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MSI RTX 3080 Sea Hawk X LHR 10GB GDDR6X Graphic Card $1816.48 + Customs Duty + GST Delivered @ Techinn


The site seems legit. It is LHR.

Likely need to have GST and import costs…. but still will be less than $2050?

Not bad considering its water cooled. Similar models with other AIB easily over $2.2k

I bought 2 and chose DHL which is $90 on top. $3604 total.

Them salty bois gonna hold till next year…

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      lol most of it was from salty ps5 bois….who ordered something they most likely took too many orders from like PLE.

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        No worries mate. You keep "hodling" out for your cards to arrive.

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    Would not recommend, bought a SSD 3 months ago , order still "dispatched".

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  • Hope you paid with CC and ready to do a charge back

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      of course paypal with CC. Double protection always.

      • More likely to burst with two

      • Pull out method is more fun. Live dangerously

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    I ordered one to resell to a Russian buyer for 3k.

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    These LHR 3080s are WAYYY overpriced!
    I got my non LHR for 2200 few months ago these cards should be 1400 -1500 max

    • did you buy an asus tuf oc by any chance?

      • Nope gigabyte gaming

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    Looks like a scam

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    Known scam site

    • "Thought I'd come and add my 2 cents for anyone else who may stumble there way here. I almost didn't use them because of reviews here but took a chance.

      I bought a smartwatch from them that was about $AU70 cheaper than anywhere else on the net. I sweated for 2 weeks but it made it here to Australia in about 15 days using Netherlands Post."


      At least we had an aussie try it

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        Calling people 'salty bois' and yet you sweated for 2 weeks just to save $5 a day. lol. you go mate.

        • bruh… u do know its not my comment on reddit right?

          • @acetth: Ah. My apologies. I would downvote my own comment if I could.

            • @busterMal: all good.

              Looks like its mixed reviews. Some people get their stuff some don't.

              Im gonna just roll the dice. With a CC u can just do a chargeback. Will probably need to video myself opening the box.

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    A scam site that still has the audacity to price a GPU card at such high price?

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      Maybe wanted to sound "legit" ;)

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      lol… what 3080 is below $1700 nowadays?

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      To be fair GST won't be charged as the item won't be entering the country.

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        Why? Do they have to Covid-19 test these GPU cards before entering the country?

        • Did you get charged GST?

          • @mwalks: Yup, contributed my fair share of tax. All up cost with delivery comes to around $2030 per card

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    Have had a terrible experience with Techinn while buying a SSD about six months back. The product was never shipped, and I ended up going through a painful chargeback process, in which Techinn's support was laughable. Would not recommend buying from them.

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    Awful experience with this seller, they kept my money for ages without shipping anything. Had to chargeback.

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    scam site

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    Ordered some parts for my shaver from this site… Came in 2 weeks.

  • Get your scam on.

  • Just some quick maths, all rounded and in AUD

    Item = $1755.99
    Shipping DHL = $61.99
    5% Duty of item (5% x 1755.99) = $87.80
    10% GST of the item + 5% duty + shipping (+ any transport insurance) = $190.58
    Customs entry document flat fee - $80~
    Broker/shipper flat fee - $70~

    Landed cost is $2246.36 for 1 pc

    Duty fee can be waived if certificate of origin is supplied and Australia has a free trade agreement with the exporting country

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    Scam site

  • yeah nah

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    lol imagine thinking there is something wrong with holding out when waiting has no negative effect.

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      lol imagine holding out for so long only to see other people who jumped in on day one see their GPU's rocket over 50% in the used market (not even including mining profits)

      salty salty

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