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Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine (Black Truffle) $361 + Delivery / C&C @ The Good Guys Commercial (Membership Required)


Yes, not the best price I've seen for this model ($319ish a year ago?) but still pretty good considering it's retailing around $509+
Lots of good features like pre-infusion, automatic milk steaming (temp & texture), auto purge, back flush, 3 sec heat up time, etc.
At this price, it's a good unit to start out with and explore home coffee.
I've bought myself a 54mm single wall (non pressurised) double basket to use instead of the included pressurised double wall baskets.

Pair it up with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro ($216 @ TGGC) and you've got a decent set up (I've gone with Baratza Sette 270).
The Bambino Plus is a capable unit, allowing you flexibility of choice for grinders.

Happy lockdown!

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    Forum post for different ways to get access to Good Guys Commercial (some paid, some free): https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/437362
    If anyone in your family has a senior's card, they will be able to join Senior Shopper for free.

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      If signing up for Senior Shopper, be sure to select the Australian one, as the US one will come up when searching in Google.

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    great machine, the auto milk texturing works well too.

    now im just waiting for the grinder to go down a bit more and wait for breville to restock the unpressurized basket.

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      If you're also after bottomless portafilter, they normally include a double-shot unpressurised basket. This is one I got from an Australian based seller: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/384092940625

      • this looks like a good value and good way to learn how to pull a good extraction

      • Hmm. From Shenzen, China. I ended up ordering one from amazon US along with some other stuff to hit the $49 prime free shipping threshold. Looking forward to running some shots with a naked portafilter & single wall basket.

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      • thanks, that pesado one is crazy pricey for a basket 0_0"

        • Pesado one is in truth probably three times better, however, your coffee will not taste three times better because of it.

      • Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I downloaded the instruction manual for the Breville Bambino Plus, and it says that single wall filter baskets (1 cup & 2 cup) and dual wall filter baskets (1 cup & 2 cup) are included in the box? If so, why would I need to buy the Filter 2 Cup Single Wall as in the link separately?

        • Not in Aus. Only US and UK/EU. But it's cheap around $20 including postage directly from breville.

          • @tman2020: Ah, i see. Thanks for clearing that up for me. What else is not included in the AUS market? Is there like a list or something…

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              @soul: All the rest is the same I think

    • I find the auto milk texturing completely hit and miss. Some days it works, other days its too much foam, other days its just warmed up milk. I only use it in manual mode now.

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        That's weird. Do you use the little tool underneath the water tank to give the holes a really good clean? They are quite temperamental so even though it looks as though all of them are unblocked one or two of them might not be quite right.

        Personally I find the auto milk wand the best thing about the machine.

      • +1

        keep the sensor clean and DRY, make sure there is good contact with the jug and just alway go with the 2nd form setting.

        the texture isnt perfect, there are still too much large bubbles for my liking and youre right about it not being 100% consistent but its really great for auto feature in such a cheap machine and i get decent to good texture everytime.

        im trying to go manual too and learn some latte arts but at this stage the auto machine beats me xD

        • took me a while to be able to do latte art, really enjoyed the process. I have a few friends who went ahead with the barrista express, gave up and went back to nespresso because they cant get the milk texture right.

          • @blackpizza: i was a nespresso guy back then too, the aerocinno was not all that good…. it produces wayyyy to much form and cleaning it aftet every used was NOT fun!

            i assume your friend went back to thr higher tier model of nespresso with actual steam wand? dont rly know how that performs.

          • @blackpizza: lol, you don't taste art. i have a higher end breville espresso machine and a high end nespresso machine. i use both depending if i have time to make coffee or not.
            nothing beats freshly roasted whole beans that you use within a week and grind them seconds before you brew it.
            i know that inside those nespresso capsules are already stale in comparison, but i just use it if i am in a hurry.

    • Found this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com.au/NEOUZA-Bottomless-Portafilter-Dist...
      16.99 with free delivery w/ Prime

      • Okay but if the basket is designed for a bottomless portafilter it *might be deeper than the standard 2-shot basket and not fit in the standard portafilter.


