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[eBay Plus, Pre Order] Apple M1 12.9'' iPad Pro 128GB Wi-Fi $1484.10 Delivered @ Wireless 1 eBay


15% 10% off with eBay plus, cheaper than Apple Education pricing. Same price Not comparable with the Afterpay 15% off deal a while ago.

Preorder, estimated delivery date is Sep 8th to 14th for me.

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    I got the 11 inch pro thinking I would be missing out by cheaping out and getting the air or base IPAD but seriously, m1 is sooooo under utilised unless you're going to MAYBE do a lot of lumafusion…

    IOS15 has a lot of cool new features coming later in year - but not really enough that would use a fraction of the power that M1 chip has.

    • +1

      just means you will hang onto it for longer.

      • a lot of people still have their OG ipad pros, and that was about 5-6 years ago now.
        I aim to hold onto this for at least 3 years, dont see anything totally game changing on the horizon.

  • Doesn't seem to be working for me
    "Unfortunately, this code no longer works. Please continue with your order."

    • Same issue

    • I think there were some issues with eBay a few minutes ago, should be fine now.

      Edit: nvm still not working

  • I'm a eBay Plus member and I'm only getting 10% off…. Are you sure its 15% off as the seller doesnt seem to have ebay Plus

    • Thanks for correcting, editted.

  • Can I use a gift card on top of coupon TECH10OFF? Has anyone tried this?

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    Be quick, last item available. 15% off from this seller.
    Check for Ebay plus tag. Use code TECH10OFF.

    iPad Pro 11" M1 128GB WiFi: $1019.15 delivered

    iPad Pro 11" M1 256GB WiFi: $1,144.95 delivered

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    $1500 for a tablet???????

  • Really like this one, but cannot afford

  • +1

    Don’t trust their estimated delivery dates. I purchased 8th Gen Cellular IPad on 28 June using the Afterpay deal. Shipping date has now blown out to 21 August and can’t say I feel confident t will happen then!

  • Wouldn’t bother with Wireless1.

    Ordered in the last AfterPay deal and they kept asking me to cancel because they had no idea when they’d get stock

  • Just some feedback on Wireless1. I ordered this on Tuesday and it arrived today. They did call and say they expected it to be posted toward the end of August, but they must have got stock earlier.

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