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[eBay Plus] MSI B450M Mortar MAX AM4 Ryzen M-ATX Motherboard $67.15 Delivered @ Budget PC eBay


Now even cheaper than the previous deal, seems like an awesome price :)

Stack with discounted gift cards for further savings. E.G 1000 Flybuys Points (Worth $5) with $50 eBay Card @ Coles (In-Store)

Note: Code is working fine now at checkout.

  • Supports DDR4 Memory, up to 4133(OC) MHz
  • Extended Heatsink Design : MSI extended PWM and enhanced circuit design ensures even high-end processors to run in full speed
  • Lightning Fast Game experience : 1x TURBO M.2, AMD Turbo USB 3.2 GEN2, Store MI technology
  • Core Boost : with premium layout and fully digital power design to support more cores and provide better performance

As always, enjoy!


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  • [eBay Plus] Budget PC via Amazon AU


    • Updated :)

  • Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

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      Had the wrong code originally, use TECH10OFF.

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    bought two. thanks!

  • is that good for a budgeted midrange 3600 deal?

    What are the limitations?

    • +4

      This board is awesome.

      I run it with a 3900x under 100% cpu utilization for literally days on end.


      RGB functionality sucks.

      If you use both m2 / nvme slots, you lose one of your PCIE slots (I think the 3rd one…)

      Only the first m2 / nvme slot supports sata sticks, but the 2nd one only supports nvme with 2 PCIEs lanes. So if you have a sata stick and a fast nvme stick, you have to use the fast nvme stick in the slow slot

      • +1

        If you use the second m.2, you lose the PCIe x4 slot (which looks like a x16 slot).
        Even though there are two PCIe x1 slot, only one is usable.

        As for using SATA on m.2, honestly, you might as well use the SATA port or get a board with 6 SATA ports.

        You get what you paid for.

        • +1

          So basically if I connect my ssd via SATA, I can use 2 x PCIE cards; wifi and sound card?

          • @vinni9284: I think he means that only one of the PCIE x 1 slots is usable because only the most mickey mouse graphics cards use less than 2 slots

          • +1

            @vinni9284: You can use all 4 SATA ports on the motherboard. If you only have 1 m.2 NVMe SSD, connect it to the slot that's wired to CPU (due to AMD blocking it on the BIOS level, it is limited to PCIe x4 gen 3 for B450, despite CPU capable of PCIe x4 gen 4). The second m.2 slot is managed by B450 chipset and is limited to PCIe x4 gen 2. If that port is used, the last PCIe x4 slot (which is socketed like a PCIe x16 slot) cannot be used. You can still use a PCIe x1 card for the WiFi.

            NO, if you elected to go with 2 m.2 NVMe SSDs and WiFi, you cannot use an external PCIe x1 sound card. In fact, you cannot use both PCIe x1 slots at the same time. So, if external sound card is a MUST and you really want to get this board, you cannot use the second m.2 slot (to free up that PCIe x4 slot) and the sound card or the WiFi card needs to go to the PCIe x4 slot.

            • @netsurfer: Thanks.
              So basically my hardware config it will work if I only use 1 x m2 SSD on the CPU bridge and the rest (wifi and sound) into their corresponding PCIe?

              • +2

                @vinni9284: Yes, but if you have a Ryzen 5xxx series CPU, you should consider a B550 based board. You can do it with this board (with only 1 x m.2 NVMe SSD), just need to make sure one card goes to the x4 slot and one card goes to a x1 slot.

        • ironically the max is not so maxed afterall.

        • Still hard to know what the fuss is about (or hard to understand)
          A lot of DAC or external Soundcards would be USB 2.0 B now (at the DAC end, I have a monitor USB3.0 cable plugged into the relevant one on the mobo, then DAC into the monitor which works out well as it's a short cable).