  • Whats pre-infusing mean?

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      Instead of running water through the coffee puck at full pressure immediately, it will do up to 10 seconds at a lower pressure before ramping up.
      I believe one reason it's considered a good feature is that channels are less likely to form if the puck has been allowed to get saturated with water before the full pressure hits.

  • This espresso machine is highly recommend. I’ve tried a few over the years and this one makes a decent coffee and worth the money. I’ll give the bottomless / unpressurised basket a go and see if there’s a difference.

    • After changing to these baskets it significantly improved the quality of my bambino's coffees

    • +1

      The bottomless portafilter won't make much of a difference apart from maybe observing if any channeling occurs during extraction and them making the necessary corrections to tamping.

      The un-pressurised or single wall in Breville speak basket makes a huge difference but only if grinding your fresh coffee at home.

      The smart grinder price on tgg commercial is probably the cheapest one will find these days. I think breville increased the price this year and doubt we will see pre covid prices anytime soon.

    • how about Sunbeam EM7000 (https://www.sunbeam.com.au/kitchen-and-home/coffee/espresso-...) compared to this one . ignore the inflated price in the link

  • Great machine. Got it a year ago on the deal and still going strong.

  • Has anybody compared the Bambino against the Dual Boiler (BES920)? My dual boiler is getting towards the end of it's life and I'll be looking for a replacement in the next year or two

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      From what I've read the main difference in quality of shot will due to the different size baskets. The Bambino Plus has a smaller 54mm basket where as the Dual Boiler has a 58mm one. The 58mm one is not as consistent (need to ensure you have the grind dialled in more and the tamp right) but apparently produces better shots. I can't really tell you as I've only ever owned the Bambino Plus and since getting the non-pressurised basket (see above) I'm getting lattes as good as I got from the best cafes.

      • Yep I was considering a compact machine to replace my ageing dual boiler too but it seems a 58mm basket is the key to good coffee.
        I just serviced my dual boiler and it keeps going and going. It would be nice to find a 58mm compact machine to minimise bench space though?

        • +1

          I would say that saying a 58mm basket being "the key" to good coffee is massively over stretching it. You will find some subjective opinions on it out there but I've yet to see some blind tests done on it in the same way loads of other blinds tests are done on things like temperature, grind, tamp pressure etc. My thoughts would be that it would be marginal gains.

      • Which non-pressurised basket did you?

    • Unless bench space and price is an issue the dual boiler is a better machine on many levels. You will not find a dual boiler at that price anywhere and the next equivalent will cost significantly more. But for what the bambino+ offers at this price point its a fantastic little coffee maker.

    • as many people say, dual boiler should be able to produce better coffee. how much better? i'm not sure, i've never used one. however i've got a bambino plus i'm very satisfied with the coffee that it produces and don't think coffees im being served at cafes are any better. i believe taste is HIGHLY subjective and a personal thing (and i think im not sensitive to notice (fortunately)).

      i considered getting dual boiler but chose not to because as many people have already mentioned and the most obvious reason: bench space. I also don't think that i would trade for the dual boiler either simply due to convenience: fast start up time and auto-milk frother. a lot of people don't realise the dualboiler (and a lot of other espresso machines) takes 10-20min to warm up (can be fine depending on your routine). with the bambino, you just need to run empty shots few times to warm up grouphead. i warm up the grouphead under hot water from the tap and catch 'unused' water in kettle or in a jug for doggo water bowl, watering plants or splashing unmasked people in public with a jugful of water.

      would be interested to see if any dual boiler owners have happily transitioned to a bambino+. i almost passed on the bambino because it was touted by many cafes/roasters and i so i was skeptical thinking it was just upsale tactics.

      also, from another post https://promotions.breville.com.au/fathers-day-bonus-july-20... (some free beans promo, valued at about $48/kg from coffee beans supplier)

