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[PC, Steam] Doom Eternal $24.98 75% off @ Steam Store


DOOM eternal @ 25$ for a little while. 75% off on steam pretty good price.

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    Nice, already got it but the game kicks ass.

  • +1

    Ill wait another 5-10%. First one was great but $100 for the standard edition is a bit crazy.

    • First one was great, second one is even better. Steep price sure, but it's damn near perfection in fast-paced FPS form.

  • Well worth it at this price!

  • Ancient Gods worth it? (The deluxe edition)

    • Wondering too

    • Ancient gods is one intense battle after another, very fun and adrenaline pumping! Even though they throw a few frustrating enemies and situations at you.

      If you're following Doom for its story then this also keeps the story moving forward.

      • i saw on wiki there are 2 parts. does it come with both ?

        • 15$ each rn on the same steam page. usually 30$ by the looks of it.

        • You can get the deluxe edition of this game for like $26 if you dont mind bethesda launcher.
          Just search on ozbargain, deal was posted a day or two ago

      • If you're following Doom for its story

        So I played Doom 1 (story was Phobos/Diemos) and Doom 2 (story was Hell on Earth)… what came next?

    • +1

      If you like the game, yes. But if you're going in blind and don't know what to expect from the base game yet, I'd probably wait to see if you like that first.

      It's extremely intense. The base game retroactively feels like it's just training you to play the dlc, it's such a big step up in intensity and challenge and will push you to your limits. It's very exhilarating, but won't be for everyone.

      • +1

        the problem is that its cheaper to buy the dlc as part of the deluxe edition rather than seperate

        • Took me a long time to finish the base game - Ancient Gods i haven't finished part 1 and I preordered it.
          Haven't really put the time in though, the base game was so punishing and some arenas took me dozens of tries

          On nightmare mode, other modes feel somehow like not how it is meant to be played

    • Yep, it's worth it

  • +6

    It’s on Xbox games pass too…

  • +4

    Both editions are a bit cheaper at Fanatical: https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/doom-eternal

  • Knee Deep in the Dead

  • +8

    Thanks mate, bought another game I might not ever get around to playing.

    But its now in my Steam list, and apparently that's the main thing :)

    • Exactly …

    • You completed Knee Deep in the Backlog achivement

  • I need a new game pc then start buying games again. I see the price is getting down and am waiting the time…. exiting…

  • +1

    I know this got very good reviews, but I just couldn't get into it. Relentless shooting, fast paced action filled and pretty, but one dimensional. Preferred serious same back in the day

    • +1

      Agreed, it doesn't offer much over DOOM 2016. Didn't feel as "hype" either for some reason…

      • I disagree, for me Eternal feels like 2016 refined to be more intense and challenging experience.
        Enemies are much tougher so you are required to be constantly cycling through weapons to exploit each one's weakness.
        The double jump is unlocked from the start and the dash not far in which gives the player more control over mobility
        Additions like the flame belch, ice grenades and blood punch add another option when you're in trouble

    • It took me a couple of goes to get it but it is super fun once you get in the groove. Turn up the difficulty, get into the weapon switching and movement and it just feels amazing.

      • I think I had it too high to be honest.

  • Considering purchasing this just to ditch the version I already have on Bethesda launcher… No cloud save :(

    • Pretty sure the steam one redirects you to Bethesda Launcher anyway

      • +1

        It still supports Steam cloud saving, according to PCGW. It was also work seamlessly with Proton, which is good for Linux users (and the Steam Deck), as well as native Steam Input support.

  • I have this on Bethseda launcher with both expansions. I really liked it, finished it twice. Second time was due to them adding RTX, looks mint (looked mint without RTX too).

    I'd recommend it for some mindless shooter fun.

    • +1

      I tried raytracing, it dropped the framerate from 165+ to around 60 at 1440p. DLSS seems to be broken because turning that on dropped the framerate down to 15
      I honestly couldn't tell the difference with RT on and off. It already looked fantastic without it and higher refresh rates in this fast faced shooter was definitely more desireable

      • +1

        If you have a 8GB VRAM turning on RTX eats up +2GB and Doom Eternal already used close to 8GB when at 1440p.

        I had the same issue with the FPS but to fix it, I had to turn texture pool size down to medium or high. It doesn't lower texture quality but will increase the amount of texture streaming been done the lower the setting. Not really a big deal.

  • +3

    I pre-ordered this game (Don't judge!) and loved its look, feel, music ! Never regretted my full price purchase.

    However there is one thing I didn't like; the games system of requiring certain weapons for certain demons.

    I felt I was spending half my time running backwards while cycling through my weapons to find the correct "i win" gun.

    anyway. the only blemish on an otherwise frantic, glorious blood-bath! 9/10 would frag again.

    • You are tempting me to buy this. I am yet to finish the earlier doom ;)

    • DOOM 2016, the demon's weaknesses were optional. In Eternal they have far more health so just using the same gun on every enemy doesn't work - it takes too long and you'll probably run out of ammo. I personally think it's a good design choice rather than a blemish. It adds challenge and intensity since you can't always rely on a single gun

      • +1

        Agreed, definitely a very different style of game to 2016.

        Something I found pretty interesting is that I played Eternal first and loved it, then tried 2016 and thought Eternal was a much more enjoyable game. I've got friends who felt the opposite, but those people all played 2016 first before trying Eternal.
        What I think is that people (reasonably) expect the two to be very similar, but the gameplay loop is so fundamentally different that the difference between expectation and reality results in a more negative experience for whichever one you play second.

        • Well I played 2016 (completed multiple times) but only picked up Eternal this year. Eternal is the more enjoyable though I still like 2016.

  • This is also on Xbox/Microsoft game pass FYI.
    Loving the game, playing it with a 3080 on an LG CX TV - probably the best looking game i have played so far

  • Thank you Oz was going to buy doom at retail, now bought both 🙏

  • I probably don't have enough time to get through ALL the Doom games, but seeing as they're all on sale and I've never touched one. Do I need to play anything prior to enjoy Eternal to its fullest?

    • +1

      Doom 2016 is worthwhile playing first, otherwise nope. Just enjoy the carnage. You'll miss a few references throughout but not much as its all really about loose legacy knowledge of the series such as Hell, the doom marine, the bestiary types etc. Double shotgun, BFG… yada yada..

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