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adidas Men's Ultraboost 21, Black $129.99 (Sizes under 9 + 12, 12.5 only) + Shipping ($0 with First) @ Kogan


Just spotted these when browsing Kogan unfortunately only size 9 and under + 12 & 12.5. There have been quite a few Kogan gift card offers over the last year so if you have any discounted you could get a pretty sweet deal. I'm not sure what the current cashback offers are atm but still a reasonable deal although not the best ever. There have been a few where Ultraboosts end up at $108ish on the Adidas site but usually the triple blacks aren't part of those.
Anyway I hope it's useful for someone.

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  • +6

    Ultra boosts are quiet comfortable but wear too quickly on the sole and don't last long enough for their premium price-tag in my opinion.

    • Yeah I've had the same problem with the soles

    • Yeah I was also wondering that. Why would they do a premium shoe that doesn´t last long? $_$

      • Hypebeasts and "fashion"

      • So as you'd buy Ultraboost 22 and cycle continues.

      • Why would they do a premium shoe that doesn´t last long? $_$

        Formula 1 tyres don't even last one race and they are the most expensive tyres you can get. Performance or longevity, choose one.

        • Nah, these geeks where them day to day, even with jeans.

    • Were you referring to the UB19, 20 or 21? I've got great mileage(1K+ KM)out with the 19 and 20 that I was pleasantly surprised.

    • +1

      Planned obsolescence

    • really? my pair has been great for over 3 years.

  • +1

    I've had the same issue with my DNA's but they've changed the sole for the 21's so be interesting to see if they have same issue.
    I use my kayanos for running though and wear my Ultraboosts for kick around/daily wear as they are soooo comfy. Still lasted me over a year but I wouldn't recommend them for running unless you are happy to replace them at least a few times a year.

  • +1

    9.5-11.5 OOS

  • available on hypedc as well

  • +13

    Hype DC have more sizes for $129.99 with better cashback


    • Cheers! They also had free express shipping :D

    • No half sizes. How come they don't carry them?

  • -1

    Bought the 21s during the last sale. Not only are they fugly but the heel is too thick which makes is really uncomfortable. I've had them for around a month and still haven't gotten used to them. I keep going back to my 20s.

  • -1

    Ultraboost have really lost their quality in the last two years. Also reminder that they listed in UK size only.

  • +1

    cannot see huge improvement from the 19 version, suggest getting the 19 for around $60 if you can snag one

    • from where?

      • +2

        amazon au, when they only have 2 or 3 pairs left, the price will drop by $5 daily. I’ve been waiting from last month when it was around 90, and got a 11.5 pair today for $62. However, these deals are usually moved to insufficient quantity list on ozbargain.

        prob just wait for them to clear other size of the 19 version.

    • It's much more of a rockerbottom. Imo as a Podiatrist, it's better in terms of structure and will suit more common foot types.

  • Not sure why, maybe it’s just my feet, but I find ultraboost 20 is more comfortable than ultraboost 21, 20s feels a lot softer.

  • -1

    Skecher is way more comfortable than ub

    • Sketchers are incredibly more unstructured and garbage. The price to build quality of sketchers is laughable.

      • Sketchers are incredibly more unstructured and garbage. The price to build quality of sketchers is laughable.

        I walk a fair bit, sometimes up to 10km a day and my most common footwear are Archies thongs, Skechers and UB20's. For walking, Skechers are very comfortable and half the price of UB's.

      • -2

        I agree, but for walking or casual running, skecher is better

  • Own multiple pairs of ultraboost and different generations, I always go one size up.

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