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Motorcycle Gear Sale - Denim Jeans $89.99, Full Face Helmet $79.99, Gloves $39.99, Cover $29.99 + More @ ALDI


Aldi special buys starting from 18th August has motorcycle gear, cleaning & gym products on sale.

  • Denim Jeans $89.99
  • Helmet $79.99
  • Gloves $39.99
  • Bike Cover $29.99
  • Tank or Tail Bag $39.99

Other Notable deals:


  • Handee Paper Towel Double Length 4pk $6.99
  • Heavy Duty Mop Ringer Bucket $29.99
  • Tornado Cleaning Brush $29.99
  • Cotton Mop $9.99
  • Broom $9.99


  • Boxing Gloves or Mits $14.99
  • Fitness Massage Gun $89.99
  • Fitness Accessories (Fitness Donut, Fitness Trainer or Fitness Resistance Pack) $14.99
  • Protein Powder 1kg $29.99
  • Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle $9.99

Excerpt from the upcoming Aldi catalogue - Full Credit to BAM

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    Congrats on your 1000th post OP!

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      Thanks mate 😀

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      Did you have a script to tell you that too? (If so, which other users do you track for the 'milestone' posts?)

  • Anyone have any experience with their motorcycle cover?

    I bought a cheap eBay one that didn't last a year outdoors.

    Replaced with an equally cheap one which might get me another year if I'm lucky

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      Can you elaborate on “didnt last?”

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        The fabric gets weathered so bad that it started to tear right through..
        Then I gorilla tape it and it tears somewhere else.
        You can see that the fabric was getting very thin. I guess it wasn't UV resistant.

        Might check out the ALDI one. Costs 3 times more than the ones I've been buying

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      I got one last year and used it since.
      Got the largest size, fits over my vstrom 650 with panniers on. Decent heft and doesn’t flap around in wind, it has a pair of rings at the bottom to tie it down.
      Can’t comment on water proof as I use mine under a carport.
      Overall happy with it.

      • Does it have a strap for tie down or only rings?

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          Only the rings byo rope/ strap. I’ve never needed it

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      I bought a cheap eBay one that didn't last a year outdoors.

      Yeah they are junk. Cheap lightweight plastic doesn't stand up to the elements. I went through a couple of those then got an RJays cover which cost a bit more but is solid.

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      I bought one of their covers probably 2-3 years ago. My bike lives outside. The cover is heavy duty, doesn't get blown off the bike, and water proof. However probably 6 months ago it started disintegrating. The mirrors are sticking through, and it's becoming threadbare. So while it's much cheaper than any water proof heavy duty alternative, if your bike lives outside, you'll probably need another one in 2 years.

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      If it's anything like the previous covers, it's outstanding value - recommended buy. I've had mine for a few years (used on and off) and I'm still using the same one. It's got the odd small hole/snag (confetti size or less), but still useable and keeps elements away. I even bought a spare on clearance, for when the current one dies - yet to be opened. The only "weak point" would be the transparent number plate window, mine is starting to feel a little brittle - but not cracking. Again, mine is a few years old at this point.

      My previous cover was a Oxford Rainex and it's of the same quality and very similar material in the main construction. The Rainex lasted several years of constant use, but what gave was the silver heat-resistant material; it aged and became very easy to rip. Paid about $80 for the Rainex close to a decade ago, but seems like the price hasn't changed much.

      Anyone tried the intercom?

      • Thanks. Good insight. Will check it out when it's released.

        I have an intercom unit that looks identical to the one sold at ALDI. I bought itaybe 5 years ago off eBay and it works fine.

        I only use it for the rare call i get when riding, but mostly for radio/music and text to speech messages.

        I've been told the ALDI one is missing radio and that is replaced with Alexa/google assistant instead.

        The battery life is decent and it's definitely waterproof. Sound quality is passable.

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    I love my Aldi bike gloves, keen to get helmet and jeans this time around

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      Agreed, leather gloves have lasted years, and a few scrapes. With the carbon knuckle sliders they are a high quality for the price

    • Helmets are average in my opinion. Better off to keep an eye out for clearance helmets at your local bike shop. Took me 6 months last time, but I got a $600 helmet for $250.

      The Aldi ones are very very generic. Perfect for a pillion in a pinch however

  • I got the helmet and jacket about two or three years ago.
    Very comfortable and still going strong (even after a low speed slip last year).

    Would recommend

  • Does anyone have a direct link to the motorbike stuff catalogue, or it's too early?

  • +3

    Have owned and can recommend the Aldi motorbike helmet, gloves and jacket. Also great for well-priced pillion gear

  • Black leather?

  • Aldi fitness gear is missing the most useful thing; dumbbells. Kmart and Big have them but they're never in stock, and Rebel is a rip off.

  • +3

    I have the aldi tank bag (well, one from many years ago) and its pretty good. Magnets are strong enough to stay on a zx6r at highway plus speeds. The clear pocket is easy to see through, so saves mounting a phone etc.
    Would buy another if mine ever broke.
    Comes with straps so you can use it as a backpack as well, though they aren't the best.

  • +2

    Been using the carbon knuckle gloves, jeans, tailbag, and headset pictured for the last few years and all have held up great.

    Even better if you can get this gear a couple weeks later at a reduced price.

