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Subway Discount Voucher - Expires 31/07/12


Received this Subway voucher in the mail. Nice selection of discounted meals on offer.

Mod: Link updated to use the newer higher res PDF file.

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  • awesome! any chance you can post a higher resolution ?

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      Uploaded higer res version

      • Update this post with the higher res image. The latter post was removed.

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          Edited tthe original and it came up as duplicate.

        • Thanks a lot for the deal. Lunch has been settled for the next few months.

  • Nice deals, seems to be a few round lately which is awesome

  • If I print it will it be accepted?

    • only the high res one i'd imagine

    • Linked has been updated to point to the higher res image that OP has posted.

      • Thanks for fixing it.

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    Hey OP, a description of the deals would be nice next time!

    Deal 1- Buy a 6" Get another 6" free (equal or lesser value)
    Deal 2- Footlong Breakie Roll $5
    Deal 3- Buy a Footlong & Drink and get another Footlong free (equal or lesser value)
    Deal 4- Footlong Meatball for $5.95
    Deal 5- Free 6" Sub when you buy a 600ml Drink (gotta be a member, only valid for 24 hours after activation)

    • Deal 5 from what I understood can only be used once.

    • Deal 1 x2 > Deal 3 :)

      • you also need to buy a drink for Deal 1.

      • Hi alebox,
        Don't count edited posts.
        That's desperation. ;)

    • Accepted deal 3 reluctantly in Edward St Wagga, try your luck

    • What? You got the first one wrong. It says you have to buy a drink too. goes back to straining neck

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    I now walk around with my neck @ 90 degrees.

    • ctrl+shift+r ;)
      (if you are using Acrobat at least)

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        Wrong…you just rotate your monitor.

        • ..or turn your head

  • Not sure if they'll accept printed vouchers…FWIW, I received one in the mail and it's printed on glossy paper.

    • My store did not accept these printed, only originals,. They were smart enough to know the only ones you can print at home are the Facebook offers, which have 'Facebook' written as part of the design. So unless I go to elaborate lengths to duplicate the glossy magazine look and feel of the originals, I'm outta luck. Thanks anyway.

  • Had a flier copy of one of these the other day and they tried to tell me I could only use one at once (was getting 4 subs for work colleagues) when using two off of the one flyer (ie not multiple of the same deal).

    Got them to process after a little debating on the term "Limit one per customer" meant.

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    Got one easy at blacktown westpoint.

    the buy one footlong get another free with a coke zero for $12.85. Super deal for a friday.

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          Isn't Subway a franchise? These coupons are usually up to the discretion of the manager/owner. I've had some hard-ass managers reject the coupons before. The best way to do it is to make the order then display the coupon when you pay. If they don't honor it (and they should), just walk away.

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          Always hide the coupon until payment time….

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    31/7/12 ?????
    I'm set for months!

  • Had this for lunch today. Thanks for the upload.

  • does it has to be printed out?
    can it be just shown from the mobile phone :D

    • I took one voucher in showing on my mobile phone and the lady said it had to be printed out.

    • If only life was that easy.

  • Edited.

  • Worked at the Aitkenvale store in Townsville :D Used the buy one footlong and drink, get one free. Thanks!

  • Just used it at Subway at Belmont Forum, WA. They hadn't seen it before and asked where I got it from, and tried calling someone to confirm, but they didn't pick up. They gave in and gave it to me - not sure how successful I will be next time.

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