    • the bambino is a downgrade to the dual boiler, if you are used to make coffee with the db. bambino used a thermoblock to heat water which is super convenient but water temperature might not be as steady as the boiler. Also the DB can steam milk and extract coffee at the same time via separate boiler while the bambino can't.
      I don't see the basket size would be a huge issue. A 54mm would work fine. 58mm means you can get better quality after market basket possibly with different larger doses, such as 18g - 21g, etc.
      The upside of the bambino is it can auto froth your milk and it generally does a good job judging by many reviews; you can set up how many forms and how hot the milk you want. And the machine heats up in seconds thanks to the thermoblock. And its small size could be beneficial if you want to free up some space.
      Ultimately the dual boiler and the bambino are very different machine targeting different audience. If you just want a coffee quick and easy the bambino is pretty good, but if you want to upgrade from the dual boiler you can look at some Italian made machines that offer lots of stuff to make the extraction perfect.

  • +1

    Got mine for about $290 in 2019 from Amazon after Breville cashback. Those were the days!!! I love it and it's definitely worth $361.

  • This one or the infuser, how important is a pressure gauge for a beginner barista

    • +1

      Pressure gauge pretty much irrelevant, particularly if you are weighing and timing output.

      • -1

        I would say the reverse is true and weighing is irrelevant if you are measuring extraction pressure at about 9 bar?

        • +1

          Domestic machines have pretty unreliable pressure guages and 9 bar pressure being the universal requirement for most beans is felt to be less true now, 6-8 bar better for many. If you are getting your ideal output, ie. 1:2 or 1:2.2, in reasonable timeframe of somewhere between 25 and 40 seconds (depending if you count pre-infusion) I don't think what is shown on pressure gauge matters much IMHO.

        • If your process is established, you distribute neat, tamper right, but your grinder is inconsistent in dosing (and most of them are), what the gauge does is it tells you that you're brewing slightly too much/too little coffee.

          You can't do anything with that information, because you don't weigh your beans and the grinder is going to give 10-15% different amount next time anyway.

          • @pizzaguy: What if the gauge says 9 bar every time? Doesn’t that mean your grind is spot on?

            • @JTTheMan: basically if it tastes good at your preferred output weight then your grind is good, many people otherwise find weight/time to be a more reliable guide than a pressure gauge.

              • @blues99: I find it tastes very good when the pressure is 9 bar, and I get that when I set the grind size and amount for a particular bean. I find I have to make the grind more fine as the bean gets further from roast date and use the pressure gauge as a guide. I think it would get way too complicated with weighing the coffee but I’m not game enough to try!

                • @JTTheMan: ultimately whatever method works for you with the least fuss is best!

            • @JTTheMan: What about the extraction time? Is 9 bar the maximum? My Bartista Express's doses of the same beans vary 10-15% each time, the amout of water on the programmed settings vary too. My tamping might be also pretty inconsistent. Oh well.

              • @pizzaguy: I set the extraction time at 30sec so that is constant. I assume at a consistent 9 bar extraction pressure the shot is pretty constant too. At least the crema and taste are the same and once the grind is set it is pretty much automatic which is very easy. I can't imagine introducing a scale and adding more steps, the quick morning coffee will take too long?

                • @JTTheMan: Then I'd expect the amount of brew you get is not too consistent, is it?

                  Otherwise you must be using some largely forgiving beans - share the brand and settings in that case!

                  • @pizzaguy: It looks and tastes consistent to me?
                    I use the same bean from the same roast date every time so I guess that helps with consistency.

                    I use the Campos Superior blend from the latest roast batch. I usually buy 500g 2 days after roast and brew it from day 3 to day 16 before the bag runs out. Sometimes I grind at a notch or two finer at the end of the beans to keep the extraction at close to 9bar.

                    I set my Breville Smart Grinder Pro at the same espresso level (4 I think?) and grind time at 20.4sec.

                    A 30 sec extraction setting seems to keep the shot at a consistent volume? (Breville Dual Boiler).

