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[PC] Free - Diablo II: Resurrected Early Access Beta Twitch Drop @ Twitch


Valid: Sat, 14 Aug, 03:00 - Sun, 15 Aug, 05:00 GMT+10

How to Earn the Drop

  • Go to your Twitch account settings > Connections > Blizzard and link your account.
  • Go to a participating live channel
  • Watch for 2 hours 30 minutes and claim the reward D2R Early Access Beta

Progress & Redemption

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  • +11

    Watch for 2 hours 30 minutes

    ???? Ain’t no one got time for that

    • +11

      Put the stream on 160p and use a sound mute extension.
      Easy as.

      • +3

        you can right click chrome tabs and mute individual sites if you use chrome.

        • sometimes with twitch drops muted tabs will disable the drop

          • @itshammer: Didn't for me, game going great.

            • @Arcticfox: Not sure if I'd call it great. It's buggy af and the servers are all over the show, sometimes good, other times unplayable.

              • @lyle88: No bugs for me yet, just one random DC… So great for 'me' yeah…

                • @Arcticfox: Have you been playing a fair bit?
                  I'm just curious because I had about 15-20 games close randomly, the whole game crashed twice, and then smaller things like the text chat not working.

                  • +1

                    @lyle88: As much as I can with 3 kids under 10…

                    Killed the chick in the tower and just got the scroll from the tree thingo. About level 12-14 I think on a barb.

                    Man the size of my inventory is killing me!!!

                    • @Arcticfox: Haha good on you for managing to get any time at all 👍
                      I played a bit more yesterday and it seemed to be much more stable. They might have been doing something with the servers the first time I played.

        • Don't do that. I have collected a ton of drops from games. You have to let the twitch stream run in a window and not minimise it.

          Don't mute the stream, just lower volume and let the individual chrome window for the stream (not a tab) sit in the desktop background without minimising it. 100% you will get the drop. Twitch detects if you have muted the stream.

          • @HumbleCat: Well I muted the tab and reduced res to 160p and got it in exactly 2.5 hours doing nothing but that.

            Didn't detect me so shrugz

      • +7

        Why would you need an extenstion when you can just mute the stream?

        • +3

          Always been rumblings that it won't track if you mute the stream itself, rather than a tab. It used to be a little pedantic but I don't think it's an issue anymore. You can easily track how long is left on a drop by clicking on your avatar on the top right and seeing it there.

          • +5

            @Kozhutki: Can i do this on PC? I heard you can't play diablo unless i have a phone.

            • @Chchnu: You could stream it from your PC to your phone

          • +1

            @Kozhutki: I have been doing it for most of the twitch drops… and it always tracks. I always just mute them without any extensions.

            • +1

              @froddoog: yeah same. always just mute the stream

          • @Kozhutki: I had the stream muted and in a non active browser window, and got the drop

    • +20

      Do you guys not have phones?

    • -2

      If you get paid $50/hr the twitch drop cost you $125.

    • You can set your browser to output to other sound channel rather than the main one, hence muted

      Windows Setting > Audio, in the very bottom is app volume device preferences
      I choose my Chrome to go to Steam Streaming Speakers.

  • +3

    Leave it on in the background.

  • +11

    Smells like PR damage control

  • +1

    What will we exactly get ?

    • +4

      You'll get to play the beta now for free for a few days I think. Alternatively if one pre purchases the game one also gets to play the beta now.
      Worth noting there is a free public beta next weekend that doesn't require jumping through hoops I gather
      August 18 pre load
      August 20 at 10:00 a.m. (PDT) start
      August 23 at 10:00 a.m. (PDT) end

  • +2

    I've claimed the drop but still shows the Pre-purchase button.

    Quite a few users getting the same issue reported on

    • +5

      Solution in the top comment.

      • Open the Battle.Net App on PC

      • Click "Show all games" (top left)

      • Click DIablo 2 Ressurrected

      • Above the install button that is likely greyed out, click the drop down box and select BETA
        then INSTALL

      • I got a notification in twitch saying i had it, clicked it and clicked claim. It then shows up in the after re opening it. So if above doesn't work make sure you have claimed it

    • Is your account on Twitch linked to the same Bnet account you're checking?
      That was my issue as I have 2 Bnet accounts.

  • Still not going to be as good as median XL!

  • +1

    So a demo?

    • -2

      And your progress probably get wiped too..

      • +7

        Which is pretty standard for betas…. not sure why you're acting as if it's not a regular occurrence

        • +8

          I don't think they're acting like it's not a regular occurrence, they just literally said a comment "your progress probably get wiped too" as extra info. Not sure why your snowflake comment got so many upvotes lmao

          In which case it's dumb AF for a beta demo of this game to be a deal for the amount of effort since it's a levelling / grinding / progress game.

          Since when is a demo where access is completely limited after an extremely short time period and progress 100% wiped a deal.. to each their own. I mean if it was an instant download then yeah it'd be justifiable but having to watch a twitch stream for 2.5 hours? Fck off LOL

          • -5

            @takutox: tldr

          • @takutox: sure guy. I'll "watch" the stream

          • @takutox: This demo is clearly for the fanbois. Wasting time is what fanbois do?

