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Inno3d GeForce RTX 3080 LHR iChill X4 10GB Video Card $1849 + Postage @ BPCTech


So iv been watching most the Hopespots for a 3080 LHR under $1800 in stock
(i havent pulled the trigger and Brought this one im listing)

But This is the lowest i have seen for the last two weeks
Previously i posted this model in stock at PCCasegear for $1899

There is the Inno3D RTX 3080 LHR Model in stock @ PCBtech
for 1849 + Postage (courier to me in regional Vic is $23.10)

I know PLE have two models GIgabyte / Zotac Expected in August for around $17xx, but as i said not in stock

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    Sigh another day another non-deal GPU.

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      At least we don't have to visit OzScalpers

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        An OzScalper got burnt a rtx 3080 after selling it to some lucky Russian dude.

        No sympathy for OzScalper's

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      I've made an executive decision to ignore all 30xx GPU's and wait for 40xx series to show my protest to greedy leather man and all the retailers in the chain from manufacturer to the shelves.
      Not that I'm in financial distress - no… It is just a matter of principle.

      • +10

        I'm sure Jensen is hurting as a result, and you holding out until 2024 for a 40xx GPU is going to see Nvidia go through some hard times. ;)

      • when 40xx come out at high prices you'll ignore those too? in principle.

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          its never ending.
          you just pay what ur willing to pay at the time

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    What is the actual Aussie retail price for these?

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      From reviews.org:

      According to the Nvidia website, here’s how much you can expect to pay for each of the 30-series GPUs (in Australian dollars):

      GeForce RTX 3090: starting at $2,429
      GeForce RTX 3080: starting at $1,139
      GeForce RTX 3070: starting at $809

      For comparison, the US prices are $499 for the GeForce RTX 3070 (AU$691ish on a straight currency conversion), $699 for the GeForce RTX 3080 (AU$968ish), and $1,499 for the GeForce RTX 3090 (AU$2077ish). As far as getting stung with the dreaded “Australia tax” is concerned, those conversions are actually quite reasonable.

      • +2

        Thanks! Exactly what I wanted and more :)

        • You got me curious too, good to get perspective rather than just comparing to current prices.
          While not entirely relevant to each individual model (a list like this can become unwieldy given the number of SKUs) we can at least use this as a baseline then decide how much we're willing to pay for improved design/brand name etc.

        • +1

          Keep in mind they never launched at RRP prices in Australia so we’ll be breaking new ground if prices ever come back down to that level.

          • @nomoneynoproblems: Depends where you got them from and whether you count founders edition which was RRP. Got my EVGA 3080 from PLE for $1139 on release.

            • +1

              @MungaCHung: You mean the FE where you had to enter a lottery to buy 😂. I managed to snag my EVGA from PLE too but even then they’ve increased their RRP.

          • @nomoneynoproblems: They will at some point. How many generations old will they be by then?

      • +28

        We really need this info on every graphics card deal to give some perspective.
        Whilst I know it is unrealistic to expect RRP considering the current climate, paying $700 more can hardly be seen as a bargain.

        • Was going to suggest the same

        • +4

          Only problem is these numbers aren't relevant, the only ones that are, is the RRP for each board model as they can set prices however they like

          • +1

            @kille745: 100% true.

            What we should take into consideration is that Nvidia suggest a performance of x for a price of y, if a third party offers an increased performance of 5% for a 50% price increase, I'm pretty sure we can agree that is bullshit and we should encourage fairer pricing but not purchasing at those high prices. Of course, demand is high and supply is low, so Nvidias price suggestion never took that into account.

      • +11

        Thanks for that, US prices don't include tax do they?

        My 1080 is just going to soldier on till I can get something RRP, can still run 4k VR in MSFS2020 and DCS atm and that's all I need it for.

        • +1

          Tax is excluded in US pricing (different rates in different states)

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        i haven't upgraded my system for quite a few years and video card pricing are this insane right now!? i remember 3-4yrs ago top of the range cards use to cost around the $1k mark.

      • +3

        That pricing was for the founders edition , board partners are usually higher.
        In saying that i got my EVGA rtx 3080 ftw3 ultra for $1259 from PLE back in September 2020 and some models went as high as $1750 and i thought that was crazy

      • Is this accounting for the fact that advertised US prices don’t include sales tax, whereas our prices do?

        Thanks for the useful info

        • Looks like no. Doing direct conversions with the current exchange rate (slightly improved since release) gives $750 for 3070, $1,050 for 3080, and $2,250 for a 3090.

      • It's only the price for the FE cards, other manufacturers complained NVidia promised the price for 30 series they can't build for.
        So more realistic baseline price to target would be about 20% higher, similar to launch prices from ASUS/MSI/EVGA/Gigabyte/etc.

