What Tech to Import from China on a flight back to Australia?

My partner has an exemption to the travel restrictions for a flight booked to return to Australia from China in 9 days (fingers crossed). Any recommendations for any small tech items that she could easily buy there and bring in that might otherwise be expensive/hard to import? Like a smartwatch or a smartphone? My LG V20 is getting long in the tooth. Or is that sort of thing not worth the hassle/too fraught with mobile network compatibility issues and region/language support problems?


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    Graphics cards. PLS

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    If it were me, I wouldn't bother. Having your partner with you should be the priority.

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      I think they're getting the partner with or without a suitcase full of electronics.

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    I doubt she can get anything worthwhile compared to what you can already order on banggood aliexpress etc. Not really worth wasting her time unless duty free shops are open and have discounts.

    • and not get ripped off by local merchants.

      banggood aliexpress etc

      could end up paying more than these channels.

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    Fidget Spinners.

    • No… It's all about the pop it fidget toys now…

      • Nah that's why you buy fidget spinners with the pop feature.

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    Any tech you get, you'll have to seriously consider warranty problems… not worth the hassle.

  • Some phones don't have that many region specific hardware differences.

    OnePlus phones for e.g only differ in terms of software, you can purchase a Chinese region variant of the device and then flash it with Global or European ROM to unlock 4G / 5G bands, although some caveats might still apply (e.g some users report tinkering required to get 5G working). see https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/9-pro-difference-between-...

    Some smart watches sold in Chinese market could also be in chinese language only. Not a big problem if you know how to read chinese though.

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    Aren't you better off becoming a TV star bring food stuffs and getting on Border Security .
    Every episode plays that .

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    More often good stuff retails higher in China compared to what we pay in Aussie or can get from Aliexpress.

    You can get some savings if you roam wholesellers in Shenzhen etc.

    Accessories on the other hand are cheap.

    • ^This

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    Latest strain of coronavirus.

    • Do you mind to check Fort Detrick?

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        Yeah, nah … not a CCP stooge.

        But thanks for asking.

  • The only thing i can think of is if you're in the market for a legit swiss watch where she can buy it there, claim back any taxes in China then bring it back into Australia Tax free as an undeclared 'gift'.

    But even then it's pushing it.

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    If you're after a phone you're much better off getting it local, especially for warranty issues.

    • I've never bought a phone locally. If I didn't get it overseas, it was a grey import.

      • If i didnt have 28 degrees for price protection I probably would have done the same.

        • What's that about? I only use my 28 degrees for international purchases. Is this price protection useful? But it is only for domestic purchases?

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    What Tech to Import from China on Domestic Flight?

    ….for a flight booked to return to Australia from China

    How is that a domestic flight?

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      Perhaps China bought up Australia overnight?

      • I thought "Tommorrow when the war began"was crap, yet I keep imaging coming home from a trip to find we're now Chinese

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    What Tech to Import from China on Domestic Flight?

    Xiaomi Mi Band

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    dual (physical) sim iPhones

  • drones, gimbals

  • Someone on here was chasing Salt and Pepper grinders the other day.
    Maybe you can sell some.

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    What Tech to Import from China on Domestic Flight?

    I’d import Jack Ma.

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    9 days, and you are going to place her/him in more stress racing around trying to buy you an item, simply bc you think it's a good idea.

    Are you even considering the pressure your partner must be going through? Do you even care?

    9 days is not 9 days. Today is gone, and the last day is at the airport. So they effectively have 7 days to run around for you.

  • Next time we go we will buy a couple of things, may give you ideas:
    Mocha coffee maker with built in electric heater.
    Genuine silk clothing - not ‘cheap’ but China has some with genuine QA that are pretty decent and good value for here - careful with sizing for your horrible Aussie body.
    Also genuine silk fabric if anyone is into sewing.
    Hand held clothing steamer

    She will know the decent brands for electrics. JD will have it to her pretty quickly.

    Too large for her to bring, but a while ago we brought back one of those washing lines for their porches that drop down to hang stuff and then go back to the ceiling. It is completely awesome for winter drying. Haven’t seen them here. Don’t suggest you get her to carry it as they weigh 12 kg or so.

    All the best for getting her back home! We have elderly family there and will go as soon as we reasonably can.

  • Kidneys from a Uyghur deathcamp or the Epsilon variant of covid.

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    What am I missing here?
    That's like asking what the duty free allowance is from Tasmania.

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    Thank you everybody for responding. I think unless it's either cheap almost disposable accessories/trinkets at throw away prices or you've done extensive research and know exactly what you want, then it doesn't seem viable/worth it. And, yes, the flight is not d̶o̶m̶e̶s̶t̶i̶c my mistake.

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