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Bread Proofing Basket Set - $22.78 + Delivery (Free with Prime & $49 Spend) @ Amazon US via AU


If you can take advantage of the Prime $49 minimum spend, this is great price for a bread baking kit which includes two round banneton baskets, wooden handled utensils and a nice firm steel scraper. Have had mine delivered and found they are the same quality as other bannetons which cost almost 2wice the price. Delivery took about a month and comes in loose packaging (no gift box).

For anyone in lockdown wanting to have a crack at making artisan style bread and looking for a good starting point, try out this very simple method on the You Tube link below. No need for any fancy equipment or complicated sourdough starter prep.
1 DOUGH 3 LOAVES | The Easiest (Actually Good) Bread You Can Make

Pro tips,
- the dutch oven can be substituted for any oven safe vessel like a large casserole dish or a cheaper cast iron camp oven which i use.
- use less water in the recipe (~230g) to make the dough much easier to handle.
- transfer the dough from proofing basket onto some baking paper first and then place it safely into the preheated dutch oven.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Show's FREE delivery: Friday, 10 Sep on Prime International orders over $49.00 for me and adds delivery as broken down here:

    Items: $22.78
    Delivery: $24.32
    Order Total: $47.10

    How did you get free delivery? I'm a logged in Prime subscriber.

    • Free with Prime & $49 Spend

      • Oh, there's AND, not OR.

  • Try no knead bread recipes. Very very easy. Flour, salt, year, water.

    • Good luck with better/healthier recipes like sourdough and freshly milled flour…

      • No knead is easy with sourdough. Actually making some with my 6month old starter tonight. Just a lot of stretching required over a 2 hour period.

        • No knead is easy with sourdough…Just a lot of stretching required over a 2 hour period.

          Kinda negates the easy doesn't it if a lot of stretching is required over 2 hours?

        • got any recipe links?

        • Stretch and fold is a kneading technique…. lols

          • @bargainshooter: Kneading is pressing/squeezing, stretch and fold is quite the opposite.

            The outcome is different, unless your dough is not up to scratch to start with.

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              @pizzaguy: Sure - but semantics - no knead recipes with yeast require neither - just a quick mix.

    • Yeah I do this (no knead) with the method that the OP linked to (preheated Dutch oven with baking paper). Works really well, the bread is always crunchy and moist on the inside. And seems to stay moist for a couple of days. I go high on the water as that adds lift due to the steaming of the water.

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    Thanks OP would jump on this but I've been banned from starting any more lockdown projects :(

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      Want to hear some stories of previous projects 🙂

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        So far I've…

        • Put together a home gym and started lifting weights
        • Restored a set of 6 designer chairs I found in hard rubbish
        • Put together a raised garden bed and gotten it ready for planting come Spring
        • Started a debate club with some mates (trivia gets old)
        • Lots of different cooking projects. Just finished making my own bacon. Floated the idea of getting a bar fridge so I could really go down the curing meats rabbithole but was immediately shut down by my partner :(

        There's more that I'm probably forgetting

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          You haven't brewed your own beer yet? Clearly priorities… :)

          • @bargainshooter: Haha I've thought about it but I'm not a huge drinker. I did buy myself a fancy stainless steel growler though, it has a tap and uses a CO2 cartridge to keep the beer carbonated. It's part of my daydream of throwing the ultimate pizza nights with mates, it will go a treat with my Ooni Koda pizza oven which I haven't purchased yet but that the other half has already pre-approved. If only the outdoor projection screen I bought a year ago fit in the backyard of my new place 😂

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          Started a debate club

          Oh no you haven't….

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            @SBOB: I can see how you might think that but if you look at the facts of the matter you'll see that I actually have.

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              @Cheaplikethebird: Oh I'm sorry, is a 5 minute debate or a full half hour?

              (Monty python sketch reference)