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Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G 256GB $1199 @ Samsung EPP


I think samsung officially killed galaxy note series couple of days back. If you are after a phone with builtin stylus then this is the only option. Yes it's a year old phone but atleast is eligible to get updates upto Android 13.

Not the cheapest but decent price for decent spec device.

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  • S21 ultra got stylus as well?

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      phone with builtin stylus

      Yep, but not as powerful as note series which has Bluetooth.

      • -2

        You mean the s20 isn't as powerful as s21

        • +1

          I mean the stylus on note 20 ultra has Bluetooth that can do few things which the style that can be purchased with 21 ultra can't.

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            @hopper: All 21u's getting upgraded to accept the bluetooth pen! I use mine with old note pens and it works perfect!

  • +1

    Note 20 ultra is the final legend

    I have one bought from HK, has SD865 chipset. This phone is a killer!

    Very happy with the screen and design, it is nearly 2 year old, but still going strong!

    • +10

      it is nearly 2 year old

      Release date - 5th August 2020

      • +36

        It's been a long ass year

        • +1

          Agree. Upvoted.

      • +2

        Och! Hopefully you guys won’t know I just time travelled.

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      Disagree, camera is shit and I get lag. Note 10 was the best Note

      • +1

        Love my Note 10

      • +7

        Note9 was the best note. Good camera, good battery life, s-pen slot on the right, slim, good battery, no punch hole screen, expandable memory.

        • +5

          Dont forget last note to have 3.5mm Jack

        • -1

          "igoforthebest" What version Android has the Note 9 been updated to, A 10 I guess. What security Patch is it currently on,

          and is it still been updated to when you think? Thanks in advance.

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    Good phone but the performance of exynos 990 is only a bit better than 855+

    • +1

      Completely agreed. Samsung can piss off shovelling their inferior hardware onto us while usa get the good shit.

  • +1

    This phone was the hottest pile of garbage I wasted money on, probably worth $600 tbh.

    That was the shit house Exxynos processor though, if you can get the SD version might be worth it.

  • If we had the Snapdragon version in Australia, I'd have bought it at this price.

  • Dual SIM?

    • +1

      1 physical sim, 1 esim (built into the phone and can be activated by calling telco who offers esim) and one SD card slot … from memory.

  • My brother works for Woolworths can he access the EPP pricing and how does he do this?

  • +2

    It's been sold for sub $1,000 prices previously

    • +1

      That's 4g I think

      • It was sub 1000 at jbhifi a few months ago

      • 4G and 5G have both been sub $1,000…

        For an example, look at the recent JB HiFi deal for the 5G version, which was less than a month ago.

  • I'm trading this phone for the fold. The battery drains fast and heats up badly due to the poor processor used.

  • Im. Using the snapdragon one. And happy with it. However will sell it to get the fold 3

  • I am a Note fan but sold Note 20 ultra for S21 ultra. The battery life is very poor on this device.

    • How poor? Typical use Screen on Time ?
      Compared to s21 ultra exynos2100

    • Is yours exynos or Snapdragon? Mine is Snapdragon and I can use it for 2 days after one charge.

    • +1

      Exynos here and I get a whole day of heavy use.
      Not sure why everyone is bagging this phone.. It's killer.

      • How many hours of screen on time do you get?

      • I got 1/2 -2/3 a day of heavy use. So unsure where you get a full day your heavy use must be quite light.
        I took my phone off the charger at 9am and I'm already at 29%

  • In my usage, SOT is around 4 and half with FHD and 120hz for note 20 ultra. For S21 ultra, I could get around 6 with WQHD and 120hz. If the price is around $800 to 900 is more reasonable for a year old device.

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