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Reolink 4K Smart Human/Vehicle Detection System H.265 Pre-Installed 2TB HDD RLK8-820D4-A $629.99 Delivered @ Reolink Amazon AU


Today comes the 25% OFF on Smart Person/Vehicle Detection Kit RLK8-820D4-A

Features & Specs

  • Person/Vehicle Smart Detection;
  • Super HD 4K Resolution; Up to 100ft Night Vision; Field of View: Horizontal: 87° Vertical: 44°;
  • 24/7 Non-stop Recordings: With a pre-installed 2TB HDD (, you can also install an external hard drive (up to 6TB) for backup storage.
  • Reliable Remote Access; Support Simultaneous Live View for 12 Users;
  • H.265 Compression Format;
  • Support Audio Record with Built-in Microphone;
  • 2-Year Free Warranty..

Add both to Cart: Another 5% off Applied on RLC-820A/RLC-810A/RLC-520A with the person/vehicle detection when bought together with this kit RLK8-820D4-A. All of them can be added to the system, covering every corner and getting your home/business protected.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Are these POE?

  • Will a RLN8-410-E work with RLC-820a camera? Trying to get my head around the new cameras. The NVR is running H3MB16 hardware.

    If not wil the RLN8-410-E get a firmware update in the future to support that camera and features?

    • +3

      Camera will work but no AI with the hw version. It was only they H3MB18 they got the update to AI. No they won't update them they claim its hardware limited. Yet if you run a secondary PoE in the middle the AI works

      • Thanks Dez. Disappointing. Will have to buy a new nvr then.

      • 'secondary PoE in the middle' as in plugging the camera directly into a switch/injector and not the older version NVR directly?

        • Exactly that. I cant confirm if it still runs like that incase a update killed it but when they released the camera the AI would work like this on a older NVR

      • Would also like to know what “secondary PoE” means, thanks!

  • This doesn't work with Google home or something like that, is that correct op?

    • Not via the NVRs. Individual cameras sold separate do tho

      • What kind of nvr would you pair those cameras with to support Google integration?

        • Pc based software, don't know of any nvr that has that integration

    • When the cameras are connected to the NVR, they cannot work with Google Home. But the cameras used as stand-alone are compatible with smart home like google.

  • Are these possible to integrate with Homeassistant? If not, what is the recommended brand/model for HA integration?

    • Yes, they have ONVIF support

      I have been looking for these at a decent price for a while

      • Is that with or without the NVR?

        • Without

          • @Saars: are you using MotionEye addon?

            just using a separate POE switch?

            the individual camera pricing isn't as great as buying these NVR kits though

    • +1

      As these are 4k cameras they use h265 encoding which HA cant take as an RTSP stream.
      You can use the sub stream though if you are using it for Frigate but you wont be able to view the high quality stream in HA.

  • Can anyone tell me, with these Reolink, is it still the case if I want to stream straight to a web browser it has to be in an old version of Internet Explorer?

    • u can do it through chrome now, they had an update before flash expired.
      problem is can only get one camera to show at a time.
      can show multiple cameras on the windows program though.

    • They changed to HTML thankfully and moved away from Flash.. although it was at the very last second before it got totally nuked

  • Does anyone what is the going rate for getting something like this wired up? I have home assistant running and will use the ONVIF support but I dont know how difficult it is to get it wired.

    • +1

      Depending on your house but something like 80 to 150 a cam run

  • Great I bought this kit for $720 literally 2 days ago…….

    • Amazon?
      Already sent?
      No -> Cancel
      Yes -> hit the chat and you may get a voucher

      • Nah Australian seller was still $100 less than RRP I guess. Was already delivered and out of the box tested. Oh well.

  • So how is the AI/person vehicle detection.. does it stop false alarms..as in insects flitting past or leaves moving or even clouds coming over during the day . I have an oldish non AI model everything else is great but the false alerts drive me mad.. the infra red night eye is off..sensitivity is to less than 6 but I still get false alarms during the nights..days are ok at those settings..well mostly unless there is a storm but no point in turning features off to make it work when you are paying for the features. I used to get a mail every minute now it is down to every 20 minutes

    • +1

      Works great

      • Thanks bud so high sensitivity, night mode on and no false alarms from insects or leaves ?