          I assume you can still run 2 x M.2 drives, and all the sata ports (for HDDs) and just not worry about the last PCIE slot?
          I've just got a USB wifi and bluetooth adapters, and can always use more ports on the monitors or get a hub anyway?
          I don't even think a PCIe card for Wifi needs incredible speeds like HDDs??

      • If I use only 1 NVMe slot (the top one), do I lose any SATA port? Is this specified in the motherboard's manual?

        • No, you don't lose any SATA port with this board. The reason is that it only offers 4 SATA ports. However, if you elect to use m.2/SATA on this, it is actually a bad idea, because only the m.2 slot wired to the CPU and also wired to SATA (think of it as SATA5 port), so you lose the good m.2/NVMe port.

    • +1

      I'd consider a 10400F with https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/324649640997 unless you can get a good price on a 3600.

      • +1

        the 2 combos seems pretty comparable in terms of performance and pricing?

        The Intel CPU seems to be slightly cheaper, but the AMD board in the post seems better.

        Decisions decisions…..

      • +1

        The board should be eligible for $50 steam voucher claim via MSI - https://au.msi.com/Promotion/anz-powered-by-msi-2021

        • I just check the site the list says: Eligible Series — Z590 / B560 / B550 / X570 & X570S, so not this one unfortunately.

          Edit: Sorry my bad, I didn't read properly. Your reply was to another listing.

      • good find!

    • is that good for a budgeted midrange 3600 deal

      Absolutely. I bought mine for $180 a year ago and love it.

      Top brand, decent VRMs and temps, USB BIOS update, second M2 SSD slot, fast RAM support, etc etc etc.


      No built-in wifi (but how much more to get a board this good that has? $150?) and maybe not as good at overclocking as $400+ boards are (but CPU overclocking is usually pointless these days).

  • Should i update to this from x370 taichi with 5600x? gaming is the main purpose atm.

    • +4

      nah, you still won't get PCIE 4.0.

      I vaguely recall taichi as being "top of the line" for whatever manufacturer makes it…

  • +2

    Oh wow, from when purchased in July 2020 in $179 to $67.15 now it's unbelievable.

    Great mobo I'll probably keep for few years and upgrade only the CPU

    • Distributors forcing retailers to take 10 motherboards for every RTX 3080 GPU is coming home to roost…

      • +1

        I think it's also cause this board platform is "old". Next year the AM5 chipsets will come and you won't be able to upgrade this board to any cpu better than whats out now (barring a XT refreshes of existing chips or anymore APU's they might release)

    • I'll get at least 10+ years out of mine, I reckon.

      My 2011 gaming rig is still being used by my kids. Not like there's any games it can't play yet, just not always at MaxSettings or 4k or 120FPS.

  • +1

    Are there any issues if putting this with a AMD Ryzen 5 5600X?
    Looking at the eBay 10% off deals to combine with this and start a semi-rebuild of my 2014 computer - only I'll be reusing (for now) my existing PSU and GPU.

    • +4

      Perfect mobo for 5600x.

      (It even has USB BIOS update, so where other boards might require a CPU to already be installed to do the BIOS upgrade and get 5xxx series CPU support, this one doesn't).

      • +1

        Great, thanks for that! I'd been browsing PC Part Picker which flagged it, and I'm not a regular builder nor keep up to date with these things so better safe than sorry.

      • -2

        I bought one the other day via Amazon however IMO for a $400 CPU, I would spend extra and get a X570 mobo. That's just me. Why have a fast engine with transmission limitations. I am going to source a second hand 3rd gen CPU to use with this board.

        • +3

          I'm not a fan of that analogy, a B450 motherboard is not going to bottleneck a 5600x or even a 5900x.

          The X570's would give you PCIe 4.0 and post likely onboard wifi which are nice to have but you need to decide if it's worth an extra couple of hundred dollars.

          Whereas VRM design and cooling are way more important and based on reviews this board can handle all the current CPU's at stock clocks and volts and even OC (with the possible exception of the 5900x).

