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Schick DE Razor Kit (Incl 10 Blades) $16.99, 50" Ultra HD Android TV $449 @ ALDI


Father's Day items on sale at Aldi from 25th August.

Schick double edge razor kit - including premium long metal handle and 10 blades for $16.99.

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2021.

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  • Anyone know if the razor unscrews at the top (3 separate parts) or is one of the unwinding/butterfly ones?

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      That looks like a unwinding/butterfly one judging by the picture. I much prefer a unscrewing/3-piece one, as it's easier to clean and dry. For what it's worth, I've been using an Edwin Jagger DE89 for 13 years.. still looks brand new, and I attribute that to being able to take the 3 pieces apart, rinse and dry with a towel.

      edit: Yup, website says butterfly opening. https://www.schick.com/products/wilkinson-sword-double-edge-...
      comments from last year: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/9166953/redir

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        Thanks a lot. I agree with the cleaning. The wife has a butterfly one and I was hoping to upgrade her to a budget 3 piece.

    • butterfly model, I got this last sale.

      • Is that good or worse than non-butterfly?

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    Lots of discussion in the post last time aldi was selling these


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    Anyone considering to change over to DE/Safety razor I can only 100% recommend it.
    However I'd suggest investing a little more at the start to get a proper (not too aggressive) razor, some decent blades (there a huge differences- I found feather blades to be the best) and some decent shaving cream/soap as well as brush.
    Probably also helps to watch a video or two on the right technique; plenty of them out there.
    Otherwise you might be put off it real fast - which would be shame as it is eventually the cheapest option to get a real good shave without any of the usual issues like razor burn.

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      Agree! Something like Rockwell 6S/6C is good to start with as you can change the aggressiveness. As it's three pieces one, there is no play/chatter. Wilkinson Sword (German-made) blade works for me.

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        +1 for the Rockwell 6S. I've had mine from the original Kickstarter campaign, works brilliantly.

    • DE Razor Kit (Incl 10 Blades & 50" Ultra HD Android TV) $465.99 @ ALDI

    I tell you the Razor model is ridiculous when you buy a razor or a flip phone and get a free TV…

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    Take my thoughts with a grain of salt because it's the first DE razor I've used, but these King C Gillette ones are really good for $18 and are 3-piece not butterfly style like this one at aldi.
    Reviews on YouTube also seem pretty positive with the $30 RRP in mind.
    The replacement blades are extremely overpriced but other brands like Astro seem to be compatible and I'm about to try a few options out.

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      These are a good starter. The handle has plenty of weight in it and the shave is very mild. Even milder than the Edwin Jagger DE89 which is what most people start with.

  • Purchased this razor about a year ago when they were last selling it; as my first dip into using a DE/safety razor. The blades it came with weren't to my liking. But I have been getting good, consistent results after getting a sampler pack and finding blades that worked well for me. (Feather is my favourite, but Astra and Derby Usta also work well)

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    Any idea about the TV? Maybe a rebadged Eko ?

    • i'm thinking about buying this too, any recommendation?

      • Anyone who got the tv

    • "Special Buys™ Update - Stock Availability
      Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in NSW, we are removing this Special Buys product from sale in stores located in lockdown areas in NSW. This measure is to minimise potential queueing or congestion in our stores."

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