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Ozito PXC 2 Piece 18V Brushless Drill & Impact Driver Kit $149 @ Bunnings


Saw this deal in my local Bunnings (Loganholme, QLD) which is a promotional deal not listed on the website. Thanks to a helpful reply below from bamzero the item number is I/N 0290055. Model number is PXBTK-400.

Excellent in combination with https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/642518

These skins RRP are $60 (brushless drill driver) and $99 (brushless impact driver) so this combo is a saving on those alone. Not only that, this deal includes a 4.0Ah battery pack which has an RRP of $69. Very good deal

More information here:

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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    I do not have an item number for the Bunnings system but the model number is PXBTK-400.

    I/N is the same as on the Ozito site, 0290055

    • Thanks! Updated description

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    Perfect deal with previous mower promo

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    I also noticed the 5 piece (non-brushless, 1x 4Ah and 1x2.5Ah batteries included) @ $249 is in stock everywhere around me again too


    • is the sander in this package any good? how is it compare to https://ozito.com.au/products/18v-orbital-sander/

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        I have both sanders. They're for different tasks so it depends what you need it for. The smaller 'mouse' sander is for finer, detailed work whereby the larger orbital sander is for larger jobs such as sanding walls & ceilings etc.

        FWIW, both are great units. I've flogged the orbital literally to death sanding ceilings of an entire QLDer workers cottage… nearly back to raw timber too! Crappy job and I'm never doing it again but yeah, the Ozito Orbital just kept on going at 4-5 4Ah batteries and several sanding discs/sheets per day for a solid few weeks. I then kept using it for other jobs until the bearings started squeaking. It was still working but I thought I may as well take advantage of the warranty so swapped it for a new one. That one is still going strong even after years of abuse. Great products!

        • Hey Steve, hope you can share some more of your experience with the Ozito PXC orbital sander.

          I've been wanting to return mine because I notice that if I give it moderate amount of downward pressure, the sander will only vibrate but not spin. I'm able to see this happening with both 2ah and 4ah batteries and with various grits of sandpapers. Do yours do the same? or have I got a defect?

          • @addrv: They do change their behaviour when pressed against a surface, the rotation is only supposed to be random & subtle. If you need the functionality/power of a full spinning disc then maybe you need a different tool… for example, with the Ozito PXC I can hold my hand up against the sanding surface at full speed without suffering any serious damage however doing that to a spinning disc sander will instantly rip all your skin off!

            I have a feeling you may be pressing too hard as the sander itself does most of the work through its vibration, all you should need to do is guide it across the surface and only add a bit of pressure. Either way, it's difficult troubleshooting when I don't know what you're using it for so what's the application exactly?

            • @SteveAndBelle: I'm using it to restore/maintain the deck as well as general woodworking.

              This is my 2nd orbital sander (1st one been corded Ozito) and my impression was with the old one, you can feel it spin but not so much with the PXC. I'll find time to test it out, thanks for your insight now I know it's more likely to be me using it incorrectly.

    • I want this just for the grinder but doesn't sell in my region (cairns).

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        To be honest that grinder is useless I had it but found it was gutless as. always cutting out even on light jobs .Then I brought the 125mm Brushless model a couple of years again and can say that one leaves the other 115mm one for dead theres no comparison. i haven't seen the Brushless 125mm for a while in Bunnings now I'm not sure if they are still making them or not now

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    Great deal. Wish it was around last year when I wanted brushless kit

    The impact driver alone is $99: https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-18v-brushless-impact-d....

  • Hmm bought the 2 piece makita kit $279 last week. Are there many differences that make Makita better?

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      Yep… Serviceability is one. These Ozito things are disposable, but you should be able to get a Makita repaired.

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        For occasional at home use the PXC series are great and cheap.

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        Not worth the cost of getting repaired. There is the environmental aspect though.
        Builders carry cheaper tools on to roofs etc so if they drop them they lose less.

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          Cheaper to buy a clip and use your head to remember to clip it instead of letting it slide and fall off the roof. Having been in the industry.

        • -1

          Tradesman here - this is nonsense. Never witnessed this on any site I've ever worked at. I've dropped my DeWalt impact off two storey houses numerous times and it's been fine

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      Following is in the context of a "serious DIYer", at the moment I'm on the tools every weekend.

