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DeLonghi Dedica Manual Coffee Machine Black EC685BK $174 Pick up / + Delivery @ The Good Guys


DeLonghi Dedica Manual Coffee Machine Black EC685BK from TGG $174 pick up / plus $10 delivery

Plenty of stock in VIC. I managed to call 1300 942 765 to have it delivered with $10.

Edit: stock level seems low

Edit (2.45pm) :stock in bunbury TGG 6230.

Can call 1300 942 765 to organise delivery with $10

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The Good Guys

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  • No stock in nsw. Only managed to get display stock at $166 from casula store. Ring other store for display stock if you wish. Please this is a clearance item as the new model is $299 same engine just different colour.

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    Bought this 2 weeks ago :(. Very good for limited space on kitchen bench

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    No stock with 500km of Melbourne lol

    • Try 3000. This is wherw i got it just now

      • no stock

    • From Maribyrnong The Good Guys

      • seems out of stock there as well

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      Too bad we can't even travel more than 5km.

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    Great machine - been using it every day for the past year. Combine it with the Smart Grinder Pro.
    Paid $100 a few years ago from Amazon.

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      I got the white one from Amazon in April 2018 for $117 delivered, and saw the red sold for even less in May 2018 for $104.50, bargains.

      Pretty decent small machine.

    • Just for curiosity, is Smart Grinder Pro able to adjust grind size automatically based on air humidity?
      From what I saw on the Breville website, it seems that you have to adjust everything by yourself.

      • Manual adjustment

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        1st world problems…

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    Great machine for the price, especially if you get a non-pressurized basket and decent grinder

    • Got a non-pressurized basket and new tamper from aliexpress. Works well

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        Hi, I have this machine too and still using the standard basket. What is the benefit of using the non-pressurized basket?

        • As I understand it, the pressurised basket doesn't produce a real crema but small bubbles which give the appearance of crema.

          Nevertheless. the faux crema still seems pretty good to me.

      • Any tips on your grind size, water temp setting or tamping pressure, in order to pull a nice balance shot from the unpressurized basket?

        I finally bought a non-pressurized basket a few weeks back. I've toyed with the following variables in an attempt to pull a balanced shot:
        - 18g of coffee, grinded from sizes 7 up to 17 (I've got a SGP and been using Lime's peaberry coffee);
        - water temp - try low, mid, and high;
        - tamping - kept this fairly consistent around 20-35 pounds.

        Whilst the unpressurized basket draws good crema, shots turn out mostly sour or bitter. Hence I've reverted back to the pressurized basket as I was wasting too much coffee with the aforementioned experiments.

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          18g of coffee you should aim for around 36g of liquid out. Thats just a general rule. Sour could be due to a prolonged extraction of the coffee.
          There are other factors and you really start heading down the rabbit hole in search of a good pour.

          But firstly, start with fresh coffee beans and weigh in the beans and shot extraction and adjust the grind size to get it in to the ballpark

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          Just a tip whilst you experiment and learn, get a Kg of the Aldi Medium Roast and go for your life.

          Then apply what you thought you worked out to the much more expensive coffee if you still want that one.

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            @ozhunter68: This is a great tip… and then realise that more expensive beans while costing 2-4X more than the Aldi beans don't actually taste any better than a well dialled shot of Aldi beans.

            Granted I use the dark roast ones as I much prefer that to medium style beans.

            I'm sure I'll have some coffee snobs shoot me down for this. But I've tried a lot of different boutique roasters, I've even gone down the green bean/roast at home path. But for $11 a KG of relatively fresh, roasted in Melbourne beans, you can't go wrong with the Aldi stuff.

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          I am trying with Aldi Brazilian beans. The unpressurized basket cannot hold more than 17 g at which point the puck top touches the shower head causing streaking and bitter coffee. I am trying at 16g coffee and extraction time of 25+ seconds and 30/32 g liquid output. SGP grinder settings 13 to 15. Any higher and coffee is under extracted (even with harder tamp). Any finer and coffee turns bitter due to over extraction and channeling. Keep trying.

          This is a cheap machine so not every bean will give you the right balance. The heater wont give you even temperature, and coffee temperature on this machine is a gimmick. Machine will choke on anything finer than 10 or 11. Once you find your balance, stay with those beans.