            • @Feedthetroll: Do people not understand the difference between a demo and a beta…?

              • @Deviner: Only those who care will

                • @Feedthetroll: So you don't care, therefore you don't know the difference between a demo of a full game (as a teaser) and an open beta where, if you're interested, can get early access to a game in for free in return for some feedback and bug reports.

                  OK, got it.

                  • @Deviner: but you won't get your progress saved - that was the point. You may get some early advantage but that is the definition of fanboi.

                    • @Feedthetroll: Ehh? It's a bloody open beta, you almost never, ever have progress saved - and it's not like anyone is claiming you are either.

                      Again, you're mixing up things like early access with an open beta and that's what has you butthurt.

                      • @Deviner: no… i think you have completely misunderstood my sarcasm here. I was reply to Takutox indicating the only people who would justify watching 2.5hrs to get a download for demo/beta are the fanbois who has time to waste… Don't care much for what the diff between demo and beta is, as I mentioned in my second post.

    • +2

      the very rare demo that literally no games give out these days

      unlike the good old days where almost every game had a demo prior to release

      • +1

        Sadly with the poor quality of releases nowadays where release is generally barely beta quality I would hate to see them spend even less effort on the releases to accommodate demos.

      • Good old days of shareware?

        • +2

          good old days when we got demos of games and when they got released they were complete not endless 10gig patches until its a workable version

          • @MrThing: Ahh yeah. Used to get a few games on the CD cover of pc gamer etc.

            I remember the days of shareware. Head to the market and buy a rubber banded bundle of 3.5" for a demo/'freeware' game.

            Then back before then it was take my c64 drive around to a friend's and connect to his drive.

    • +1

      I'd rather an actual demo than what we get lately. A "fully released" game, that is actually a beta version (if we can call them that) that you had to pay for.

  • +7

    We are supporting Blizzard again now?

    • +3

      yep and there's nothing you can do about it

    • +1

      Couple good articles getting around that show how voting with your wallet doesn't have the impact we wish it would. Waypoint have discussed it at length too

      A/B suck and can get in the bin

      • +8

        it doesnt because classic gamers ie; ones who are about 25 - 40++ arnt the target market. we hate DLCs, we hate pay2win, we hate all the new nonsense activision et al put in

        the target market is the 12 - 25 people who play each iteration of COD and WOW and rate it 10/10 stars and keep throwing endless piles of mummy and daddies cash at DLCs and pay2win items.

    • +1

      I want to play diablo 2 remastered for free. if you call that supporting blizzard so be it

  • Lol

  • +2

    A lot of work to try a beta for 1-2 days.

    • +4

      you're right, would expect the full free version for two hours of my time! (if i where actually going to watch the stream full time!)

    • When it first came out it took me about that long to download the original beta.

    • I just loaded up a few streams (in case one went offline), muted my PC and went to bed.

  • +2

    Nostalgia factor too strong to resist

  • Hope its better than the Warcraft III Remaster, that was a disaster.

  • +2

    too much effort just to get a demo of the game

    • Leaving a tab open on mute at the lowest resolution possible while you do what ever you want for 2.5 hours is too much work?

      Game probably isn't for you then, you have to left click occasionally to play…

  • +7

    Blizzard is an a$$, and we won’t be working with them again.

  • Does the tab have to be active? Left it running in the background and there's barely any progress done

    • Nah, mine is in background and it's almost done.

    • run in background, on mute. ???????. profit

  • +5

    Just a note that blizzard has now removed ultrawide support for everyone because of a few whingers claiming that it gives an unfair advantage in PVP

  • People have said that there aren't any OCE servers, can anyone confirm?

    • Still looking for a proper answer

      They definately dont have a south american server so im guessing no sydney server either

      • i played last night

        laggy as fk unplayable

      • Can confirm, played the whole 2 acts with > 350 ping… Felt like playing the original on dialup, so points for nostalgia :D

        Someone mentioned on a Bnet thread that the betas are usually on their US servers but they'll have global servers at launch.

        • yeah just random people hah

          could be like wc3 again i.e no point playing

  • Thanks. Downloading now. Just had it on background whilst playing TBC Clasic.

  • +3

    Tip: Check back periodically to make sure they are still a live channel playing Diablo 2. If they stop playing D2 and move onto other interests, the counter in the Drops stops counting.

    Came back to mine after 2 hours to have Amouranth licking a microphone with what I suspect was a LOT of men watching.

    I feel like I need a shower.

    • LOL, I clicked a stream at random and came back to ear licking ASMR with a woman licking two stands with ears which I believe are used to test headphones. Twitch is a strange platform.

      I got to 86% so didn't have to wait too long before finishing it.

      • Sounds like we had the same stream going

        • Same happened here lol.

  • +9

    Same Blizzard that shared nudes around the office of a female staff member after she committed suicide?
    Surprised you dont unlock this using hot tub streams

  • +2

    they removed LAN play at the last second. Not getting my money.

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