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Baseus PD 100W USB Type C Car Charger Quick Charging $30.79 (RRP $34.99) Delivered/C&C @ baseus_officialstore_au eBay


For 12-24V Mainstream Car Models

Mini appearance
Compact and exquisite, space-saving in the car.

100W high power
Truly 100W output allows laptops, tablets and phones to be fast-charged.

BPS Il charging technology
Upgraded BPS Il technology supports the fast charging of both charging ports.

Support multiple fast charge protocols
This charger is compatible with PPS, PD3.O, QC4+, QC3.O, SCP, FCP, AFC and more protocols for fast charging various devices.

Gold plated contacts
Gold plated contacts reduce resistance and improve sensitivity.

Digital display, smart detection
Cyclic display of battery voltage, output voltage and output power and real-time monitoring ensure safer driving.

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    no VOOC support?

    • +4

      We don't use transformers now. We use DC-DC converters.

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      I have the 65W version, and it does both step up and step down.
      You can even see the two coils in their pictures.

      The 100W should likely be same but I don't have one to confirm.

      Their lower Wattage counterparts (I believe it was the 45W version) was only step down.

      I use these with my drill batteries and whatever else I've adapted to keep things charged on the go.

    • +7

      Weeeellllll, this is awkward Tukanglistrik. I LITERALLY just received one today that I ordered last week, and have just seen this thread. I was out in the caravan testing mine half an hour ago, as I had similar doubts as well, as the info on the Baseus website is a little vague.

      I have a 6-core 15" Intel MacBook Pro (so fairly thirsty) that a Lenovo laptop brick style 12V USB-C charger simply wouldn't agree with, would start to charge then cut out every 30 seconds. Took a stab on this one at a much lower price, and can confirm it is happily charging my MBP at 20V and 87.1W, which is EXACTLY what the genuine Apple 240v wall charger is rated for, so I don't doubt the unit would go slighter higher to 100W if you used a higher draw item on it.

      When ordering I didn't realise it had a display, I was too bogged down in trying to figure out if it will output 20V from a 12V source. Can confirm the display alternates between showing the source (car/caravan battery) voltage, then shows the voltage it is outputting through the upper USB-C point, then rolls to the Wattage, then it shows the same two items for the lower USB 2 point.

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        Hmm maybe this is a new version that has step up. I have the Baseus 65W version and a few other models and brands and they can't even charge my Lenovo at 45W (20V 2.25A). The product page for those chargers say clearly that 20V charging only works on cars with 24V battery.

        • +1

          I must admit, going off the wording on their website I half expected exactly the same on a 12V system. It is quite unclear. All I really wanted was something that charged without constantly cutting out, even if slower than the 240V wall plug, but this seems to be doing one better and hitting the correct power levels. Better than I expected.

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    100 watts out of a cigarette lighter - some are rated for 120 watts (12v/10A), however I'd be keeping a close eye (?) on the temperature if you plugged in a PD laptop…

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      Or a bigger car fuse will fix this just keep a close eye of your car wiring temperature if you plugged in a PD laptop

  • There is an option of iPhone cable, is it usb-c to lightning? is it MFI?

    • MFI is a scam. Go to Apple store and pay $70 if you want to see that logo.
      This has a usb c and even a blind man can spot it. It’s PD and compatible with iPhone.
      Don’t read this comment with an angry tone, I am totally cool.

      • Without MFI, the cable will fail in couple of months.

        • MFI means they have to pay Apple for a crap lightning cable. It doesn't mean better or worse quality.
          MFI makes a $5 cable cost $17-30.
          I have used both non mfi and mfi cables from Baseus and ugreen for years had no problem. They are the same quality if not better. Actually I would say non mfi better quality because they don't have to pay anyone and can make the cable from better quality materials and still 50-60% cheaper.
          If you buy non mfi from unknown brands then you can expect shit quality and error messages. But Baseus is top of the line and known for their high quality.

          • @Mi2: if the cable isn't mfi, that means it hacked the apple chip to achieve the same function as mfi cable does. iPhone has a backend thread which checks the cable, it will disable its function when it detects a non-mfi cable. That's why non mfi cable usually can't charge after couples of months.

            • @paddywide: As scotty Kilmer always say "You can't fix stupid".

  • Smokin'!

  • Curious to know how reliable are the Baseus car chargers?

  • Are they good quality? Seems too cheap

    • +3

      I literally received one about an hour ago that I ordered last week. Seems well made. I have also bought other Baseus stuff in the past and found them well made. Just been testing it out in the caravan and it is happily pumping out 87.1W at 20V to charge my MacBook Pro, which is exactly the same as the genuine Apple 240V wall charger.

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    I just got 1 for $30.79 (without eBay plus) they have a 12% off deal at the moment by the looks of it, was free shipping also.
    Guess we'll see if it charges my 2020 MacBook Pro.

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    You can stack this code with these 10-12% off promotion codes https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/643975

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    I have the Baseus 65W charger that looks identical to this one and can confirm that it charges my Dell XPS 15 laptop on my 12V
    (not 24V) solar system. I do remember Baseus advertising a 45W USB-C PD car charger and the fine print stated "45W PD power can only be realised when connected to a 24V system, large trucks"!! I've never had any issues with my two 65W Baseus chargers.

    • Same, my 65W charger will charge my Surface Pro 7 no issues.

  • Has anyone tested this one out if it can indeed output 100w from 12V source?

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