    • Same, had to do the washer mod but otherwise works well.

      • what's the washer mod?

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      If you have some technical expertise you can also upgrade the steam wand.

  • No stocks within 500km around Melbourne CBD?

    • I got mine @ 10.48 today from From Maribyrnong The Good Guys

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    seems good stuff, why so cheap compared to other products? (e.g. breville 870 / 920)

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      920 is dual boiler.
      870 is with grinder integrated.
      Probably more powerful and more features too

  • This is a very good machine for the price, and pretty versatile too with option for pods in emergency/hurry.

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    My daughter has the Smeg version of this (I know she should have got one of these for 1/3 the price but what can you do) anyway - it's a pretty good compact unit.

    If you don't have hard water in your area make sure that you set it for soft water then it will not ask you to run a lengthy descale so often. Also, if you are making another coffee directly after using the milk steamer and the lights are still flashing, just turn it off until the lights stop flashing (about 2 secs) and turn it back on and you are good to go.

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      The lights flashing means you have to turn on the steamer (without pressing the steam button). It then purges some water for a few seconds and then the lights stop. I think this is to bring down the temperature after steaming.

      I know because I had this wtf moment too for the first few weeks, but then I had a good read of the manual.

      • Yep, it's a single thermoblock. So when the steam button is pressed it heats up more for steam. I find it quicker to pull shots (if more than 1) then do steam, not going back and forth.

      • I had tried that but it's much quicker just turning it off and on again

        • You might be extracting coffee at too high a temperature if you do it like that

      • +1

        Thanks for this info, I've just been doing the above for ages haha

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    For anyone needs as a reference of price match. Here we go.

    Hope it helps.

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/51373704760/in/d...

    • MVP right here.

  • "Warning!
    There isn't a store within 500km that has your order in stock. Please select delivery, or try a different postcode or suburb"


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    This deal or the L'Or Barista deal?

    • Completely different machines, L'Or seems like a great deal if you want to go capsule route, this one is for manual espresso.

      Depending on what you prioritize though, Capsule espresso machine provides convenience, and easy consistent shots (i cant vouch for L'or machine only nespresso I had).

      Espresso machine like this one will require much more effort for a cup of coffee but the results will be much better given you know what you're doing.

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    Maybe worths a try @ JB

    • +1

      I got JB to price match it at $184 despite the out of stock check - picking it up this afternoon. (Melbourne)

  • Any luck on the stock?

  • It's great for the price, having used the 920 and then using this it is very tedious compared to the 920. That's a bit unfair given the big price difference but you do notice the difference.

  • NOTHING available.

  • Ok. I have marked it as OOS

  • Just got one of these second hand with a Breville grinder, great machine

  • Buy this or a cheap Korgan coffee machine?

  • Great little machine. I bought it for $199 last year in BLACK and spent a little more to get the non-pressurized baskets from Amazon along with a proper metallic tamper. I paired this with a Smart Grinder Pro which I'm not super impressed with, but it does the job.

    Just FYI, if you're planning to do latte art with this machine, that won't be possible since the steam wand isn't the best, but overall this machine is fantastic for those espresso shots. .

    • Yeah I've noticed some people mod the machine and put a Rancilio steam wand to replace the ones it comes with. Between doing that and purchasing a non-pressurized basket and a milk jug then you're better off just purchasing a Bambino plus which is a better machine for about $340 on special.

  • I had water leaking from the group head with this thing within only 3.months. apparently a pipe burst. Paid more on Goodguys Commercial for the bambino plus which is a much nicer machine.

  • I've had my machine coming up to 2 years. Nice little upgrade from a Nespresso Machine when using freshly ground beans and still has a small footprint (excluding need for a grinder).

    Only had all the all metal colour available back when I bought, but it does leave fingerprints.

  • There is stock in bunbury TGG 6230.

    Can call 1300 942 765 to organise delivery with $10

    • Guess I'm going for a drive to Bunbury this weekend, thanks!

