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Board Games Closing Sale (Brass Birmingham $88.49, Dominion $57.59, Resistance Avalon $26.79) @Board Geeks


Hey everyone,

Unfortunately, we are closing down, the pandemic has made business hard, from many aspects including price and procurement. We're trying to sell off our remaining stock, and everythings priced pretty much at cost. Please find some prices listed below.

$76.19 Gen 7: A Crossroads Game 52% Off
$88.89 Catan 25th Anniversary Edition 44% Off
$23.69 The Resistance (Third Edition) 41% Off
$47.59 Azul: Summer Pavilion 40% Off
$26.79 Codenames: Deep Undercover 40% Off
$24.59 Cards Against Humanity Absurd Edition 39% Off
$18.59 5 Second Rule 38% Off
$37.29 Catan (5th Edition): Legend of the Sea Robbers Expansion 38% Off
$88.49 Brass: Birmingham 37% Off
$94.69 Maracaibo 37% Off
$107.09 Tapestry 37% Off
$94.69 Black Angel 37% Off
$25.59 Taboo 36% Off
$44.79 Forbidden Sky 36% Off
$51.49 Inis: Seasons of Inis 36% Off
$63.79 Damaged 7 Wonders: New Edition 36% Off
$63.79 Forum Trajanum 36% Off
$69.99 Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein 36% Off
$54.59 Pandemic: The Cure - Experimental Meds 36% Off
$51.49 Pandemic: Rising Tide 36% Off
$63.79 A Game Of Thrones: The Board Game (Second Edition) 36% Off
$63.79 7 Wonders 36% Off
$45.29 Smash Up: Marvel 35% Off
$45.29 Century: Eastern Wonders 35% Off
$42.19 Curious Cargo 35% Off
$39.09 Unlock! Star Wars 35% Off
$48.39 Caverna: The Forgotten Folk Expansion 35% Off
$14.39 The Plot Thickens: The Resistance Expansion 35% Off
$45.29 Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr 35% Off
$39.09 Carcassonne 35% Off
$45.29 Pandemic: In the Lab 35% Off
$45.29 Dead Of Winter: Warring Colonies 35% Off
$45.29 Arkham Horror: The Card Game 35% Off
$29.89 War Chest: Nobility 34% Off
$42.89 Gloomhaven: Forgotten Circles 34% Off
$29.89 Scythe: Modular Board 34% Off
$32.89 One Night Ultimate Werewolf 34% Off
$32.89 One Night Ultimate Super Villains 34% Off

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      why downvote him? op has claimed “pretty much everything is at cost” and he’s been called out as gamesmen notorious overpricers has it cheaper…

      op would be wise to answer properly rather than a sarcastic thanks

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        How do you know it’s a sarcastic thanks? Do you have a special internet sarcasm detector?

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        It seemed like a genuine thanks at the time, they pulled it out of the title and replaced it with Brass Birmingham which happened to be the cheapest around I could find.

        If OP is going out of business he has nothing to gain by sarcasm.
        Btw who downvoted who? When OP replied, they weren't the one to downvote me.

    • no stock there…

      • You do realise you're replying to a comment 2 days later? That's as pointless as saying some of OPs stock is no longer available. It's what happens when people buy things, stock goes down.

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    If that's the cost price, No point trying to run a BG business these days I guess. Amazon etc would kill you.

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      Yea Carcassonne shipped is cheaper if prime member. ouch.

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        Yeah this is unfortunate, but if delivery time is better i'd happily pay the extra few $ to support an Aussie company and not Amazon.

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          I doubt they can beat tomorrow. And they're only close in price because they're closing down and "selling at cost".

    • -17

      it’s obviously not, see above, op is bullshitting to flog stock

      no company does 1 sale immediately at cost price. you start with tempting deals then you gradually further discount what doesn’t sell

      they’re an online business as well so he could take the stock to his garage and sell it slowly too

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        I drive past a carpet store that's been closing down for 5 years!

