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Kogan 2L Cordless Glass Kettle with Temp Control 2200W $39.99 + Delivery ($29.99 Delivered with Kogan First) @ Kogan


Keep Warm function with 50°, 70°, 80° & 90°C settings
Different coloured LED lights depending on the temperature
Large 2L capacity
2200W power for rapid boiling
Premium high temperature-resistant glass body
360° rotating base with cord storage
Disc heating element
Removable water purification filter

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    Bought this kettle and found it splattered boiling water everywhere when boiling (within a 50 cm radius of the kettle), I contacted kogan who replaced it with another that had the exact same issue. I wont buy another kogan kettle.

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      Don't think Kogan has done any quality control, or they would know this is an issue.

    • I owned one of these a few years ago as well, and yeah, we had the splattering as well, though it only happened if we filled it above half-way. The plastic in the handle on mine ended up cracking after around 12 months, exposing the circuit board near the top.

      To their credit, despite the warranty period being over, Kogan did offer to replace it. They only had the non-glass version in stock, which I was happy to accept. The plastic version boils much faster, and stays warm a lot longer (must be a ton of heat loss through the glass). It also splattered less.

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      Really? I have two and never have this problem. I don’t really fill it to max though

      • i tried full, 3/4 and half it did it all three levels.

  • Was $29.99 like 5 days ago

    • So is this post a dup then?

    • 29.99 with Klarna paying the last quarter for you

  • Dont do it! get the 1.7l smart kettle, (if you use google/alexa etc) man its soooo continent… i didn't think turning a kettle on was hard, until i got a google kettle.

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      get the 1.7l smart kettle, (…) man its soooo continent

      Unlike this 2L, which is incontinent

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        Damn you auto carrot!

      • Well people where complaining the 2 litre was leaking all over the place…

  • Have this kettle and no problem with it so far. (1 year)

    The water splatter only happens to me if I fill the water to the brim, (my bad as I did not read the instructions).
    as long you only fill it according to the indicated line on the kettle, it won't splatter.

  • How do people still buy things from Kogan?

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      It’s just your standard e-commerce site.

  • Would buy if it only has google assistant functionality

  • I bought one of these before, then 3 months after the 2 year warranty ended, the light indicators broke so I couldn't tell if I turned it on or not, then also I noticed it kept on boiling and wouldn't stop, so probably that was the thermostat. A real hazard.

    Talked to Kogan and at that time they said sorry we don't have stock of this so can't give you a replacement. They wouldn't give a refund but offered a small credit with a 6 week validity.

    I ended up throwing the jug in the bin, ceebs dealing with them.