                    So basically I buy the same beans at the same roast time, set the grinder settings and the boiler settings the same. When these are constant it becomes just the push of a button.

                    • @JTTheMan:

                      Breville Smart Grinder Pro

                      Oh what. I thought you're using the built-in grinder and advocating for "just watch the gauge" way. SGP is consistent in its dosage, from what I heard.

                      Amount of coffee is consistent (not thanks to the built-in grinder!), you keep the time consisntent, the pressure - you say - is consistent. Sounds like the flow should be too.

                      • +1

                        @pizzaguy: Yes, sorry I never said I was using the Barista Express as this thread started about the Bambino plus and someone mentioned the Infuser.
                        This is why it's hard for me to stop using the Dual Boiler with Smart Grinder combo. It works well and simple too!

                        There is no better compact replacement that takes up less bench space. The only next step is to go with more expensive more pro level machines.

    • my general rule of thumb is to keep it simple as a beginner.

      • Which means you recommend having a gauge to make adjusting simpler or not getting one with a gauge to make it look simpler?

        • +1

          the gauge would be a distraction, you dont really need it, just start simple and go by taste and look of the shot only

          • @PuntyBrah: You surely don't need it, if you adhere to the (not simple) rules, steps, factors.

            You may need it if you want to be somewhat accurate without all the weighing, distributing, timing etc.

  • Good deal, wish I qualified for GG commercial id snap one up!

    • you a member of a union? or your partner? If so go through Union Shopper to get TGGC

      • Ended up getting one via the senior shoppers!

  • +6

    I would go out and say this is probably the best value no fuss consumer coffee machine on the market.

    Built in PID
    3 second heat up time
    Auto milk frothing

    Flimsy drip tray with not much volume
    Only comes with pressurised basket.
    Portafilter doesn't split shots evenly using a non-pressurised basket
    Spits water before steaming
    Drips water onto counter from drip tray

    • The small drip tray - hardly get's used though. Previous Breville machines seemed to purge a lot. I think I could make 20 coffees on this one before the drip tray filled up.
      (I might go do an experiment).

      • +2

        20? i can barely make 3 without having to empty it.
        It purges both the back flush and the wand into this.

        • I have always purged steam wand into the jug as part of my process without really thinking about it. So I was compared just the internal purge of this, specifically to the Due Temp Pro.

          My biggest gripe would be "Only comes with pressurised basket". Doesn't make sense given this machine works so much better with the standard basket. Previous cheaper Brevilles have come with both options.

      • agree with all pros/cons listed by dasher86, but would also note that most cons aren't that bad at all.

        the drip tray is noticeably small and shallow. i thought it would be annoying when first taking it out of the box. however i find it to be fine because the plastic and edge is smooth such that i just rinse with hot tap water. i do this every other day. (~6-8 coffees?). probably good thing.. forces you to wash it out regularly.

        steam wand autopurges.. this can be messy, and so i purge into the milk jug instead of the drip trap before rising the jug. wipe-purge-wipe, rinse jug.

        • The small drip tray really becomes noticeable when running a cleaning cycle…

          I also found the steam wand purging to be quite messy so I end up using my towel to wrap around the wand so it doesn't splutter everywhere.

  • I've been looking at this machine for my parents after their current machine stopped working. How would this compare to the Sunbeam EM7100? Is the EM7100 available via The Good guys Commercial?

    • Just the EM7000 is on TGGC, $628

      • ok thanks

  • Just so everyone here is aware, if you buy anything now expect it to be stuck in pending until lockdown has been lifted. Apparently they can't ship out items from local stores as they're already closed. So in summary expect long delays depending on what region you're located in.

    • Click and collect should be available. Well it was late last week when I picked up an item from a Sydney store but picked up from the back of the store where they have a warehouse or something (Caringbah store).

    • ordered one of these last week and it arrived next day (Blue mountains NSW from Penrith store)

    • +2

      What state are you in? Ordered yesterday, and has now been picked up by AusPost. Should arrive later this week.

