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Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussive Vibration Muscle Massager Therapy Pain Relief $25.99 + Delivery @ beautygirlshow eBay


Just bought me one of these. In covid lockdown, so I tried to find the cheapest, as I don't like overpriced products. Have had it for 3 months now and no issues. Feels very nice, sister has one (about $300) and they both feel amazing. But for the price of under $30, I think I scored myself a bargain as I am on the computer for work all the time. My back gets painful regularly, so I loosen it up with this amazing tool. Couldn't ask for more.

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    this one is the same and cheaper

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      Have had some bad experiences with that retailer. Thats why I avoided buying that one, but the one i posted is the one i can testify for, and i have bought a couple products from the one I posted. By all means, buy from whatever you like but i am very picky with who sells what.

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      So the fight is between 98.7% vs 98.2% positive feedback.
      For me anything less 99% on eBay is a bit questionable!

      • To be fair, the seller I've linked has a lot of bad reviews. (In no way am I suggesting to buy from them to save $2)
        So will give the benefit of the doubt to OP.
        Either way, both sellers are from HK, so to be factored in shipping.

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    So what's the actual difference between one that is $26 and one that is $100?

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      there is definitely a difference i had 2 one is those OEM elcheapo version the other is around the $100 mark. the $100+ ones are usually bigger and heavier with longer handles holding bigger battery with longer battery life. the material feels much more premium, when pressed hard for deep tissue message the more expensive one maintains its constant vibration speed. the cheapo one seems to struggle.

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      Torque rating and the penetration (how far the ball moves in and out).

      Cheaper ones tend to have shorter strokes, meaning it'll feel more like a vibrator than something poking you. (that's what she said)

  • Says without LCD but picture has LCD

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        Lol this is cringe.

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          It is like OP really wants us to buy this product, and will make up any old excuse if issues are pointed out.

          • @DoctorCalculon: You couldn't ask for more though. This tool is amazing.

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              @VudaDasin: Somebody make him stop, please.

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              Have had some bad experiences with that retailer. Thats why I avoided buying that one

              When someone suggests a cheaper listing from a different seller, then immediately you say if this product is faulty you can refund when talking about this seller

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      I almost jump on the deal thinking it is LCD for this price but after clicking on the link, sigh. Quite a few ebay posts are like that, you see something that is a bargain price, click on that, it says sold out and that "bargain price" is the selling price of another item that you don't want to buy.

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        Pretty much a bait and switch. The picture in the post is NOT the $25.99 tool.

  • Saw the link from ShouldIBuyIt above and just saw rack's comment.

    Does anyone have any other links for comparison and hopefully some feedback from one they've bought and used? Looking to spend under $30 including shipping if possible.

  • Solid price. I would buy if anyone was not sure.

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    LOL yet another fake post to boost sale of this particular eBay seller. Sad!!
    Take this crap off Ozbargain!!

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      Mods have approved the deal.

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        Thanks. Yes, I am on my L on OzBargain, although I will eventually post more deals over time and you will see I am not "fake posting". There is a reason mods have let this post through. The negativity is overwhelming. Just trying to help fellow Aussies out. Will be posting more deals over time to help my fellow friends out to save a buck or two :)

  • Are these quiet?

  • Do not buy cheap massage gun, it doesn't have enough power and quality. I bought unbrand massage gun in ebay dew months ago and stop working after use few times. After that I bought renpho gun in amazon, It's good and still working well

    • How long does a single charge last?

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        They said 7 hrs, but it depend on power level. It has 1 to 20 level. I usually charge once or twice a week

  • I guess it is a bit hard to hide one's intention. I always wondered why the amazon and the branded one cost many times more than this one.

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    I can guess what the ladies are using these for!

  • OP in no way is related to the seller at all.. 100%.. yeah nah..

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      Op just need to put associated when Op post the deal. I thought Op is real, and thought some commenters were paranoid. After reading the comments, my view shifted 180 degrees. Nothing wrong if OP post a deal like this but a bit more honesty goes a long way. Thanks to all the commenters that pointed out the issues.

  • Battery life is bad under 30 minutes and vibration is too hard. Bought thinking cheap, it’s just worth that price