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[NSW, QLD] 12 Months Unlimited Entry to WB Movie World, Sea World, Wet N Wild + Bonuses for Local Residents $169 @ ThemeParks



Locals are defined as all residents of Queensland and northern New South Wales, postcodes 2450 - 2490. ID will be requested upon first entry to verify that you are a Local.

There’s Only One Pass for endless fun, all-day and all-night! Get your Village Roadshow Locals One Pass for unlimited entry to Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet’n’Wild and Paradise Country over 12 months!

Entry to Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet'n'Wild and Paradise Country
1 free entry to White Christmas at Warner Bros. Movie World - valued at $49!
1 free entry to Carnivale at Sea World - valued at $49!
1 free entry to Sea World Spooky Nights - valued at $49
Buy now, activate later with up to 12 months to redeem.
Plus over $215 Bonus Value - Limited Time Only

Bonus Value
$60 Sea World Resort accommodation voucher

Buy one get one free dining voucher at Sea World Resort

$30 Australian Outback Spectacular voucher

$50 Sea World Animal Adventures voucher

$50 Paradise Country Farmstay voucher

$25 Paradise Country Animal Encounter voucher

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  • +2

    Joke Post?

  • +6

    Could this be used as a permit to travel from Bankstown?

  • -2

    Might want to mention this is for the locals only ticket

    • Literally says it at bottom of description

  • +7

    12 Months Unlimited Entry

    Sydney will still be in lockdown though…

    • The ride wait lines are shorter than COVID vaccine and test lines. Party on!

    • +3

      Melbourne never out of lockdown either…

      • +2


        Based on all the selfish idiots I saw around yesterday, it will be that way for at least another month.

        • same with other cities ;-)

          • +1

            @dajiska: Mainly in NSW and VIC though…

        • Do not despair, our dear leader Andrews lock everyone up after 9 pm , we are safe now.

  • They need foot traffic on there website… so gotta make shit like this up

  • +1

    One of my neighbours works for theae guys… they're hemorrhaging money due to lockdowns/border closures and they're outsourcing & sacking people left right and centre.

  • What’s the bargain?

    • Not stuck in lockdown

  • looks to be more expensive then normal locals only pricing

    • i think its the same from memory, but yeah whats the difference between this and what it has always been

      • -1

        Normally around the $99 mark

        • +1

          Hasn't been the 99 mark for a couple of years sadly

  • Is it COVID Safe🤣

  • Oh when they're open, they've only been running at 50% capacity.

  • +1

    These theme parks are pretty terrible nowadays for several reasons.

    Many of the main attractions are under maintenance.
    The opening times have seriously contracted. The parks open at 9:30, but rides don't open until 10am. The park closes at 3:30, but last ride is at 3:15.

    Factor in a lunch and you only get to a few rides in.

    I'm passing on this deal.

  • +1

    (dupe comment)

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