    • This is a good board to pair with one of those cheap OEM 5600Xs that you can also nab during this ebay sale, IMO.

  • +1

    Is it better to purchase this and an external wifi dongle/card or purchase a motherboard with in built wifi?

    • You'd probably be able to get a motherboard with inbuilt Wi-Fi for a fair bit cheaper than this + a card given that it's not a cheapy 802.11n card.

      Edit: with current prices it's more like same price. The B550M Pro-VDH WiFi is around $130 though with built in Wi-Fi and will support PCIe 4.0 fwiw.

    • Advantages and disadvantages.

      Built-in sometimes costs more than getting a separate wifi dongle or PCI card (especially in this case, what's the cheapest wifi mobo as good as this mobo? $150 maybe?)

      And if your wifi dies or you want to upgrade it, you don't have to replace mobo. Lots of people buy wifi but end up figuring a way to run an ethernet cable anyway for the better performance and reliability.

      On the other hand, you might want that PCI slot for something else, and don't forget bluetooth. If you only have a wifi dongle, you'll need another separate one for BT. Having solid bluetooth support is important for using multiple PS4, PS5 and xbox controllers, and some headphones/mice/keyboards.

    • +1

      Depends on how tech savvy you are. The antenna sockets on the wifi card are tiny and not that easy to install. Technically, you could get AX210 (WiFi 6E), but WiFi 6E is not approved in Australia.

      You can decide based on the price of a board with AX200 see whether it is worth your time or not.

    • +1

      Depends on your budget.
      A USB dongle will be about $15 - I don't like them - from my experience, my wireless USB keyboard & mouse stutters and lags when the USB dongle is downloading stuff. It doesn't happen all the time, but enough for it to be disruptive. Might be something to do with bandwidth. YMMV.

      A PCI-E (x1) Wifi card will be around $30 - would recommend this.

      Motherboards with built-in Wifi also have Bluetooth if that's important.
      And a PCI-E Wifi/BT card will be around $60.

      So factor all that into your budget.
      If you can find another B450 board with BT/Wifi for an extra $30, I'd just get that board.

      • +2

        If you elected to go with a decent PCIe x1 WiFi card or the DIY route, you would get one with Bluetooth 5 as well. You would generally get at least Intel AX200 based solution (pity WiFi 6E is not approved yet here in Aus, otherwise AX210). It's simply connect the USB header on the PCIe x1 card to your motherboard's internal USB 2.0 header.

        No point going cheap with a WiFi PCIe x1 without bluetooth.

        • +1

          This one is not bad, I went for this one. Probably should have a thread opened on it's own:

          Wifi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0

          • @f38r1: That's Intel AX200 based card.

          • @f38r1: I got a similar MSI one for about $15 more as it has an external wired antenna. That way I can stick it on top of the PC, not behind. Some people are able to use BT5 headphones in the backyard flawlessly with this antenna.

        • What speeds can you expect from PCIe wifi/bt card like the AX200?
          will it be fine in that slot everyone is worried about?

          Just checked my TP-Link Wireless Nanoo USB adapter, could surely be the bottleneck for my connection (HFC 50/20). Not far from the router in the next room but 100Kbps- 11Mbps seems a bit slow (on 5GHz wifi).

    • Just keep it simple and cheap, can get a wifi dongle for 15-25$, most motherboards will be at least 50$ more but you probably lose/gain other things so could take ages comparing.

      I've got a TP-Link Archer T2U Nano AC600 Nano Wireless USB Adapter , up to 433Mbps apparently (5GHz), will have to see how fast this belong routers wifi is anyway. Speed tests are fine on Okla thou so don't think it's anything to worry about.

  • +1

    I got mine yesterday via the Amazon $79 deal. It does have on the box AMD Ryzen destop 5000 ready so I assume the bios is updated to support the latest gen.