        • Not only FE, the base model Zotac and EVGA cards were both $1139 at launch too. There was even a brief period of $1100 for a couple hours for the Zotac.

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      I've got an email receipt for this exact model at $1379 around launch last year.

      Comparing US RRP is useless because they've never been that price here, the lowest has been PLE with some $1200~ cards from memory.

    • +5

      This is a more complete list:

          GeForce RTX 3090  : starting at $2,429
          GeForce RTX 3080Ti: starting at $1,920
          GeForce RTX 3080  : starting at $1,139
          GeForce RTX 3070Ti: starting at $959
          GeForce RTX 3070  : starting at $809
          GeForce RTX 3060Ti: starting at $688
          GeForce RTX 3060  : starting at $529
      • +2

        So putting the insanity into perspective.These are the currently in stock prices for the GTX 1660 cards… which is the only easily obtainable budget card.
        GTX 1660 - $599 to $699
        GTX 1660 Super - $649 to $729
        GTX 1660 Ti - $649 to $699

        • Jesus christ. I bought my 2070 Super last year October as I didn't have any luck with the 3080 for $630. Plan was to hopefully upgrade after a year of using the 2070s but it looks like I may have to wait another year.

    • I had an EVGA RTX3080 FTW3 (one with the LED bling and needing 3 power connectors) for $1229 from PLE in Sep 2020. So this deal is still +50% overpriced although the prices are trending the right way

    • Just for your information, I've bought my 3070 X3 Inno3d ichill for $939, from umart 27 Dec 2020. So hopefully we'll see under $1400 3080's soon (Probably LHR 3080's before Dec 2021)

  • worth $1300 tops

    • +2

      For inno 3D, probably. I will wait till prices normalize, or till 4XXX/Navi 31 is out. My GTX 1080 good enough till then.

      • +3

        same for me.

      • I just hope the next GPU release doesn't line up with a cryptocurrency boom..

  • +3

    I chill and I can hold

  • +1

    Brought or Bought? :s… LHR no more than 1300-1350 for a 3080 or i stick with my GT1030 until RTX 4060 series comes in and destroys it :)

    • +3

      A 4060 still won't beat a 3080. You'll be waiting another couple years for the 5060 I'd say :P

      • Which is fine. it's only games we're talking about. i can turn say, some dust settings or grass settings from ultra to medium or low then keep playing on my 1030 for another year or two

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    Retailers are going to get stuck with stock in the not too distant future. Already you see plenty of stock at prices few people want to pay. Likely due to high price tags from distributors, so the retailer not able to drop price much.

    But soon enough the distributors will be sitting on enough stock they have to drop the price to move them. And when they do retailers will be forced to sell at a loss. It’s a risky game right now and soon enough the prices will topple.

    This is different to in the past when there was no stock and everyone kept saying ‘it will drop in price soon’. Why would it? Demand was still very high, and there was no stock. Now plenty of places have stock and it’s just sitting there. No retailer wants items of stock worth $2000 sitting in their inventory when their msrp is ~$1200. Gonna be a juggling act for retailers very soon to move this stock without going into the negatives to purchase more stock at the reduced prices the distributors will be forced to drop to.

    Edit: obviously all speculative.

    • Yeah, I had the same thoughts. If they didn't profit from the last 9 months though, too bad.

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    if you do need a GPU now, get a 6600xt at rrp or less inflated 3060ti and wait for 40 series

  • +1


    • +1

      What are we holding?

      • +2

        if everybody genuinely did hold out the prices will come down, the problem is that is not going to happen. (supply and demand, if demand drops prices drop).

      • -1

        Your not one of the kewl kids saying that…

  • +7

    If people have waited this long for a 3080, surely you would continue to hold till prices aren't +50% RRP. prices are gradually coming down.

  • +1

    Still holding

  • +3

    apes together strong

    • +1

      Apes together still dumb apes.

  • Seems the AMD and Nvidia are just supplying more mid-low tier graphics to attract the people who are just want to put a new graphics card in their build otherwise they would go to the consoles like PS and XBOX. However, the high end one are still rip off price due to the 'supply shortage' and inflation.

    • They’ll manage it so that the market doesn’t flood with one specific tier of card, every now and then we’ll see a bunch of mid levels hit the market then dry up… it’ll go up the tier the same way with less quantity at each tier… these prices will be around for a long while to come .. they are making way too much money to be wanting to alleviate the supply issues in a meaningful way (even if they could production wise).

  • Every deal like this makes me thankful I stayed up all night on 17-18 September 2020.

  • +1

    LHR has been partially cracked, wonder how long now before it's completely removed.

  • Just a warning this GPU runs quite hot and will easily crack the 83 degree thermal limit, and will make your PC sound like a jet engine if you don't have good case ventilation and fan setup.

