Chullora (Sydney) Australia Post Depot - The Graveyard for Parcels?

Hi All,

I know that Chullora is in a lockdown area do this isn't a surprise but it seems that parcels are entering here and not coming out. I've got a few tracked parcels that got here over a week ago and hasn't left.

Am I alone? I don't want to complain to the sellers, its not their fault, but wanted to check if this is just me, or are others seeing the same?


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    Hey mate, most of my parcels have just been delayed maybe 1 or 2 days but I am still receiving them. Cheers.

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    Combination of lockdown, social distancing, and surge in online shopping = backlog of parcels that need to be delivered.

    If you're worried, you can always contact AusPost on social media 24/7 with your tracking number for an update on your parcels; they can tell you whether it's normal or whether it's time to start making queries with the seller.

  • You’re not alone, and Express Post parcels are not exempt either. They eventually get delivered, about a week late.

  • Thank you. I've had a monitor stuck there for nearly 2 weeks now, I guess I should escalate? I totally get why, don't want to bust anyone about it given the circumstances, but 2 weeks seems excessive?

    • Yeah I would escalate that one. I usually contact AusPost via Facebook Messenger if I have any queries. Where was the monitor being shipped from?

      • Sydney to Sydney. I've just checked, it arrived at Chullora on the 2nd of Aug and hasn't moved since.

        • Yeah that's a bit odd; I've had stuff move through Chullora after that date that I've since received. Hit up AusPost and see what they say

  • I used to work there as a xmas casual back in my uni days - they chuck fragile boxes without a care in the world, the place is a free for all

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    Submit a ticket. That Chullora centre is flipping huge & stuff just goes around a conveyor belt scanning barcodes and redirecting where it needs to go.

    I've had things stuck there previously. Just get in touch & they will sent a person down to the floor to physically go looking for it. I'd bet that the barcode can't be scanned for whatever reason so it's not getting onto the correct conveyor belt. It's just having its merry ride around and around.

  • Had stuff sitting at depots interstate for 2 weeks and not updated, despite leaving the same origin, of exactly the same sized and weight packaging as 2 other items on the same day. 2 of the 3 arrived in 4 business days, the last didn't move for 2 weeks.
    Then… all of a sudden it arrived on my doorstep in a rural area in less than 12 hrs from the interstate depot.

    I think there are consistent delays across the board at present with AP. Sit tight, or drop a line via the website, AP call centre or online chat and get an agent to raise a ticket to check it out. 👍

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    My parcel is going from West Melbourne to the Mornington Peninsula. It has been stuck for 8 days with no updates after AP received it. So not just a Sydney problem. Better bring back Christine.

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