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[eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 5 Processor: 5600X $347.65, 5600G w/Graphics $356.15 Delivered @ GGTech eBay


Original Coupon Deal

Ryzen 5 5600G 6 Cores 12 Threads up to 4.4 GHz with Radeon (Vega, 7CU) Graphics Desktop Processor
$377.10 ($356.15 w/ eBayPlus)

Reasonable choice of processor for those who want entry level performing graphics to get by until discrete GPU price drops, especially when paired with the great value $71.10/67.15 motherboard MSI B450M Mortar MAX posted by doweyy. Reason of going with a B450 motherboard is because the Ryzen 5000 series APU only supports PCIe 3.0, so the PCIe 4.0 on B550 boards can't be utilised unless if you also upgrade the processor down the line. The PCIe 3.0 still has plenty bandwidth enough for GPUs including the likes of RTX3080 (see here for an investigative piece by Hardware Unboxed: https://www.techspot.com/review/2104-pcie4-vs-pcie3-gpu-perf...). The B450 board is also good for up to 12 cores Ryzen CPUs later down the track for those thinking about upgrade paths without overclocking or worrying about VRM temperatures.

In the case that you'd want to utilise PCIe 4.0 down the track, then probably to start with a CPU that supports it in the beginning - Ryzen 5 5600X for $368.10 ($347.65 for eBay Plus members). And if you've already got a discrete GPU hanging around that performs at levels similar or better than a GT1030, then the 5600G will likely not entice you for a standard mATX/ATX build.

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    Merged from [eBay Plus] AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU $347.65 Delivered @ Good Games Pavilion eBay AU

    Hi guys, not much to say except here's an absolute banger of a price for this cpu. Go at it!

    Original Coupon Deal

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      Is this a GPU?

      • +10

        If it was Amazon then yes/no/maybe.

      • GPUs are a myth

    • +1

      just looked at the 5600x to 5600g gaming performance… pretty bad lol…. I mean like i would only get it if it was to play minecraft without a gpu

    • +1

      Dammit I just pulled the trigger on this 2 days ago

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      Went with a 5600x & MSI B550 Mortar Wifi for $483 from https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402918061853?var=673130954697

      Seemed like a decent combo price.

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        Struggling to choose between MSI B550 Mortar Wifi and the Aorus B550M Elite. I already have a wifi card if that helps!


        • Mortar, black and white looks better and Aurous elite doesnt have an NVME SSD heat shield

          honestly, they are much the same so thats just my preference.

        • I went with the Asus B550 TUF-Plus for $140.
          From the research I've done, it's an S-tier motherboard with great VRM and great Audio chipset.
          Downside being, no integrated IO Shield or wifi (but I already have a great wifi setup).

          • +1

            @Rail Rider95: At times Asus doing firmware updates even a decade after release IME, that's some pretty serious aftercare. Can't say the same for other brands…unless someone can prove me wrong?

      • Do you know if it is the box version of the CPU?

        • Does not really say, implies given the picture of the box and stock cooler is included… though some OEM deals have that too.

        • +2

          While it's a bit late now it is boxed, just been delivered.

      • I've just done the same. Enjoy the new CPU!

      • That's a steal! Good buy!

    • 3600 vs 5600x? Im on the fence for a new budget build

      • +3

        Hi smurfstah, at this pricepoint there may only be around $70 difference between them and the 5600x is probably 20 percent faster. I recommend going with 5600x if its within your budget.

        • There might be 3600 going on sale once in a while, we probably won't notice.

      • Depends on your gpu

      • +1

        Cheers guys. No GPU yet and will most likely hold out until prices hopefully drop further to pickup a 3070 further along the year. Looks like there is a $100 difference between a 3600 and 5600x at the moment with this sale, probably not worth the 20% performance difference haha. Already got the MSI B450 Motar Max from the last deal so Im thinking the combo for ~$320 is not a bad deal!

      • +2

        I just purchased a 5600X to replace a 3600… retail therapy.