  • +2

    The helmet is awful. Don't get it.

    • I dont mind it for an occasional ride/ pillion. Does the job and the built in sun visor works surprisingly well.
      It seems to be pretty quiet too.
      What didn't you like?

      • Only tried it on in store. Was a while ago now, but recall it being heavy, very poor fitting with minimal padding. Visor badly secured in upright position. About as comfortable as sticking a bucket on my head. Riding at 80+ wouldn't be pleasant at all. Should say I am comparing this to a helmet 10 times its price, so may not be fair comparison.

        • I think that's it - helmets being the exception in that spending more really does get you something much nicer. I tried it in store and fit was good for me, and for occasional use I don't think you could get better value for the money. But even if the fit is good, for regular use it's definitely worth spending extra for the lighter weight of better helmets alone, plus the other features like Pinlock inserts and micrometric straps that make daily use nicer.

  • -2

    How do I know Aldi haven't dropped my helmet?
    How do I know anywhere?

    • +2

      Because it’s sold in a box. Not a paper bag

  • -2

    Cheap gear, don't expect too much.

    If you're a pillion and riding occasionally then sure.

    But if you value your body and are riding regularly then get proper gear.

    ALDI helmets will fit poorly, have the bare minimum required safety features, heavy and be noisy.

    If it's something you don't want to cheap out on it's motorcycle gear.

    Having said that the bike cover is great

    • How is their riding jeans cheap?

        • +8

          I can't see what features they have from the writing but I'm guessing they don't have knee or hip protectors?

          Probably don't have Kevlar or similar material and are probably just high density denim.

          So they are bad because you have no evidence to say they are bad apart from you think they are bad.

          You get what you pay for. Buy a $300 pair of quality bike jeans and those things will keep your skin in tact in a 100km/h slide. These things? No way in hell.

          No you don't.
          Just because you pay more for something does not automatically mean it is safer or protects you better.

    • +4

      ALDI helmets will fit poorly

      All helmets, clothes, and anything we buy to convert our bodies are made average sizes

      have the bare minimum required safety features

      Like the legally required features that all other products also have?

      heavy and be noisy

      So only ALDI helmets are heavy and noisy?

  • Purchased different pieces of kit in the past

    Jacket, gloves and rain gear - going strong even after years

    Helmet - bought a more expensive AGV after a few months. Better fit and less wind noise at high speeds. Aldi helmet is good for basic urban use though.

    Jeans - Always super baggy, purchased some branded ones for better fit (Draggin)

  • +1

    Only ever got the gloves and tail bag myself. Tail bag is still holding up since 2017, but might buy a new one this year just cause the zipper gets stuck on a rare occasion.
    The gloves, same, used those mainly throughout the winter and lasted me until last year (2020) when the palm protector stitching was coming loose.

  • Yeah I like fitness. Fittin' this donut into my mouth

  • Why no jacket this year?

  • I have had both normal gloves and winter gloves from Aldi. The normal gloves (with the carbon(ish) knuckle protection) are still going strong 4 years in and the winter gloves are also good - and warm. I agree that the helmets are really only good as either a budget buy or for occasional use. I have a pair of jeans and I have tested them on the road (ouch) and they came out well. They do have knee and hip pads and while they're not high fashion they're decently priced and infinitely better than denim jeans if you hit the road.

  • Anyone has experience with the headset advertised?

    Currently have the cardo packtalk bold, so would like to know if this is compatible with that (in the small group bluetooth connection).

    • I haven't but it sucks they only sell it with the open face mic, so can't use it with a full face helmet.

      • +1

        Dang, missed that detail.

        And they're selling only full faced helmets too, so it's like….

      • The mic goes inside your full face helmet, with the foam being removable.

        • Isn't it a fixed cable though? Most full faced mics have a flexible cable (think earphone wire) and a small button mic that velcros to your helmet.

          • +1

            @anzacpaul: It's flexible, you can bend the microphone cable. The main intercom piece slides onto the side of your helmet, then a cable plugs in which is two smaller cables one with the right side headphone and then the other is the left side headphone which has a flexible wire with the microphone at the end.

            Here's a video on it:

  • I've used both sets of gloves, and the tail bag.

    Summer gloves - great protection, easy fit, though I recommend as with all gloves and helmets, get a size under than what you think you'll need. They will stretch.

    Winter gloves - most comfortable pair of gloves i've ever owned. I use them daily except in the summer, even though they offer less impact protection and remind me of something out of the 80's. They're no less warm than my $100 brand name winter gloves.

    Tail bag - best piece of kit ever. If you don't ride with a pillion, I 100% recommend one of these. mines in perfect condition after 3 years (apart from fading), and I use it daily. They are so handy, and you can squeeze a 6 pack into one.

  • Went to the store today.

    Nothing was available except for socks, baselayer, helmet and tank/tail bags. Missing the jeans, intercom and gloves.

    I got a tank bag and a base layer.

    I bought the base layer pant last year which is excellent and good value for money especially in chilly winters. So I bought the shirt today.

  • Can confirm no motorcycle covers in the Doncaster East ALDI

  • So finally one month later my local ALDI got stock of the motorcycle cover.

    I got the last medium size one (perfect for my 650nk - ninja 650 size) but they had about 5 large covers left.

    At ALDI Doncaster East VIC

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