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[QLD] Razer BlackWidow V3 Chroma RGB Mechanical Green Switch Gaming PC Keyboard $125 Click & Collect @ PEPNIMBLE


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Razer BlackWidow V3 Chroma RGB Mechanical Green Switch Gaming PC Keyboard - With Wrist Rest

In factory sealed retail box. Genuine retail product.

This is V3 version and comes with Wrist Rest Limited stock. Won't last long.

$125 for Brisbane Local Pickup (Click & Collect) Orders. During checkout please select Local Pickup option.

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  • +2

    Not a bad price for local stock as this is over $200 in most stores.

    FYI I bought this last week for ~$100 from Amazon - price is back to $189 there though.

    • Thanks.

      Yes that was a good offer for $100 but that was from Amazon UK.

      How does warranty claims work if its bought via overseas Amazon?

      • My Amazon UK order came today. Too quick I thought.

        • Did you order on the 7th?? That's utterly insane.

          @Pep I'm not sure man that didn't even cross my mind tbh.

          • @Hinee: My experience about it is that I once bought Motorola bluetooth headsets from Amazon US (via Amazon AU) that stopped working after 6 months. Amazon customer support told me that I'll have to send it USA to claim warranty. I didn't read the fine print before buying :)

        • ahhhh, my item arrives in Melbourne today but says delay and reschedule delivery soon

        • +1

          Wth? I posted the deal and don’t expect mine until the 25th!

      • Item shipped from Amazon UK doesn't stop you from claiming Amazon AU, as long as you process the payment via Amazon AU website.

        I have bought a few expensive items from Amazon UK/US, very easi with the customer service. They even refund the faulty item after 2 years. just return back they will cover the international shipping cost too.

        • ok thanks for sharing the info. It may be different if the item is not an FBA item and sold by a third party via Amazon.

  • Do you have yellow switches

    • no sorry.

  • Good deal. Such a shame I really don't like noisy switches

    • I can include some ear plugs for free … good quality ones … lol

  • +1

    Amazon wty claim is hassle free compared to experience dealing with au stores.

    Had a phone for 1.5yrs, from the US, and managed to get refunded as it started to play up (turning itself off randomly). Return postage covered by Amazon AU. Spent less time than being on the phone queue for local AU claims.

  • Price further reduced to $125.

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