      Also, the Filter 2 Cup Single Wall is back in stock: https://www.breville.com/au/en/parts-accessories/parts/sp000...

      • ACT is in lockdown and all stores are apparently closed now :(

        • Ahh that sucks. Hope it's not for too much longer.

      • Already sold out, crazy how fast they go.

        • Yea tends to come and pretty quickly. I ended up buying the BES860/11.4 from https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/171653076208, which is supposedly the same item as the SP0001520 according to this link: https://www.ewingelectrical.com.au/product-page/breville-bes...

          Guess I'll find out when it arrives. Looks like the seller on ebay is dripping them in — I bought the last one yesterday and has restocked one again today. Use your Ebay Plus coupon for the month if you have one for a $5 discount.

          • @johnode: SP0001520 Wasn’t available when I needed on Breville. I bought https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/54-mm-Filter-Basket-for-Coffee-M... on eBay. It arrived today and doesn’t fit bambino plus. When I push it it seems to be stopped by the plastic inner part. I compared the shapes of the original dual wall one and this one, the original one seems to get narrower towards the bottom.

            Any ideas ?

            • +1

              @mrTT: I'm new to the Bambino Plus as well, but I think some people take out the plastic insert in the provided Bambino portafilter to fit in a different filter basket.

              Or you could maybe buy a bottomless portafilter?

              I think you can order the SP0001520 again:

              I ordered it on Sun 19 Sep, Breville shipped it on Tue 21 Sep and I received it on Thu 23 Sep (in Sydney) if that helps?

              • @wutang01: Thanks. I removed the plastic inside. Its ok now.

  • Great machine, so glad to have this in lockdown.

  • +6

    I ordered this last week, and can confirm the Breville 'free beans + online course' promotion still works for commercial orders. My free month of beans is on the way!


    Additional savings!

    • +1

      Yep i ordered one of these last week and my 4x 250g of coffee arrived today along with the slip for 20% off Veneziano coffee and the masterdemo class details.

      Managed to get my gift approved with just the invoice/order confirmation from TGG, no serial number required

      • Nice. I filled out the form about a week ago and haven't heard anything from them, not even a confirmation email. Did you hear from them or did it just show up in the mail?

        • I got a "gift approved" email on the day and then got notification of a Startrack package a couple of days later on my aus post app. I think you should be able to log in to the Breville site and see the status - it's a Salesforce site so there should be a request in there somewhere with a status.

          edit: try this link… it should show an order for "whole bean"


          • @DJR9000: Thank you! It says 'processing' so hopefully it's changes to complete soon

    • Man, ordered this end of July, not eligible for the promotion :(

      • Try your luck dude, some times they allow it.

    • thx mate had no clue about this!

  • How good is the Baratza OP !! I've had mine about a year and love it. Replaced my Breville with it. I have it paired with Delonghi Dedica with unpressurised basket and get great results.

    • Is the baratza very noisy in your experience? I've read reviews suggesting it is.

      • +1

        Its very noisy indeed. Assuming we're talking about the settee. It grinds super faster tho. (18g in 3-4 seconds) But very fxcking noisy.

        • +1

          Yep the sette. I think 3-4 sec early morning fxcking noise will be enough to unleash the wrath of she who rules the house.

  • great machine for the price, bought one last week and got the promotion offer of 4x250g beans for free delivered today.

  • I have my fingers crossed for a Father’s Day special and normal TGG store

    • just sign up with sunsuper or something … not hard to get a tgg commercial account. I signed up with sunsuper and tgg commercial account on the same day… took maybe 10 mins of filling in forms.

      • I did started the process and it said it may take 4-5 business days. :(

        • +1

          Mine came thru on the same day even though it said that.

          • +1

            @DJR9000: I hope mine will be the same. I really want a new coffee machine got stuck thinking BES920 (no deal lately) EM7000 or bambino.

        • +1

          $361 is the normal price on TGGC, so this price should still be available by the time your account is ready.

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