      Makita has a much better reputation than Ozito. I have a bunch of Ozito stuff, their drills and saws are ok for light home use, I've been a little harder on them and have as a result had about a 50% warranty claim rate (with drills, typically gearboxes failing; a sander just "stopped"). Bunnings have replaced them - though replacing part of a kit is a real pain when they've stopped selling the kit. Not something I'm pleased with as the broken tools have been a hassle and they end up in landfill. I have some Ryobi gear as well (drills, impact wrench, jigsaw, router) and have had about a 25% warranty claim rate.

      I have a couple of items of Makita stuff, drop saw and SDS drill, and it's rock solid - zero failures.

      I only bought the Ozito drills and saw as my main tools were elsewhere and I couldn't get to them at the time; I certainly wouldn't buy any Ozito rotary tools to use every weekend. Other Ozito stuff I'd buy again in a flash: their portable work lamps and glue gun are much better value than Ryobi/etc.

      • +1

        I've had a few 'bundled' skins die on me over the years - if I tell them I just want to exchange over the skin and lead them into a conversation about scanning in the skin as a refund & then re-buy i.e. nothing out-of-pocket I've had a 100% success rate with warranty exchanges.

        Also works where I haven't got the receipt, but can prove the tool's age is under 5yrs by the manufacture date on the serial sticker - staff are happy to swap that way as well. If you play your cards like you're trying to minimise the work staff have to do, they're very appreciative!

      • "serious DIYer", at the moment I'm on the tools every weekend.

        You should go for the more expensive options. Ozito is more like once a month type of tools.

        I find stuff like this usually break when people push them too hard. Go gentle and they last years. You got to know horses for courses. It is like driving a Yaris like a 4WD, guaranteed something is going to go wrong.

    • Makita generally has a better build quality. With tools you do get what you pay for most parts.

      There are a lot of comparison videos around torque, battery life etc. For most home DIY guys, dosen't really matter. However i know the pain of having to replace broken hardware/tools, and the time involved. Thus buying a reknowned brand will more than likely save you some time. Time is money as they say, it's a balance.

    • Ah thanks for the input gives me some peace of mind!

      Already started spending $$ on a bag and impact bit etc… hahaha

      I thought it was one of those rebranded things like Aldi selling Woolies stuff. Lucky it is in fact better quality.

      • For the ocassional use, you won't tell a difference. If you're say building a huge deck yourself? You'll notice a difference between quality tools vs home-sumer ones. I've broken more ozitos than I would like to admit, but my other trade quality tools, only 1 has given up the ghost after almost 10 years. All i needed was a new chuck for it which cost me $50.

      • -1

        I personally have never seen a Makita product built specifically for a hardware store.

  • +3

    When are the 5amp batteries going to be on sale.

    Wouldn’t mind acouple of those

  • Looks like the sorta thing that means an Aldi Workzone deal is coming soon, or it's leftover from the last one.
    Not a hammer drill though. Would've been better that rather than brushless.

  • Can’t find this kit on bunnings website? Is this deal aslo available in nsw?

    • Give the store a call. I did and plenty in vic

      • Got one today from Alexandria, plenty available there as well

  • Wondering how I can get this deal click and collect in NSW, good deal,

    • Call local store and special orders can process it over the phone.

  • +2

    Bummer still no cheap kit with impact wrench..
    Crackin’ price though, OP. Nice find!

    • Yeh picked up the impact driver back when it was on sale @ $39 so been waiting for the wrench to drop to go with it…

  • I bought this last year for 108$. I had them price match -10%. they outside matched a seller in New Castle.

    • +1

      I thought ozito was a Bunnings only brand. Who did you price match?

  • +1

    Seems to be nationwide with the two stores I called in VIC

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    Need a hammer drill deal!

  • how do you click and collect something that wont show up online

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      Ring special orders and they will check the fine line to see if in stock and then process order ovwr the phone for you

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    any hammer drill deals? need for drilling into brick walls

  • Huh. I saw this a few days ago at my local Bunnings but thought it was the normal price. Sorry.

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    I bought it at $79 back in April https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/615556

    • +2

      missing the B word

    • That one isn't brushless. How does this deal compare with the earlier one? Is brushless worth the extra $70?

      • +1

        Depends on your use.

