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Vehicle Jump Starter 1000A $69.99 Delivered @ buyfast_19 eBay


Was shopping around for one of these and managed to get this one a little cheaper as they had 10% off last week. Used it today to jump my covid dead battery and worked a charm. Nice and compact and does the job, not sure what the main differences are between this and the Gooloo ones that OZB likes but thought it was good value.

Item Type: Car Jump Starter
Cell Type: 7043125 High Rate Battery Cell
Battery Capacity: 99800mAh
LED Light: Yes
Input Interface: Type-C interface
Input: 5V/3A
Output: QC3.0 5V/2A 12V/8A
Suitable temperature: - 20 ℃ - 65 ℃
Charging Time: About 4 Hours
Output: QC3.0 5V/2A 12V/8A
Starting current: greater than 1000A
Peak current: 2000A<65c
Cycle life: 1000 times (*Product I received says 3,000 times)
Fully filled with time: about 4 hours
Suitable Car: 12V gasoline car (up to 5.0L) and diesel car (up to 2.5L)
Item Size: 180 * 80 * 40mm
Weight: 877g

Edit: Posted earlier with wrong title stating 2000A and the post was removed as the eBay title says 1000A, I believe this may be a title error on eBay as this has a peak current of 2000A but I've reposted with the 1000A title in line with it's starting current rather than peak current. Disclaimer, I don't know much about what make one of these better than the other, just thought it was a good deal that people could make use of.

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    10% off last week

    Should have posted this last week when it was cheaper.

    • +1 :) I thought the price was too good to be true, wanted to make sure it had the 2000A peak before posting.

      • Can I ask why the 2000a would be important?
        Aren’t most cars under that?

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  • The problem with these is that you have to charge them before you need them, a bit counterintuitive that’s why the super capacitor ones are the best but I’m too much of an OzBargainer to buy one.

    • For me it saves me having to find a second car to jump mine at home when it's needed (which has been a couple of times since lockdowns started becoming a thing). I was surprised at how easy it was.

      Also, not sure how long it was charged beforehand but this arrived with 95% battery level, I charged it to 100% and then after jumping my car it had 88% left.

      • Can I ask what size engine your car has?

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    Gooloo doesn't advertise with fake capacity amounts. Hard to trust a product that outright lies in it's product description…

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      Ditto, I wouldn't bother with a no-name with such dubious claims… Gooloo 2000a is regularly <$100 and has been had for less
      Gooloo is a known brand with lots of reviews and tests so not comparable to this one…
      I've bought a number of gooloo ones. Charge them once a month and also after you've used them and they've always worked well for me.

  • Can these double as a defibrillator.