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Samsung A11 Telstra Pre-Paid Phone $89 @ Woolworths (in-Store Only)


$89 Samsung A11 Telstra Prepaid Phone at Woolworths (in store only currently unavailable online).

There is very limited stock, but you may be lucky to live close to a store which has stock.

I checked that there is at least one shop in the Brisbane and Sydney areas before posting (Chermside in Brisbane and I think the other in Sydney was in Malaney).

Edit: thanks to @thefinalproblem for the reminder that you may be able to price match it at other shops, such as Kmart, which might make it easier for more people to get this deal.

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  • I have this phone in an unlocked version, just be aware that there is no NFC to enable card free payments

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      You're right, I think some of the A30 versions don't have NFC in Australia either

  • Is this locked to Telstra?

    • I understand that it is locked to Telstra, but you can unlock it (but the cost of unlock, if any, will lik depend on how long you have the phone and/or how much you've spent on recharges).

      From this website https://www.finder.com.au/how-to-unlock-telstra-phone

      "Telstra's charging scheme for unlocking prepaid phones varies a little depending on how long you've been using the phone on its network. If you've been using the phone for more than 2 years there's no unlocking fee. For phones in use on Telstra's network for between 6 months and 2 years there's a $25 unlocking fee, and if it's been in use for 6 months, or you've never activated it on the Telstra network, an $80 fee is charged. This can be paid for by credit card or from your main prepaid credit balance, but not your bonus credit."

      But you can get up to date details on the Telstra website https://www.telstra.com.au/support/mobiles-devices/unlock-ph...

  • Any link for unlock code please? thanks

  • Will this phone work on Boost sims? Since it's still Telstra network.

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      I believe you USED to be able to use Boost sims in Telstra Prepaid Phones, but I have no idea if you still can. Sorry I can't help you more than that.

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      Unlikely to work. It does not work on Aldi sims which use the Telstra network.

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      I bought this phone yesterday - works with my Boost SIM but not with Aldi SIM. I got one from Glenrose Woolies.

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        It's the same with Telstra-locked Nokia 2.3 phones; they work on Boost, but not on Aldi. I quizzed Telstra as to why this is, and they told me it was something to do with differences in the contracts that the two companies have re using their Telstra towers. I'm inclined to surmise that at least currently, any 'Telstra-locked' phone will work with a Boost SIM, but not with an Aldi SIM.

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    Just a suggestion, don't buy those and go to Kmart and get them price matched. Did that the other day. More people will be able to get a hold of one that way.

    • I think that's a great idea, provided Kmart stocks the Telstra version (and possibly whether or not there is a Woolworths shop nearby with stock).

      • I need a phone for work, do not want to spend a lot and this looks perfect. Unfortunately the closest woolies that has it is 15kms away and does not look like I can go there due to lockdown. Wonder if local Kmart would price match?

        • They price matched for me Just showed them it in the app.

          • @thefinalproblems: Kmart and bigW are closed here only online click and collect and they do not price match online..

  • I was wondering if you can get the 10% off your monthly grocery spend (up to $50/month) with this phone/SIM, which Woolworths offers with some plans or maybe phones.

    Here's the link https://mobile.woolworths.com.au/offers/10-off-your-shop?i_c... but I'm short on time to go through it atm.

  • Does it work with Belong sim, as it uses Telstra network?
    Would appreciate inputs from Ozbargain community.

    • In my experience Telstra locked phones don't work on Belong.

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