      • Aaand decided on the 5600x :)

    • Is this coupon code work for the 5800x? Thanks

      • Yes I believe it does :)
        The price comes to $534.65

        • cheers, as i dont have ebay pls :)

          • +2

            @ngoc le: You get a $50 ebay voucher when you buy ebay plus - check the T's and C's of course, but assuming you qualify then it works out well.

            If you are worried about forgetting in a year then use a disposable credit card through something like Revolut or another neo bank card.

    • Is this the lowest price of all time?

      • +2

        I believe so 👍

    • +5

      I dont need to upgrade my 3700X. Must resist! lol

      • Yes you do, and shotgun on your old 3700x lol

    • +2

      Nice, used the free trial method and nabbed myself this. Goes well withe cheap B450 deal recently listed!

    • Struggling to choose between MSI B550 Mortar Wifi and the Aorus B550M Elite. I already have a wifi card if that helps!


      • Hi I personally would just go with the Mortar, I haven't looked in depth into both specifications, however the Mortar series has always been a great allrounder for its price.

    • +1

      (profanity) hell, just bought a 5900x for $802 from gg.tech 3 days ago, shouldve waited but had no CPU

      have to wait until Jan 2022 to claim price reduction via latitude, oh well

      good price on the 5600x though, sold mine recently for $360 :D

      • Do you have eBay Plus? If you do, you can return a purchase (including change of mind) and get full refund, as long as the listing you bought from GG Tech is eBay Plus listed.

  • +1

    Same seller has some decent with MB deals on the 5600X if you don't want that B450M deal. I went with the Mortar Wifi as just want it 'all in one' and looks quite ok visually too… which apparently is important :)


  • Damn, I bought my 5600g on launch day for $400 thinking there would be a shortage. At least its a beast of a thing, that is some consolation.

    • Should I get the 5600x or 5600g? The price is not an issue. Not sure what to do

      • +1

        If you care about pcie4 - 5600x
        If you don't and want flexibility of an onboard GPU, 5600g

        • I mean how good is the on board gpu

      • 5600g only if your gonna tune some 4400mhz+ ram to get best performance out of i gpu

    • +1

      Same :(

  • Still doesn’t beat the $321.75 I paid for 5600X during the PCCG Klarna offer ;)

    • +2

      Ok but it's the Klarna offer.

  • any 5700g deal?

    • Same seller GG Tech, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/402542770373?var=673218556692 , at $539.10 (or $509.15 w/ eBay Plus). It is not good value though, what are you using it for?

      Application wise, the 5700G can find it self, either worse, or similar, or better than the 6-cores and cheaper 5600X (see https://www.techspot.com/review/2293-amd-ryzen-5700g/). While in gaming, if we're looking at CPU side, 5600X can drive a discrete GPU better than 5700G.

      In the scenario of let say you want the iGPU to wait out for dGPU price drops, 5600X ($347.65) + GT1030 ($118.65) = $466.30 will come out cheaper than the $509.15 5700G (at eBay Plus prices), while performing slightly better than the 5700G's iGPU (before overclocking).

      • Yeah.. but 5600G is tempting.. only $20 more than 5600X. But no PCIE4 is a bit bleh because I'll want to change to a dgpu later.

        • +1

          PCIe 4.0 is actually not really required if you are concerning about GPU/gaming, PCIe 3.0 vs 4.0 gives virtually the same performance for GPU gaming up to (and including) RTX 3080 level of performance (https://www.techspot.com/review/2104-pcie4-vs-pcie3-gpu-perf...), unless if you are talking about dGPUs that only have x8 lane.

          • @zrmx: Thanks

            Basically thinking of selling my non-LHR 3080, old 980ti, 3600 ryzen and going 5600g whilst I wait for lower LHR 3080 prices. I don't want to mine but $1700+ for a 3080 is still too rich.