        Brushless is better in that it will generally have a little more power and little better battery runtime.

        If it's just for light occasional use I doubt you'd see the difference with the brushless models though.

      • +1

        Not for $70 that's for sure …

        If someone was going to use it enough for it to matter then they would probably be better off with a higher tier brand, like an AEG or Bosch Blue deal.

  • is a cic white card enough to get in to bunnings for melb?

    • Yes white card or power pass

      • +2

        power pass

        Explains why COVID is spreading fast. Even Uber drivers with an ABN has a powerpass

        • +1

          Covid what’s this????

  • is there much difference between this set and the "Compact Drill and Impact Driver Kit" that was on sale for $79 last time?

  • +1

    This is not a hammer drill, so will struggle with masonry.

    • Why downvoted? It's true

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    IMO one hammer drill is better than a normal drill and impact driver for weekend diy but great deal nontheless.

    • You mean a hammer drill can replace a impact driver?

      • Easily, just get the right one. I have this one:

        I use it as both hammer drill and impact driver.

        • I have the exact same one. Yeah it's got different clutch settings but impact drivers have more torque for larger screws/bolts.

          Get that hammer drill and a impact WRENCH (not the driver) so you can work on your car as well.

          In terms of torque:
          Drill driver < impact driver < impact wrench

        • +1

          Or think about it this way.

          Impact drivers were NOT popular until 10 or 15 years ago. So how did people drive screws before that? They simply used a drill with a suitable drill bit to drill a pilot hole first and screw into that.

          With impact drivers, it allows you to do things faster by not having to drill a pilot hole first. If you have a powerful drill, proper drill bits and some extra time, that is an impact driver.

          Hope this clears doubts that some readers will have regarding all these drills and impact drivers and impact wrenches (aka rattle gun).

  • I just wish they will stop the crap of not havig these sales offers across all of Bunnings outlets, it's so hit and miss!. In addition, rather than whole kits, perhaps a deal on a saw or sander would be good, if I was not so far into the Ozito X system, I would run now with the Aldi offerings, the are more often across all states and have separate tools on offer - grinder / jigsaw etc. The best part of the Bunnings offer is indeed the easy warranty!.

  • I remembered I had one of these for drilling brick and took ages for the drill bit to even bite . While trying to get it to bite, contact is also hit and miss and caused the hole to be off centre.

    Then I found out that there was a grade up in terms of drilling power and bought a rotary hammer drill with Masonry SDS drill and it drilled through brick like butter and took me 10s to get the job done

    Better to spend a bit more and get that is my advice.

    • +4

      of course. need the right tool for the job.

  • Perhaps 10 (or more, I didn't count) available at Bayswater WA store at about 18:30WST. Turn left as you enter the store, go past the tool-shop, then look left.

  • Looks like Loganholme needs to run a Bunnings font training session Tout suite!

  • Thanks op just rang keksborough vic as not online and told plenty in stock. Ordered and picked up within 15 minutes. Great value. Thanks

    • Did you have a trade card? They didn't allow me to order over the phone.

  • none in campbelltown

  • Plenty available in Alexandria, NSW

  • 15 in Artarmon store

  • How does ozito brushless impact driver compares to the Makita?

    Doing some diy at home and curious to know if the ozito has enough power to drive drywall screw into metal studs.

    • Haven't tried the Makita but have been able to compare the Ozito brushless vs AEG brushless.

      The AEG is rated 10Nm more than the Ozito. Both got the job done, the AEG felt a little more effortless but it's not like the Ozito was struggling.

      I'm guessing the Ozito will be fine for your needs.

  • Plenty of stock in Lidcombe

  • Can't order over the phone and pick it up in Melbourne (Keysborough) unless we have a trade card or any equivalent card due to covid restrictions :(

  • Heaps of stock at Kirrawee now. There was no stock earlier in the week.

  • +1

    This is now showing online and is available for click and collect


  • I've got the brushless drill driver and it feels solid and it has a good amount of torque but I'm handing trouble with the chuck loosening while drilling and more so when backing out a bit in reverse.
    I have to retighten it around the bit sometimes during drilling to be able to back it out and retighten it fully.
    Anyone else had this issue?
    Might just be a defective unit. Might see if I can return it and buy the kit but during Melbourne's lockdown returns are difficult.

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