Dell Inspiron or MacBook Air

Hi, I'm looking for a laptop to work from home and not sure if I should pick Dell Inspiron 15 for $1288(after 40% discount) or a MacBook Air for $1349. Dell has an i7 processor.


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    15" vs 13"

    Size can matter in this instance

  • Do you prefer Windows 10/11 or macOS?

    ETA from Dell is about 1 month.

    Ships in 25–28 business days

    • I have used windows but not MacOS, so thought of trying it.

      • It's not as easy to use as MS Windows (though the Apple Fanboys will be seething), but I use a MacBook M1 Pro for Music, and it is fantastic (other than some incompatibility with the new chip from software plug-ins). I have several different devices (horses for courses) I use.
        Last year I built a dual boot system Desktop based on an AMD Ryzen 7 processor, which blew most Mac devices away, on both Single-Core and Multi-core. The video card wasn't flash, just an RX580, but it was less than a 1/2 the price of an equivalent iMac, with a 31.5" curved screen. For most tasks I use this in Windows mode. I find Office is better, easier.and has more options.on Windows.
        Also pof interest, is if you look at the performance on Geekbench, the specs are impressive, and kill intel based units
        So far I have been impressed with the Macbook Pro. I bought it on June 30.
        * touchbar (Pro model only),
        * fingerprint scanner,
        * Retina screen,
        * the sound is great for standard average use.
        * Games I have used seem to run okay
        * BAttery Life - Wow! 16-20 hours usually
        + M1 processor specs is what sold me
        * The quality of the unit is impressive
        * Logic Pro is a reasonable price (in the Education bundle)
        * MacOs
        * Extra software has the 'Apple Tax'
        * Screen would be expensive to replace if cracked
        * Not all apps etc support the M1 processor etc (but do in Rosetta mode?)
        * Buying Parallels to run Windows software
        * Ram & SSD not upgradeable.

        I suspect that Apple have followed Samsung and sacrificed Margin for Performance. At the moment, there are a lot of deals at 10% off from major retailers, and generally all will price match each other. I suspect stock may become harder and slower to obtain, due to the current restrictions in NSW. Not only is there a high demand, but couriers systems are stretched as are Distributors (Ingram Micro).I know that Startrack in Newcastle had 10% of their Parcel delivery drivers off waiting on Results.

        • Further to this, plan on paying extra to future proof yourself, as the Ram and SSD are not upgradeable. The CPU, Ram and SSD are all on the board, which apparently is the reason why the unit is ridiculously quick. Bare in mind a unit with 16GB or 1TB will probably need to be ordered in, and not on the shelf of (DM, HN, JB, OFF, TGG, ETC).
          MacOs is built on Linux so the file structure system is excellent. Unlike Linux, MacOS is easier to use (depending on the Linux distro).

        • If you are use to Windows yes.. imo (Windows user since Win95). Recently bought a MacBook m1 and macOS imo is easier/more intuitive than Windows. Installing/Uninstalling etc etc is much "easier for a novice". For example if I was had to teach my parents to use a computer again.. macOS would be an easier lesson imo.

          General rule with the M1s now. If you want to game at a medium + level get a windows machine. If you want to do 99% of anything the common user does the M1's kill everything else… like kill kill kill.

          Another side note: If you are an iPhone user macOS makes more sense… With Windows 11…. android users will get a side benefit.

          Also, at a $1.5k level m1 air rosetta runs better than the native on a windows machine of the same price. You can run windows on M1 now.

      • I use both MacOS and Windows. Both have their advantages and drawbacks. Personally i find, MacOS much more intuitive and easy to use, though it feels much more sluggish than Windows, and the system is less responsive. There are some programs which aren't compatible on Windows too, and good productivity/work programs which are exclusive on Mac.

        Overall, I would stick with MacOS simply because of the ease of use; the only thing making me want to go back to windows are:

        1. I game, which means i have to use Windows for certain games.
        2. More customization, ability to run EXE programs.
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    You should check whether any of the apps you use only work/work well in Windows and not on the mac

  • Yup. Whatever had been said. We got the 15” Inspiron because of the bigger screen size and Windows. Had been a Windows person all my life and I hate using small screens. 17” is lovely but damn heavy.

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    A tractor or a Tesla?
    Depends on what WFH means to you. If you're VPNing into a corporate network then unfortunately you'll probably need the tractor.
    If you get the Air you'll be stuck with it. My Air is 10 years old this month and used every day. The ASUS I bought 3 months ago for tax reasons is almost the same spec. as the 10 ten old Air.

    • I was using a Mid-2013 MB Air for music until July. Now I have the Pro.

    • Yes, it will be VPNing for me most of the time. So tractor it is then 😄.

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    mac book air, - can use in bed - fanless


  • Just a heads-up. Once you go Mac you don't go back.

  • Unless you really need the bigger screen, go for M1 Air.
    I have a 2010 21.5" iMac and I use it primarily to VPN to work. It sure does not have new OS, nor does it supports Office 365, but for most other purpose, its amazing. Heck, I even Play Diablo 3 on it and works just fine.. How many Windows machines 11 years old can do this ?
    Have a 15" MacBook Pro 2015 for the lazy morning when 3 degree temperature coaxes me in working from Bed. That has latest BigSur and can install all applications. Office 365 works beautifully on it.
    Many times, I just plug the Macbook to my TV using HDMI cable and control it using wireless keyboard and mouse. That way I have a huge 4K screen and a competent machine. Planning to get M2 Air ( when it release next year) and replace my MBPro.
    M1 processor is a beast and performs much better than i7. M2 is going to be even better.

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