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$200 Trade-in Bonus + up to $540 Trade-in Value When You Buy a Galaxy S21 Range Mobile @ Samsung


Trade in bonus is increased to $540 and S21 RRP is reduced by $200 (128GB $1,099 | 256GB $1,199 before bonus).

However, trade in mobile value is further reduced (my note 9 was $195 during 1st promotion, $145 last month and $95 now). Both $100 and $50 vouchers are stackable.

Receiving $100 voucher is more painful now as we need to send photos of old mobile including imei before receiving code.

Still, it is a good price for anyone looking for S21 5g.

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  • +4

    Im getting a $200 trade in bonus not $540

  • +6

    I read it as $200 trade in bonus + up to $540 device value.

  • It's up to $540*, not $540. No additional bonus, they might have increased bonus amount for some models.

  • $540 is the max

  • $200 is the trade in bonus, the up to $540 part depends on how much the trade in device is worth which can be up to $540

  • +2

    $400 trade in bonus deal was so good. Ended up getting my S21 Ultra for $800

    • Yeah I got the S21 5G for the wife and I for only $650 a piece, so very cheap

  • What is the $100 voucher?

  • never drop or physically hit my S21 phone but found a hairline crack on top right of screen, contacted customer services which was useless. a friend of mine has an S21+ and had same issue, wonder anyone has same experience here?

    • +7

      Had an issue with S21U battery life, phone bought on release day.
      Took it back Samsung, they sent it to their repair centre, ran some tests which seemed to be very standard benchmark types. Samsung came back with response that no issue is found. I asked to swap.. they said no, I asked to return … they said phone has been used so, no! Said they've resetted the firmware so use it again and see if makes any difference. I used for a week, no change from before.
      Sent it again to repair centre and they again said everything is fine. I bought another S21U with the same specs, no issues with battery on new phone. I took the matter to consumer affairs, they said Samsung have done the tests and they came back normal so they are taking Samsung's side.

      Samsung if you're watching this. please provide the same level of service as apple does because their 'environmental friendly' tactics and expensive price tag are not the only thing you need to copy.

      • Prob needed a recorded video of both phones running at same time till flat and showing that one going flat first. And probably multiple runs too. Would be a pain. Did u sell off the dodgy one?

        • I did send them the screenshots of both the phones with new one having better battery life with same amount of apps open and settings. I gave it to a family member who doesnt use at extensively I as I do.

      • Ikr, would be the last time I support Samsung honestly. my phone is scratch free, let alone physical damage, and that hairline crack is definitely a flaw of that Victus glass which supposed to be the strongest

      • Samsung is known for its underhanded tactics with support. Had a brand new 82" Samsung RU8000 tv with a faulty backlight. Technician visited and confirmed backlight is faulty and LED needs replacement weeks with the purchase. Paperwork from Samsung came back saying "minor issue" with repair instead of replace. Took matter to JB hi-fi, they reluctantly returned the TV since it was brands new weeks in and confirmed faulty by Samsung. Replaced it with an LG 86".

        I have a note 10+. There is a battery percentage Indicator that shows up at the bottom of the screen when you charge. That has burnes into the screen and burn in shows up when screen brightness is pushed to maximum (usually happens when in direct sunlight). I am scared to take it to Samsung support. They will blatantly lie to your facesnd cheat you out of your honestly earned money. Still using my phone but swore new to buy a Samsung product again. Too much of a heartache.

      • This is why I hit apple. Honestly I like android and especially Samsungs and their camera tech, but the customer service and tough policies always send me back to iPhone. I’ve had the SGS2,5,8,9+ and looking at an ultra now.. but this shit above always makes me nervous. On the flip side I remember last year my wife’s iPhone X camera stopped working, well out of warranty but they swapped it free on the spot..

    • My friend S21+ just got a dead screen very new

      Don't know how to backup before take it to Samsung

  • +1

    Trade in price crappy, Samsung trade in value $350 , but mazuma mobile offer up to $680, mobile monster $730-$770 offer.
    Would rather wait for JB hi Fi deals , join Telstra for 12 months and get discount on phone.
    Did that for Samsung note 20 5G last year and was given $1300 "gift card" off price off handset.
    Now jumping back to moose mobile month to month plan and waiting for another jb brilliant deal .

    • Trade in program is only really good for very obsolete phones especially an A series phone. Something that you wouldn't even get $20 for on gumtree.

  • People were getting s21 ultras for under 1000 before. Is that all just wishful thinking now?

    • +1

      they may re-do this deal another time… just keep an eye for any new deals.

  • What if I didn't send the old phone?

    • you only be charged with trade in agreed amount, don’t overdo it though or Samsung would make it harder for us latter on with other promos

  • New to the game. Any chat link to request $100 voucher? Thanks

  • Ausrion Samsung Tradeup App is not taking any cards and I am unable to generate a code. Is anyone else having the same issue ?

  • -2

    $540 to trade-in my S21 Ultra 5G … not a great deal .. and about $30 for a Pixel 3a.

  • S8 is now $20 Was $55
    Note 9 $95 Was $220?

    Bring back $500 bonus + $200 + $50 and you have a deal Samsung

  • I feel that with the unpacked coming up this week Samsung will drop the price of the s2 series. It is not selling well. Most Samsung sales are for their entry level phones now. There are so many Chinese phones. I bought an Oppo x2 pro recently and this was 1699 a year ago. It was their flagship. Now one year later it is [email protected] new. I feel the glory days are over for Android expensive phones. Apple is so dominating the flagship market. It’s a brand people trust. If anything Samsung should promote their partnership with Microsoft as that way windows users will feel a sense of comfort knowing that the Samsung phones integrate with windows.

  • -2

    Mum used to say: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Nowadays we say: A Samsung a day keeps Apple at bay….

    • Literally no one says that. You guys kind of weird.

      • Been a long time! The world is changing faster every day. Some say Yiaomi is now the number one in total sales. But the S21u still rocks!

  • Hi all, I have a spare ODS (Loyalty code worth $100) and would love to trade it for any other code (MA, EDS, TR, etc)!

  • Hi, I used to be able to access the $200 bonus for trading in my S10+ on the EPP store, but it hasn't been working in the past few days. Has anyone been able to get this happening? Have been in touch with Samsung and Asurion multiple times in past week and they can't figure it out either, but can't offer any solutions.

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