        • +2

          It's either same store I drive past or that's how you sell carpets now a days

          • +1

            @nfusion: I swear I have a carpet store around me that has been closing down for 5 years too… must be the magic (carpet) number…

      • -2

        Great advice. If you could just manage to get a handle on basic grammar, I reckon you might have what it takes to be one of the greatest businessmen of all time.

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      As another retailer - I can confirm the prices are pretty much what you pay for from distributors.

  • Out of curiosity, did you try selling your business rather than liquidating?

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      Yea, surely other small local businesses might be interested.

    • Probably get what maybe a fraction of worth in stock at best. Who would pay a premium for brand name etc on an online business without a proprietary system or asset.

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        Somebody who didn't want to spend a few hundred hours setting up their own sites and systems?

        • -2

          who would buy a board game shop in this climate?

          • +12

            @ltwo: Isn't lockdown the perfect climate for buying board games?

            • @donga100: board games yes, getting into a business selling board games not so much.

        • +10

          Not as straight forward as taking over a store and running it. There's a reason they are closing down, pandemic might be the straw that broke the camels back but ultimately any economic shock could have had a similar impact.

          When you buy the business, you're buying the good and the bad. In this case (and based on the feedback on cost pricing mentioned here) these guys ran a fairly low margin business where they were getting squeezed on pricing by bigger stores already. Buying their business will most likely (if not certainly) include buying most of this low margin stock as well.

          If you think you can source it cheaper yourself, there's not much incentive to overpay for expensive stock just to get a store/domain name.

          No disrespect intended to the owners and wish them all the best.

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      Search OZB for them, they've been around few years.

      Mates have ordered stuff fine from them.

      • +1

        I'm genuinely surprised, why no mention of ABN or business address?

        • +9


          I hadn't realised we omitted the ABN on the website.

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            @Alzo17: Not registered for gst? You guys haven't made $75000 in revenue in a year?

            Sorry to see you go, I'll see if I can grab a few board games for Xmas pressies

        • +1

          Bit weird not on the site, but with a bit of googling i got:
          ABN 23 843 512 868

    • +22

      Oh we opened in 2018. If you find our facebook page we've been active since then. https://www.facebook.com/BoardGeeksAus
      Although yes it is a generic shopify template. Pickup is a residential area as we're an online only store (with no storefront, hence we weren't comfortable just putting the address public).

      • +5

        no problem, and my apologies, i stand corrected. Thankyou for the explanation

      • +3

        sorry removed your address from my comment :)

  • Oh for real, just put in all my details, and Carcassonne goes OUT OF STOCK..

    Must have only had 1 copy I guess.

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    Any suggestions for 2 player games?

    Me and my partner enjoy Monopoly Deal but it's getting a bit stale. After "quick" games, so say 20-30mins max?

    • +5

      Hive pocket, codenames duet, Smash-up marvel, Dominion are my favourites, they're quick, but the genres are a bit different.

      • +3

        Hive is great underrated game, easy to start cause can start with reduced types of unit, but then can get very complex. rules are very quick to explain. love it

    • +1

      Love letter is great for those times you only have 5-10 mins, and extremely portable.
      I've enjoyed patchwork, which is a 2-player exclusive game. Shouldn't take too long unless you ponder those decisions for really long time…
      I've heard that Disney Villanous is great at 2 players, but am yet to try it myself. Not sure, might run longer than 30mins though?
      *I also play a bunch of games as 2-player with my wife, when the games aren't designed for that: Catan, logo board game, articulate, munchkin, codenames, zombicide…

      • +2

        Villianous takes a bit. But it's awesome for 2 ppl.

        The Crew is a good quick repayable card game.

    • +6

      I have a few recommendations - all games should take 20-30 minutes max once learnt. First suggestion is highly rated - lesser known. Next two suggestions are more popular choices.