        • +1

          Never had insect it leave issues but shadows no longer trigger it or branches moving around from wind

          • @Dezeption: Thank you kindly..much appreciated.. pretty good deal then.. and the software hopefully will get better .. Reolink seems the way to go ..I have been very impressed with everything else..image quality, software, mobile app ..false positives were a drawback which seems to have been resolved..which is great news

  • Ive been looking for a solution with Home Assistant and I've settled on;
    1. $98.51 Per cam on Ali (AU stock),
    2. $100 ish for Blue Iris
    3. Old PC and couple spare 1 and 2TB spinners

    • Nah this system at this price is better if you are paying 500 for 4 cameras plus software and an old PC . You are forgetting the connecting hardware which feeds the 4 cameras to the PC and also forgetting that if it is a PC the hard disks will be spinning a lot more to maintain the OS which you do not need .. and I forgot to mention that a third party software will probably not work as well with the hardware as the hardware seller.. I'd say buy this instead ..better value IF the false alarms have been eradicated or at least lessened by the software ..which was my question

      • I'm more of a DIY kinda person.

        The advantage of running the system like this is that the Reo NVR is not required to use the cameras, unlike this deal.
        I dont need AI or 4k on some of the cameras so i can drop them down to the 5MP non AI $55 RLC-520 version or any brand supported camera for that matter (cheap PTZ incoming).
        OS is on cheap SSD with a quicksync CPU. I have a stack of 500GB-2TB drives for video storage, happy to kill them. Was saving this box for pfsense build, Ill try proxmox to combine workloads for better power efficiency.
        Only snag, main stream is h265 and I may have to feed sub stream h264 (lower res) into Home Assist but will still record at the 4k.

    • As the reply above suggests, you need to allow for a POE network switch.

      • Sorry i forgot to list the POE switch, found a cheapy $28 that has enough power. This will only drive cameras segmented in its own vlan.

  • Only just started to look at security cams, can anyone advise if there are quality wireless cameras around this price range, or if there is significant advantages for a POE system? Also, is 5MP sufficient? 4k seems a bit overkill

    OP when does the deal expire?

    • +1

      Yeah mate …google Reolink and once you see the product you like take note of the code on their website look for it on Ali express if you are not in a hurry or Ebay/Amazon/Catch. Security cameras are generally placed outside the house where wireless coverage is not the best which is why even now every decent camera is wired. Having said that all you need to do is measure the speed of the wi fi on your phone at your target location then figure out how to power the unit .. so now you have battery powered wi fi camera.. see where this is going ? 5mp is fine till you have a break in and cannot see anything so that would render it useless as well. If you cannot pull wires look for solar powered wi fi cameras …either ways unfortunately this brand is the cheapest way if you are looking at getting some decent footage where you can see some details

      • Thanks for the reply, I guess you're a big fan of this set then? Looks like a good price

    • go for eufy

      • completely different product
        - eufy - wireless, motion triggered
        - this - continuous recording…

        but to your point - eufy is great - I have had both and the false alarms with reolink drive me nuts - eufy - no issues at all!

    • Wireless= GPO needed
      Wireless solar= not 24/7 recording
      PoE= power data in one catX run

  • AD

  • I've read bad things on ipcamtalk about the reolink cameras, specially around blowing out brightness around subject's faces at night and being very blurry also at night, and not dealing with this in firmware, after a a long time of reports.

    I have however no experience at all with cameras, so I may be saying sh**t.

    As I'm looking into a system myself, any experience you guys could share would be nice. The 'know good' camera brands (not going to post brands here in rep thread) are way more expensive too.

    • +1

      I've used many system and currently run highend Hiks at different properties before I found Two and I would usually rate for consumers Hik>Dauha>Reolink but I'd probably move Reo in 1 or 2 now with their AI IPC but at the price point of the Reos they win and imo they have the best app and UI and such easy set up. Now for the best stuff you always have Bosch at about x10 the price

      • Thanks, my system will be a small DIY for home only so I'm looking only at the camera image quality so far, the DVR and other setup will be custom, probably shinobi or blue iris.

  • Pulled the trigger. ShopBack has 4%, so $25.20 cash back bringing it down to $604.79.

  • I'm undecided on dome or bullet.
    My concern (based off YouTube reviews) about dome is apparently whilst camera is metal, base and mount are plastic. Also camera easily screws off the mount. With eaves around 2.5m is this vandal proof given only need small step ladder to access? Any feedback is appreciated.

    • If someone want to steal a camera, a tiny little locking screw is not going to stop them. Get the dome, looks so much better and also means wayy less if not zero spider webs

  • How do these compare with Hikvision, Dahua for quality?

    Haven't heard good things about Swann but other than that, I don't know that much about security cameras

    • On par these days especially with its new AI range

      • on par….no chance. Reolink cams at night is useless.
        Daytime is good. but Robbers usually come out at night.
        So Dahua and Hikvision is the better option though more expensive.

        • I have all 3 brands. Only real difference is that the more expensive ones have colour night vision which is the advantage otherwise keeping within the same sensor type they are on par. Reolink is about to release a new 150degree camera called the eyes I think soon. Its a dual sensor type

  • Will this deal possibly come back?

    • quite frequently

    • get Dahua or hikvision

    • I would like to know if it'll come back as well.

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