottom price I’ve seen is the one day sale a couple weeks back at just under $2400.

      I paid overs because kids cracked the screen on old tv and really didn’t want to wait too long for another sale during lockdown.

      Pro: wow factor unboxing. Screen is really thin
      Con: unboxing. Was worried the entire time attaching the stand as you need to lay it flat (best on a table, I did it on the floor) and then getting in onto the entertainment unit. Still playing around with picture settings til I’m happy with it.

      • +2

        It's even scarier mounting the bloody things on wall. I was sweatier than a runner's nuts.

        • Yeah, that swamp ass is far from a pleasant feeling in ones nether region.

      • +1

        Just in case something happens or for any product. Banks usually have a buyer protection for 1 to 3 months for any accidental damage. I know NAB does it for 3 months. As long as you purchase the product in full on your card. Check it out whoever you're with to see what they offer.

        • what NAB card has buyer protection for pricing ?

          • @davef: Credit cards only im pretty sure

            • @Monstalova: So any NAB credit card will give you buyer protection ?

              • @davef: They all do. I haven't looked that much into it but it could be some cards may have longer periods for the price matching.

  • +8

    The A1 series lack HDMI 2.1 in case you weren't aware

    • It's interesting - I went to LG's website to look at the A1 Model: https://www.lg.com/au/tvs/lg-oled65a1pta

      It says it supports e-ARC which afaik, needed to be HDMI2.1. But no where on their spec sheet says it has HDMI 2.1

      "23 A1, NANO77, NANO75, UP80: HDMI ports support HDCP 2.2, 60fps @ 2160p " - this is what is has as an * on their HDMI ports.

      • +3

        2.0b is capable of eARC. but it depends on the HDMI chipset used by the TV manufacturer:

        Pins 14 and 17 carry, amongst other things, the HDMI ethernet channel and ARC, it is also intended to carry eARC.

        The HDMI ethernet channel was specced to carry 100mbps ethernet data, but never got implemented, therefore lots of chip manufacturers dropped this capability from their chipsets - no point including bandwidth for a feature that will never be used, right?

        The catch is that eARC will now use that bandwidth, up to 37mbps of the bandwidth previously allocated to the HDMI ethernet channel.

        So, if the manufacturer's chipset had the full "HDMI ethernet channel" bandwidth on pins 14 and 17, eARC could be added with an upgrade, if it didn't (and lots of them didn't because who knew it would be needed?), then eARC is not possible.

        • Good info. Pretty good "standard".

    • So this model only gets to 4k 60hz is that right?

  • "Even better deals than the JB Hifi one for LG's latest OLED 2021 TVs" - the OLED55C1PTB was only $2156 in JB's latest deal right, whereas this is $2450?

    • +1

      I think OP is talking about JB's current deal on the A series.

  • +1

    JB have practically the same price for those living in areas that appliance central won't ship (eg Tasmania).


  • Hows the brightness compared to other models

  • What's the general consensus of the A1? Where is it placed in LG's pecking order?

    • +1

      A<B<C. Why alphabetical confuse so many?

      • +3

        I think you mean: Z>G>C>B>A
        yep total sense….

        • -1

          Reversing/skipping doesn't change the order. A 3,2,1 countdown must do your head in…

  • +2

    Variable Refresh Rate (VRR)8 No
    Nvidia G-Sync Compatible9 No
    AMD FreeSync Premium No

    So no 120hz and they're selling it in the 48" "Gaming Monitor" size.

    LoL go BX instead.

    • good for a small apartment casual tv user though.

    • sounds like OLED panel is the same across the range. If that's the case, for general TV viewing/streaming A1 is the best value option, or I'm missing something?

      • It's lacking most of the 'modern' TV features that the panel actually supports but requires HDMI 2.1, so I would personally avoid over say, the BX, which has all of the modern features.

        • +1

          If this is to be plugged into an Android TV box or Apple TV, then I don't see how those features add value if the primary use case is Media consumption.
          HDMI 2.1 is important only if you play games in 4K and want 120Hz refresh.

          • @vrsac: This is correct, if you are looking for the absolute cheapest OLED only for media consumption, it's the best buy.

          • @vrsac: Agreed. Most people won't be plugging it in to anything. They'll be watching one of the many services loading on to the TV already.

    • I thought this model was a refresh to the bx

      • Think they’ve positioned this more as a (not actually that cheap) budget option.

        • I see

      • B1 follows BX, it's basically the same thing afaik. A1 is like the minimum viable OLED tv.

  • C1 65 has been around this price recently, 120hz, better brightness and response times would hold out for that to be back down.

  • So basically this is a bx without vrr?

    • Only 60hz

      • Ah right.. not worth it then.. better to go c1 then or bx

        • Yep, OLEDs have bad stutter because of the really good pixel response time. So it needs 120hz for motion to smooth it out more.

  • C1 65 now out of stock - hard to find now it seems..?

  • Would you go LG C1 v's Sony A80J ?

    • +1

      Hdtv test has a video about this few hours ago

    • C1 if you’re a gamer otherwise Sony

  • Still think the wall papers a exceptional TV, in every regard dam shame lg cannot see it.

    Attach it to a wall, or over the dining room table for backdrop or anything, exceptional way to just hang as a monitor to the wall no desk really needed.

    While the prices on these TV's are great actually better then before, but probably don't support 2.1hdmi probably unless someone can correct me on that.

    But dam shame LG.

  • Yikes on the C1 65" price. I paid that for a G1 :| (still waiting for it tho)

  • They've knocked a tiny bit more off a couple of them now…

    A1 65" $2760
    C1 55" $2390 (cheapest around at the moment by about ~$150)
    C1 65" $3350

    • +1

      You should post the deal as it's worth some airtime. I might have time later if you don't but it's you spot

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