  • +4

    If you can stretch it, go for the Breville Bambino Plus instead (around $360 via Good Guys Commercial). I've had both machines and the Bambino is worth the extra dollars, especially if you like your coffee. It's slightly larger (but still a small footprint), easy to use, better milk wand (with automatic heat/foam settings), plenty of room under the portafilter for larger mugs, comes with a milk jug (added expense on the DeLonghi) and will pull a much better coffee shot. The Delonghi is cheap, but if you like your coffee you'll probably find it a bit lacking and start looking for an upgrade soon enough - save your money and go straight to the Bambino if you think that sounds like you.

    FYI, my Dedica died after 11 months of use. I immediately bought a Bambino as a replacement machine while the Dedica was at the service centre. The Dedica ended up being a write off and got a full replacement which I gave to the parents who have less discerning coffee tastes.

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      is it always 360aud on there or during sales? and how do i get on good guys commericial?

      • I would like to know this too!

        • dont know about the price yet but I just remembered I have sunsuper account from previous job and you can register for good guys commercial with it.

        • got my account registered and can confirm, the price is 361aud brand new and latest model. Went ahead and bought it right away!

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    Which coffee gounds go well with this

  • +1

    This machine is awesome. Had mine for almost 2 years.
    Haven’t changed anything is just stock.

  • Just got this.

    Besides from a Grinder and beans, can anyone recommend what else would really add to this machine?

    • +1

      Yes I bought one a few weeks ago, love it.

      Double 51mm non pressurised basket (with no increment number engraved on it)

      Tamper and distributor, someone recommended this on ozbargain, it's great https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B088TNVC59/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_g...

      Milk jug (Kmart)
      Knock box
      Tamping mat
      Breville Smart Dose grinder (special at Target was $139)
      Ditch the fake air milk frother, zip tie the rubber and makes a passable (just) micro foam.

      All up for the above including the machine, $400 total, brilliant.

      I keep a ramekin above the drip tray, I try to run a shot of water through the machine on startup to heat the basket, then, grind into that.
      I then press the stream button, froth the milk (if having milk), and when finished press the stream button again, then turn the handle to run hot water through and get it to temperature and ready for espresso. Pull my shot, then add milk (if having it).

      This setup paired with my recent beans (Lime Blue moments to memories) making consistent terrific coffee.

      Getting disappointed with cafe bought coffees now, that's the only problem!


      • For the latte workflow, once the steam light is solid.. turn the lever to let out the first 5 seconds which is mostly warm water and once its full steam, bring in the milk. In the first few days the additional luke warm water in milk really threw me off

      • Does the Double 51mm non pressurized basket come with the machine? Wondering if I need to buy this along with the Tamper/distrib you linked on amazon as I'd like to gift this with the machine

  • Brought one from Jb hifi price match and free delivery

  • Just to understand, this one does not grinds beans. Then what does it do ?
    Just add water to coffee powder ?
    I currently have a Delonghi machine with inbuilt Milk Frother and it makes great coffee with Nespresso pods.
    Want to buy something that'll grind the beans, but if this machine doe not, then what's the point ?

    • This is the coffee machine. You need to buy a seperate grinder.

      • +1

        So a coffee machine just adds water to already grinder beans ?

        • It's an espresso machine and yes you need a separate grinder for it

        • That's probably over-simplifying it but yeah essentially that's what all coffee machines do. An actual espresso machine will use pressurised water to push through the grounds, and as you start getting more fancy the machines have more features.

          There's a personal preference in regards to machines with inbuilt grinders as there's pros and cons and the choice comes down to your needs and wants.

          All that being said, if you're happy with a pod machine, then there's absolutely no need to change.

    • Google it and watch a video for better first hand understanding.

  • Just bought from Bing Lee in Sydney as they had some stock left. Black version for $199 on clearance, they would not price match to $174.

  • I have this machine for the last 5 years and it's good.
    Best part is it produces very good expresso while being super compact in the kitchen bench.
    The froth wand is average and milk foams alot, but I use a spoon to remove the foam.

    It is not as good as the Breville 870 (I use that at work everyday) but that is 3 times the price and almost 3 times bigger.

  • Just FYI, was researching new coffee machime when i found this. JB wouldnt price match this morning (as OoS), however rang GG's direct and they shipping a machine from WA to me, so some still available.

  • just got mine yesterday. Not a bad machine. Wife was happy.

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