Bunnings rejected my review of an OZBargain posted deal - here's what they said.

A few weeks ago, Optimus Prime, posted this Fiskars bow saw deal on OzBargain from Bunnings:


I bought two of these (one for a friend) and was invited by Bunnings to write a review, so I did. Anyway, they rejected my review and refused to publish it. This is what I said in my review and this is what Bunnings said:

My review:
Good value-does the job!
Fiskars is the brand name, but made in China, not Scandinavia!! Definitely worth it for the cost however-does the job!

This is what Bunnings said of my review:
"Hi Gocat,
Our team has read your review and it did not meet all of our review guidelines.
Find out why your product review can't be published.
Thanks again,
Bunnings Warehouse"

when I clicked ''Find out why your review can't be published'', it said:

Why can’t my review be published?
Your review may not be published if it doesn’t meet our guidelines. Common reasons include:

  • profanity or generally inappropriate material
  • mentions of competitors or price
  • names or other personally identifiable information
  • customer service, store names or locations
  • lack of information, off topic or not relevant to the product being reviewed.

If your review was not published and you believe this to be incorrect, let us know.

So there you have it. I am not sure which of the reasons that Bunnings gave, I committed.

After this experience, I am left with the belief that Bunnings reviews are heavily edited and DO NOT REPRESENT THE HONEST OPINIONS OF CUSTOMERS!!

Now, I knew that many websites did this, but never thought Bunnings would stoop so low - I'm now more educated.

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    I was correct to be honest and it should have been published.
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    I should have lied and gave Bunnings a review that they liked.

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  • +10

    Probably lack of information.

    Your 'review' literally just says "does the job". Not very informative.

    • -1

      Also, where it's made it irrelevant.

      • +1

        True, unless it's a OzB comment.

      • +26

        Lol very different if an item is made in China or Scandinavia.. I would much rather pay a higher $ value for an item from Scandinavian origin then Chinese.. not a joke, just a fact

        • -11

          It's still irrelevant to a review.

          • @Mechz: Really? It sounds like it lied based on OPs review? Or his assuming?

            • +2

              @Iwantthebestprice: No where does Bunnings claim its made in Scandinavia. It's irrelevant.

              • @Ryanek: Online it does not, as I saw the item, but did you buy the item? It has to state where the product was made… I don't see in the post where it says the item is Scandinavian either so maybe OP is wrong. But I stand by my orginal comment

                • @Iwantthebestprice: No, the item is definitely made in China, it says so on the saw. I noted this because somebody in the original OZbargain post noted the same thing and said that most Fiskars are made in Finland.

            • +7

              @Iwantthebestprice: Country of origin is important. I always try to buy Australian first so I like to know where something is made.

              Also in this instance, I would buy a scandinavian one in preference to Chinese. Their products are often built down to a price not up to quality, so I don't expect anything made in China to last.

              • @Pete99: maybe you do try and buy Australian first (as do I).

                But I still think that country of origin is not that important in a review as it is something that can be, hopefully, easily checked. Now, if the manufacturer had somehow obscured the real country of origin and tried to pretend that it was made in a Scandanavian country instead of China, then yes, stating that the product's country of manufacture would be important.

                Otherwise, not so much, in my view.

              • @Pete99: Ming Dynasty aside…

          • @Mechz: .,,

        • than Chinese

        • I look more at brand as to where something is made.

          For example, buy a yamaha guitar, will have great build quality no matter where its from.

      • But reviews are full of irrelevant stuff.
        There's always stuff like "i bought xyz for my sister's bday and she loved it". The bday is irrelevant.

      • I disagree. I've known the fiskars brand to be a premium made product from the UK/Euro. I would want to know if it's made there or China and I would pay less for a China made product compared to a UK/Euro made product in regards to this brand. Just my 2 cents.

  • +2

    If it does what you expected of the product/purchase, brand name aside, what does it matter where it was manufactured?

    I'd be more incensed if it was something purporting to be from somewhere it obiously is not. Too many more significant challenges in present life.

  • +5

    Your judgement of Bunnings only accepting "pollyanna" reviews, doesn't appear to be true.

    There is another Fiskars product at Bunnings, but rated low.

    There was a one star rating:

    I tried this tree pruning saw today - it’s absolutely useless. The cutting tool isn’t sharp for a start, it couldn’t even cut a branch the size of my little finger.

    I reckon @hybroid could be right.

    does the job!

    OP, be more specific. e.g. its sharp and cuts through (whatever) well!

    Who knows, you could be cutting things up like in Friday 13th, when you say "does the job".

    • -2

      The point is that most Chinese crap will 'do the job'', but that would not be sufficient for most reasonable people. Most people would want it to ''do the job'' more than once or twice and keep on working for the same amount of time that one would if it was made in Finland. It did not give me that confidence.

      • The point is your job and my job requirements are different. Its like saying, it makes me happy whereas the same might make you cry. Reviews saying its ok tells me nothing.

