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Ezy Knife Sharpener + NextGen Knife Sharpener $20 + Free Shipping @ AustralianDiscountStore


Get the worlds best knife sharpener* plus the new, NextGen version for $20 and Free Delivery Australian wide. Deal will be available until sold out.

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    World's best knife sharpener my lily-white a**. If someone came near my knives with one of those things I'd slap them with a Lodge skillet. Get a decent stone and a honing rod, and don't destroy your knives.


      Never been able to get the hang of sharpening on a stone tbh, this is better than nothing

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        Honestly it's pretty super easy. Best bets just finding a YouTube vid and following the steps if you're a bit unsure. A lot of stones with come with a clip-on knife guide these days too, so when you're getting used to it it'll hold it at the right angle for you every time


          I'd need the clip on thing, I couldn't get the hang of it working in an abattoir lol


        worlds best knife sharpener*

        At least nothing won't ruin your knives. Carbide pull through will trash even the crappiest knives. Negging just for this BS claim.

        Stones aren't for everyone. Minosharp is probably the next best alternative.

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    These are okay if you absolutely don’t care about the knives you sharpen them with. Good for quick and dirty jobs on cheap knives. But if your knife is worth more than say… the Kiwi you bought at the local asian grocer, avoid avoid avoid. The carbide blades take an obscene amount of meat from your knives. It’ll banana your knife after just a few months of regular use.

    That being said, they’re good for quick and dirty jobs on cheap knives, if you don’t want to spend the money on a better sharpener and lack the skill or dexterity to use even a honing steel, you can do worse than this.


      Hey mate, Can you recommend a decent one for high quality knife?


        This one https://www.spyderco.com/catalog/details/204MF/Tri-Angle-Sha...

        Normally you can get it around US$100 . I have had mine for ~13 years now and it still works great. It's not "the best", but it does a decent job on any knife, and most importantly it's very easy to use. Also, it requires just seconds to set up and about 2 min to sharpen a good knife to the point of being able to shave your hand.

        Looks like amazon has it for AU$114, which is a good price



        These are a budget option step up from the Minosharp. Easier than stones but still give you some control

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    bike helmet? and a crown?

  • +4 votes

    These are:
    1. Completely useless
    2. $2.00 at the dollar stores
    3. Found in the bottom of my rubbish bin
    4. Promoted by a long term ozbargainer - 3 hours 47 minutes

  • +5 votes

    "the worlds best knife sharpener"

    as much as I'm the world's best skateboarder.

    • +2 votes

      g'day Keegan


    Wow this has to be a meme?

  • +3 votes

    Get the worlds best knife sharpener*

    No explanation for *

      • you can fool some of the people some of the time, and generally speaking, that's enough to make a profit.
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    wow,so much hate for them..ive got the top one myself and i think its great, i dont have expensive knife just the supermarket one..

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    I have a 3 wheel one - but the 2 is fine - if you have a knife that needs a #3 disk - you are probably sharpening the wrong side of the knife…..

    These special 1-2 a year.

    Happy to hear about others experiences.

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    Unless your knife costs $2 don't bother with these. It would do more harm than good to the knife.
    Just learn how to sharpen it using a wet stone. Much sharper and better for your knife


    Turns any regular knife into a kukri in just 6 months! What great value!