    • +1

      yeah I was just going to mention that "iChill" in the model name is probably a joke

  • https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nbminer-nvidia-anti-mining...

    Like Bumbandit indicated. LHR work around returning 70% of functionality. I expect that is going to drive GPU's back up in the short term.

  • -1


  • The market is still crazy…

    I offloaded a brand new 3070 on ebay for $1650 and a 2 week old 3080 for $2400.

    The same dude who got the 3080 came back and bought another 3 from me yesterday after testing it at home.

    Today they announced LHR partially cracked…

    Will be awhile before u ever see RRP prices.

    • Yup, with people crazily hoarding/scalping cards, it can happen.

      • I was making $300/week after electricity prices cost from 6x 3080 though… So its not too crazy.

        I only sold cos it was a good price.

        • what about after CGT?

          i can work 2 hours OT in the week and equal your after expenses efforts and my 2 hrs effort was probably less than yours managing the rigs and daily monitoring of prices etc.

          • -1

            @Doomedgrind: OK boss… Keep on working…

            Lol… Since u make so much why not buy a gpu. Are u that poor to wait for RRP?

            I don't even spend much time on my rig. If it goes down, phone gets alert. Reboot done with kasa smart plug. Maybe dusting with an airblower once a month?

            The problem is u fail to understand scale… How about 10 rigs?

            Cgt? Well that is optional if it is under my kids name.

            • @acetth: No worries games aren’t important. The gt1030 is fine.

    • +4

      Begs the question why did you have 4+ 3080s in the first place?

  • +1

    These were $1700 recently. Didn’t bother posting as it’s still a rip off

  • +1

    For a LHR card this is pretty rubbish. Considering.. the premium came with the mining hash and not the name.

  • No Deal.

    The equivalent of the recent 3060ti ASUS mini for this card would be about 1350 low spec, 1450 high spec.

  • So why are LHR cards still so expensive? I thought the entire idea of LHR is that they would be cheaper.

    • My guess is LHR cards only limiting ethereum but not all cryptocurrencies. Recent a coupld weeks have seen cryptocurrency price recovery, which may make even LHR cards profitable.
      Not a miner, just my guess.

    • +2

      The reality is LHR only limits one hashing algorithm out of quite a few. You can still earn ~$8/day after power mining other algorithms at current profitability. If that profitability were to be maintained then effectively you pay for the card in ~230 days which is not a bad return rate at all.

      FYI There's some big caveats there that I am underplaying for the sake of simplicity (I.E. (1) profitability being maintained and (2) cryptocurrency values remaining stable which they won't).

    • It is cheaper, if it was non LHR, it would be OOS instantly

  • +1

    HODL guys, it will be below RRP by end of 2022 for sure.

    • 3 months and if crypto does not boom again, these may drop by another 200 to 300 bux.

      • +2

        H O D L

        • +1

          Lol delusional…

          Eventually u will get it at RRP…. For a 1.5 year old card lol.

          • @acetth: All because of miners!

            • @John Doh: Yes. But as much as I despise the twats they have as much right to purchase these as us.

              • @bumbandito69: Ya, I know :( Its like people buying new properties will all the money they have and an average earning person struggles to buy one. This is no different.

  • if LHR has been cracked, this will surely push up demand/prices again.

    i figure even if its at 70% like some of the comments have said here, thats enough incentive for miners is it not.

    if looking at it from that perspective, is now the time to buy before they shoot up again?

    • +2

      thing is that no one know where the prices will go
      plenty of ppl here are acting smart and were doing so when rrp for 3080s came out at $1200 - they were saying to hold and wait for black Friday sales
      they have been hiding till now and they are out again but if you look at history the same thing happened with 1080tis - went up heaps, then down, then up again
      I can only guess that it will not hit RRP of what we have seen before and they will go up soon again at some point - they have been holding at this level for few weeks now

      • pretty sure 70% is more than enough incentive for miners to pick these up and make back their money, albeit over a little longer time.

        also what is to say it wont be fully cracked eventually

        if incentive is there for miners, they will pick these up again fast

        • If all you're doing is making your money back? what's the point of doing it at all?

          the $2/day they make per card, after CGT, fees, depreciation, labour in watching coin pricing/risk analysis/watching hardware pricing etc. i could just work 1 hr OT a week and earn more with less effort

          • @Doomedgrind: its a set and forget thing, they buy a new gpu and when they aren't gaming they can earn their money back then if mining is still prevalent next year or w.e they are just earning money albeit slowly.

            sure you could work overtime or pick up an extra shift, but thats not really the same thing.

    • If you still haven't got a graphics card I would personally wait until a game of massive interest shows up.

      That being said I don't think any smart game developers would release a graphic intensive game amidst this chaos unless they were dying in the red (which indicates their ability monetary wise, and although not entirely, money is a good indicator to suggest the quality of the game).

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