        Like a review that says it doesnt cut 2in twigs is specific and helps.

        Of course I might not be as reasonable as you. Maybe because I am probably a different height and age. 😀

        BTW the OP doesnt give us the option to properly discuss the issue in a vote, with the voting options being specifically geared to honesty rather than appropriateness.

        Plus being made in China is irrelevant - where as saying this item is poorly made is more suitable. My mobile phone that I like and use everyday, is unfortunately made in China. (far better than the old Finnish made ones)

        That being said I have no love of Chinese products and go out of my way to buy something not made there if I can.

        Confusing the two isnt a true review.

  • +17

    Most likely because you wrote it is made in China

    • +5

      Yep, it would have been because of anti-China sentiment. Considering 99.9% of what is sold in Bunnings is MADE IN CHINA, they have a vested interest in discouraging negativity towards China made goods. Anything with the word China is probably auto-rejected.

      • +1

        I have noticed the quality steadily creeping down while the prices creep up. That's all the bunnings business model is, and portraying themselves as "Aussie" all the time… what a joke.

      • +1

        I think Bunnings would have seen it as “stereotyping”, than providing information describing the actual performance of the tool.

    • +1

      Let have a quiz. Name a product in Bunnings that is not "made in china".

    • ….just being factual and honest.

  • +1

    Bunnings review reviewers are odd from my experience. You can't write any snark but you can say bluntly it is bad.

    • I wonder what people will think of the Bunnings review reviewer reviewers that commented here (aka Bunnings review reviewer reviewer reviewers). I might post a topic to get their opinions but I've heard they can be very critical.

  • +5

    Fiskars is the brand name, but made in China, not Scandinavia!

    Cant wait for your review of Volvo cars…

    • Doubt that I would ever give one, since I would never buy one!! :-)

  • -1

    I dont understand why you mentioned China in the review.

    • +3

      Because it's relevant!

    • Most of the bosch appliance posts mention when it's German made as some buyers are looking for this information.

      I would imagine people sometimes want to know where their hardware comes from also.

  • +7

    Made in China is totally relevant as some Fiskars are made in Finland

  • I have never done a review ( I lied auto feedback on Ebay ) in my life so why do it ?

    BTW I love some items with few reviews that are 1 star that drives the sales down hence more chance of a great clearance price hehe .

  • Not a very useful review. Every country has shit and quality products.

    • +4

      …yes, but China more than most!! Would you rather a car made in Japan or China!!!!!

      • +2

        China produces the most products, so therefore it'll also produce the most defective & counterfeit ones.

        If a product meets expectations then I'll get it; country of origin is a byproduct not a rule.

        Right now, I've shortlisted a car that just happens to be made in China - because the Japanese ones are not suitable and cost-effective enough for me… Not because of the country of origin.

      • Would you rather an old Chinese car or old European car?

  • Or Option 3, put it on ProductReview.com.au. More likely to be published if you upload the receipt.

  • +1

    I once felt compelled to put a review up about a hotel I staying at in Devonport in Tasmania, after I booked it on hotels.com. It was easily the worst accomodation I've stayed in during my adult life, like a dodgy youth hostel, but at hotel prices, with shared bathrooms, a shared kitchen etc. There were random dodgy people wandering the halls, to the point where we barricaded the door of our dirty room. It was disgusting, and feedback was needed, as the hotel completely misrepresented itself online. I made sure I met all the criteria, and hotels.com did not publish the review, and they're a 3rd party.

  • If I were Bunnings I'd decline your review too; it is not helpful or constructive. If they have claimed it comes from Scandanavia then your point would be valid. At the point of purchase, did you know whether its made in China?

    Also, how many star did you give, after saying "it does the job"?

    • -2

      Disagree that it was not constructive, nor helpful. There are no ''rules'' in doing a review (other than the usual defamatory, abusive etc). Just because it does not meet your personal criteria does not mean it should be declined!

      Also, I think you missed the point. One of the points I was making is that most reasonable people are accustomed to believing that all Fiskars stuff is made in Scandinavia. Just like you probably assume that all Swiss Army knifes are made in Switzerland!! So I was just pointing out to the benefit to buyers that this particular model was NOT made in Scandinavia like the others. It was then up to the purchaser to decide if this was important or not.

      "There is no such thing as too much information!" Finally, check out my poll, it is slightly biased in my favour!! Were you one of the 3 against?

      • +2

        The poll itself is pointless. No one is saying you should be lying.

        If you changed your poll from

        I should have lied and gave Bunnings a review that they liked.

        to something like "I should murder everyone at Bunnings with the bow saw", Im sure those 3 people would have selected the other one.

  • -1

    Where is this country called "Scandinavia"?

    Is it a country like Europe, or South-East Asia, or even the Middle East?

  • Who and where did somebody say that Scandinavia is a country?

    …… and while you’re at it, who and where did somebody say that China was a country?

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