            • @justtoreply: It'll be more of a difference if you are thinking of getting PCIe 4.0 for storage/heavy IO usage scenarios. It's still something to keep in mind, but for most people it won't make any difference. Personally I've got a 3600+B450 system, and while prices are enticing, I really don't need anything more. (The itches are more for ITX builds they enable).

              Sure, sounds like a reasonable plan to me. I'd probably do the same thing if I'm in the same boat lol. (Just remember to update the BIOS first before selling them off).

  • +1

    Ryzen 7 5700g inbound. I want the 8c/16t!

  • +1

    Should I pull the trigger on the 5600x ? The lowest i've seen it of late is $320 from the PCCG / Klarna deal. I've currently got a 3700x so no rush to get a CPU.

    Do you think the price will drop soon ?? (I've got ebay plus so it will be $350 for me)

    Thoughts ?

    • I'd probably ask first, do you need it? lol

      Productivity wise, the 5600X is pretty much on-par with a 3700X, while it does improve on gaming or some single threaded application/uses. In terms of gaming, 5600X is ~20% better than 3700X in CPU limited scenarios (usually 1080p), but when at 1440p or above and depending on which GPU you have, you are much likely to be GPU limited and the CPU choice won't make much of a difference.

      So while there is no gain in application/productivity, and at best 20% better in gaming when CPU limited (while most games aren't), is it worth spending the $350? Or better save it and let it go towards future upgrades when you actually feel your computer isn't really performing to where you want it to be?

      • I've been asking this question for a while … then I came across this comparison https://youtu.be/pwcFkPYumCQ

        I should have explained the computer is 100% for gaming and only racing sims at that (which to my knowledge require good single core performance).

        I have a 2080Ti … which does limit on this game (Assetto Corsa Competitizone) due to its optimisation. The plan is to get a 3080 once prices become reasonable.

        So the thinking is buy the 5600x … sell the 3700x for $300 - $350 if i'm lucky and I have better performance for what I require without losing $$

        • Hmm, are you gaming on 1080p? At 1440p and above, the performance difference would be <20%.

          It's going to be your own call, whether the performance difference is worth the $ difference.

          • @zrmx: Currently gaming on triple 1080p …and intend to go triple 1440p

            I was going to buy it but the offer has now ended … so the gods trying to tell me something perhaps :P

            • @CY: Sounds like your gaming is heavily GPU limited (3x 1080p which means the GPU needs to push out something between 1440p and 4k), so upgrading might not make that much of a difference… But yea, it'll be a discussion for future deals lol.

              Having said all this, there's a Klarna deal with Kogan at the moment for a 5600X at $319.

  • +1

    Thanks OZbargainers , just bought one for new build along with the https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/643505 / motherboard MSI B450M Mortar MAX from the other post , just stock piling all the parts best deals until the GPU prices start going down hopefully in the next 6 months

  • ooof, 5600x slightly cheaper than 5600g, that's a rough decision

  • +1

    Damn … thought about it for too long … only showing $20 discount (from $409) as a eBay plus member 😒

    Hopefully the PCCG / Klarna deal comes back

    • Code still works fine at checkout :)

      • Nope .. tried again there … and I only get the $20 discount #shrug

  • How do i actually get this deal for the 5600x?

    • Should be able to apply it at checkout.

  • I think the Flash promo has now ended…It's no longer advertised on eBay front page

  • +3

    At first i thought the 5600g and 5600x were similar in cpu performace, besides the ~0.2ghz frequency difference but from the reviews and benchmarks i've seen, it's actually a huge difference between them. The 5600g is actually closer to a 3600. Just a heads up for anyone who, like me, thought the 5600g was basically a 5600x with an igpu.

  • So mad that i missed this deal :(

    • yeah… yesterday I couldn't make up my mind if it was worth upgrading from a 3600 to the 5600X.
      This morning I decided to get onto it, my use case probably makes it a sensible upgrade (iRacing in VR, on a B550 with 16GB CL16/3600MHz/RTX3070)… but too late.

      • If you don't mind using Klarna, there's a deal with Kogan for $319

  • Nice setup @paoida97

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