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HEYMIX 20W PD Charger 3/4-Pack USB-C Power Adapter $18.90/ $23.09 + Delivery ($0 with Prime) @ AU SELECT via Amazon AU


Dual Port Charger Block & Broad Compatibility: USB C and USB A Dual Port Output Designed for all iPhone and Smart Pad, New power delivery integration technology, Also supports Quick Charge 2.0 for a wide range of Android devices. Fast charging works with PD and Quick Charge compatible devices including iPhone 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / SE, Google Pixel 4 / 3 XL, LG G7 / V50, AirPods Pro, Switch, 11”/ 12.9” Pad Pro, Pad Air (3rd Gen), Pad Mini (5th Gen), AirPods Pro and more.

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    I've got an issue with this product. When I charge, the adapter became very hot. I have already emailed to you but no response yet. I bought this product at amazon. Can you please advise this asap? Thank you.

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      Don't think OP is the rep.

      • So funny. joefan88 made my day

  • Got another 3 pack, thx mate.

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    Got these last time. They barely trickle charge our Android phones. Will not bother again.

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      Same here. Better buy reputed brand to look after your devices

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        And for electrical safety

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      They came delivered in a plastic bag (similar to what you would see from Alibaba) and also gives out a smell after being plugged in for a while.

      • They came delivered in a plastic bag (similar to what you would see from Alibaba) and also gives out a smell after being plugged in for a while.

        Where do you think these SpAmazon reps source their shit from?

    • -1

      Not surprised. I've been warning OzBargainers about these chargers. They are cheapies sourced from Alibaba for about $3 a pop.

      Does anyone really think they are buying a safe product because "the seller is in Australia"??? The seller may be in Australia but these are among the cheapest chargers from Alibaba.
      Does anyone really think they are SAA safety approved?

      What bugs me is the SpAmazon…… Me OzBargainer comrades could be saving so much moniez

      Getting tired of negging this import stuff from Alibaba. Will write up a neg post after I fishing my uni assignment.

    • I guess I'll cancel my order…

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    The reviews and the quality of this product concerns me.

    Reviews from the 4 pack.

    "It just started smoking up in my bedroom and the smell of electricity had taken over the house.

    The actual product had burnt out within a few weeks of using it in the usb-c port."

    There is another review which say "Very bad quality. It pulled in parts quickly". You can see an image of the charger pulled apart with all the electronics and wires showing.

    These appear to be generic chargers with a brand added on and there are many on Amazon like this. I also experienced a big popping noise, a spark and smell coming from a failed charger which was a different one to this, also a cheap rebranded from a previous deal on Ozbargain.

    I can understand sometimes a charger may fail to work out of the box. That happens, but smoking and falling apart should be a rare or non-existent occurance. They could be signs of more serious issue such as quality components and quality controls and presents a serious safety risk in my opinion.

    These are pretty cheap chargers and I can see their popularity because of this. I do hope safety is not compromised for price.

  • To counter seemingly everyone else, I have 2 of these and they work fine for my purposes, which is to charge my Pixel 3xl rapidly. No idea if it is as fast as the original charger but it says charging rapidly when I use the 2 I have and the speed is plenty for what I want it for. No weird smells, no fires, etc.

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      You're lucky. I think it's just poor QC, and these are designed to be as cheap as possible, not to meet a foreign countries safety standards. Not say they are necessarily bad chargers, just that there's poor quality control and I very much doubt they meet SAA safety standards, they can't, not when they can be bought from Alibaba for about $3 a pop.

      I personally buy a lot of shit from AliExpress, it's great I save so much.

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    The SAA approvals quoted do not cover the model being sold
    Approval No. RCM? Model Article Description Expiry Date
    201450 Y SDC-18WACA Power Adapter (Direct plug-in, SMPS for general use) 2025-07-01
    201450 Y SDC-18WACB 2025-07-01
    201450 Y TSC-18WACA 2025-07-01
    201450 Y TSC-18WACB

    • Nice work markis10! I've always doubted the SAA approvals

      • :) Hi Mate. The model number is TCS-20WACA/TCS-20WACB :)
        The certification number is : 203369
        Pls check with the number

        Buy the way, we are the cheapest on the market, so there always have some competitors leave some comments:)

        Our manufactory use fire-proof material :) On the other hand, even Samsung or Apple could not ensure 100% quality and no issue. This is a probability problem.

        If still have any problem, pls let me know.

        • So you coughed up $600 for chargers that you bought of Alibaba for a couple of dollars? You're dedicated and determined, however you're raking it in

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