      1. Hanamikoji. Priced at around $30. My personal recommendation. Beautiful artwork. Goal of the game is to earn the "favours" of the 7 Geishas. You win the game by earning the majority of the favours - 4 out of the 7 Geishas, but if the opponent earns enough favours from high value Geishas, they will steal the victory from you. Easiest one to learn out of the three options.

      2. Patchwork. Priced at around $40. Goal of the game is to make a quilt with tetris like pieces. You will inevitably have holes in your quilt and require "patches" to patch them up along the way. The winner scores the most points from the resources they have left over at the end of the game, but beware of the penalties you receive for each hole in your quilt.

      3. 7 Wonders Duel. Priced at around $40. Goal of the game is to score the most points through the various ways of developing your civilisation - science, war, "wonders" and more. The winner is the one who has the most points at the end of the game, but be careful of your opponent immediately winning the game through war or scientific research. This takes the longest to learn and is most strategic, but you can play an online version of this game for free - https://sevenee.mattle.online/lobby/rooms

    • +1

      Lost cities, Santorini, Fugitive

    • Patchwork, 7 wonders Duel, Mr Jack Pocket are my go to "light" 2 player games. I'm also a bit fan of race for the galaxy (quite a bit heavier) and res arcana (more along the 30 min to 1 hour timeframe). Hive (and hive pocket) are also good but can be a bit of an acquired taste in the same way Chess is.

  • +6

    shame. sorry to hear, but thanks for giving it a crack. always want to support local business!

    • +19

      Cant wait for the end of lockdowns, just need people to obey the rules and go get vaccinated first.

          • +8

            @Miss B: Ahem. OK, here's what we've got: the Rand Corporation — in conjunction with the saucer people — under the supervision of the reverse vampires; no, I've said too much already.

            • +1

              @Daabido: This is the best thing I’ve read in ages.

              Time to do some research! (/s)

  • +4

    sorry to hear mate

  • +5

    man i can't handle the prices of board games in australia…

  • +4

    Sorry about the business OP :/

    Dominion is outstanding. I quite like the physical version since it's fun to play cards but the online version is great for lockdown: https://dominion.games. The base game is f2p and you can try the expansions for a few bucks a month.

    Highly recommended if you like deck building, engine building/combos and racing for victory points. The attack cards also add a decent amount of interaction.

    I prefer player counts up to 3 for less downtime between turns (but 4 is still fine if your group doesn't have AP). 5-6 takes too long between turns imo.

    • +2

      The base game is f2p and you can try the expansions for a few bucks a month.

      Gateway board game.

  • +1

    @Alzo17: I've purchased more board games in the last 4 months than I ever have.

  • +1

    Sorry to hear,
    good luck OP

  • +10

    Sorry about your business - I buy a lot of board games and I try to support local when I can, I don't mind paying a few bucks extra but when Amazon is usually at least 25% cheaper with free overnight delivery it makes the choice really hard.

  • sorry about your business, try to put on the OZ board games groups on Facebook, I see a lot of people selling buying everyday

  • Could you not sell your business to Gamesmen?

  • D'oh too slow! Brass Birmingham sold out!

    • Ditto, also wanted Brass Birmingham. All the good stuff seems sold out already.

  • +18

    Thank you to everyone for your comments, and everyone who is showing support, really means a lot!

  • +2

    Only 19 titles left on clearance and none is what I want, but awesome for you OP that means you are clearing out the stock at least.

    • Reasonably confident OP is never going to be able to get rid of gen 7…

  • +1

    Sorry to hear about you going out of business. All the best in your future endeavours.

  • Good luck with your next venture or maybe even develop your own board/card game!

    My friends and I love playing and even more so with the lockdown.

  • Their Century game is $45 plus postage is $54. EBay selling at $64 free postage. Difference is about 20%.

  • +5

    All the best Alzo17.
    I went through something similar during the recession of the late '80s. At the time I felt so much pressure from demise of my business, but reflecting back on this, the lessons I have learnt from this hard period have provided me with the foundations of successes later in life.
    Ignore the haters.

  • Sorry to hear that OP and all the best in your future endeavours!

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