    • +1

      This board supports BIOS flashback. You don't need a CPU to upgrade the BIOS so it is not an issue even if the BIOS is not the latest version. It's unlikely to be the very latest version anyway.

      • +1

        I know. Just an FYI for anyone that asks if Zen 3 ready.

  • +2

    This board has pretty much what i needed!

    So can I use my current 2200g in this board and later flash to a latest bios when I get the Zen 3 CPU?

    • +2

      You may not even need to flash to a newer bios as it says Ryzen 5000 ready, but in any event that's the benefit of the MAX designation, is the CMOS chip is a larger capacity (I think it's 32MB instead of the standard 16MB?) Which means that the bios that will support Zen 3 CPUs should be a complete BIOS with a full GUI. On other B450 boards, some may support Zen 2 or 3 with a bios update, but my understanding is it's a 1 way trip, once it's updated to Zen 2 or higher you can't go back, and the bios is much more basic.

  • +1

    Very good B450 board, I just purchased it 2 days before this offer and was happy to pay $90 for it, so at $67 that's a ripper deal.

    If you research the B450 line up, essentially MSI put in the most effort at the entry level for VRM components, it's also just a good overall board in my opinion, plenty of IO.

    I thing I will mention, there's only 2 fan headers (+1 for the CPU) so if you have a case with more than 2 fans, plan for a fan controller or a splitter or 2.

    • +1

      yeah splitters cost f all and still provide enough power.
      I got 2x 140mm and 2x80mm fans no dramas.

      • That's really good to hear! Yeah 1 splitter each header I was fairly sure, but glad to have an example, splitting from splitters is when you'd probably just go with a fan controller powered by USB to avoid overloading the header/s.

        • yeah i looked it up at the time and plenty of people said it's fine to run 2 or 3 or even a lot more..

  • +1

    Mine clapped out after 12 months of use. But that is almost certainly an outlier, most people are very happy with this board and for the price it's great.

  • +2

    Yeah mine is going great since May 2020.
    Should almost buy a spare in case this one fks up??

    I've got 2x M2. drives and no issues. I'm not using the other PCIE slot anyway, and if i ever did it would only be for a Wireless+BT card but have usb dongles for that.
    You can pay plenty more and get a worse board than this, even at the normal price. Agree don't bother if wanting fancy RGB setups, it doesn't have ARGB. ok for a basic strip light or two though which i have and looks good in a meshify c.

  • Thanks OP for finding this deal and posting…grabbed one

  • Cheers OP, building a PC, last things needed are the board and a GPU. That's the board down, how long do I hold out for 3060 TI though

  • Amazing deal OP. I managed to score it for even lower at $39 by getting a $40 off voucher from renewing my Ebay Plus annual subscription. I think it's a targeted offer though check it out here

    • hmm i was cancelling mine not long ago (got it still till the end of Aug), they offered 30$ not to leave but did anyway. Could have taken that offer. The $50 for $49 probably wont be around when I renew.. could email them i guess

    • Use this link instead: https://pages.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/mplp/ it's a $50 voucher for $50 spend. You can score it for $29!

      • Thanks but offer not available. Cheers

  • problem for me is amd cpu's are too expensive for quality value power? is there any other motherboards

    • Ryzen 7 3700X should be pretty cheap now, even the 9's..
      always cheaper and better value than intel but depends what you want.

      Wonder if it is worth getting a spare mobo, guess not.. only handy if it screws up as i'm using for work these days

  • Cheers OP great price, Picked this up recently and a 5600x from the other deal today! New build has officially begun!

  • Snagged one with the 5600x , just awaiting GPU price drop

  • I still have not received my order yet.

  • +2

    Jeez at this price I almost want to buy it with no other parts or intention of building another computer.

  • Don't think this board has Mystic Light otherwise I'd be on it.

    • To some that would be a positive because Mystic Light and all RGB software is garbage :P

    • Software works with it

  • so tempting with 5600x ebay plus deal, any cheap ram to go?

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