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[Afterpay] Breville BES870SLQ The Barista Express Coffee Machine - Salted Liquorice $509.15 + Delivery @ The Good Guys eBay


Hi guys, this is my first post so let me know if I missed anything!

Really good deal for the barista express if you are fine with the colour and using afterpay.

There is also a Fathers Day 2021 promo currently going which allows you to redeeem:
• 1 Month of Veneziano Crave Blend Coffee Beans
• Voucher to redeem 1x Veneziano Online MasterDemo


I'm not sure how much 1 month worth of beans are by their standard but free is free I guess and good way to get started.

Apparently this promo does not apply to this colour unfortunately, thank you /u/Doweyy for pointing this out. See discussion.

Product Key Features
Number of Cups 8
Water Tank Capacity 2 L
Control Panel Analog
Capacity 2 L
Heat up Time 60-65 sec
Number of Settings/Programs Not Specified
Colour Salted Liquorice
Style Coffee
Cable Length Not Specified
Bean Capacity 250 g
Power 1850 W
Bar Pressure 15 bar
Coffee Type Whole Beans
Type of Coffee Made Espresso, Hot Milk, Cappuccino
Features Built-In Grinder, Water Tank
Material Metal

Item Height 38 cm
Item Diameter 15 bar
Width 320
Item Weight 12.5
Weight 20
Height 380

I recommend logging into afterpay and forcing the remaining payments if you don't want to pay it off weekly. However, there are no downsides to paying it off weekly if you can look past the ethical decision of using/supporting afterpay.

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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  • What is the difference in color between liquorice and salted liquorice?

    • +1

      I believe they are the same. There is a black sesame though which is similar. I think the salted liquorice has a bit of a sheen to it.

      • +2

        Ah wow, I was joking so there is actually a difference LOL

  • +7

    Bloody good price

  • How does this compare to the dual boiler BEP920BSS?

    • +4

      To put it simply, Breville dual boiler vs this machine gives better temperature consistency, 58mm portafilter (potentially better coffee and easier to acquire additional attachments) and the ability to steam and brew at the same time.

      You lose the grinder though which will result in more bench space being required.

      Also it costs about double with sale and that's without a grinder.

    • +3

      This machine totally perfect for a home barista, and you'll do the steps sequentially anyways, but as PaddlerSam says, if you have the bench space and the cash, the dual boiler + a grinder is better.

      I've had my BES870 for years and love it, during these WFH times it gets used all day, everyday… never missed a beat and pours a great cup

      • Does anyone know how this compares to bambino plus. I’m about to pull the trigger

        • +1

          bambino plus doesnt have a grinder, and also has an auto milk froth feature i believe. Also bambino plus warms up faster, but the bes870 doesn't take long at all anyway.

      • really? My BES870 cant pull two shots back to back. The 2nd one always chokes up. I've been trying to ages to work out what causes it but I've given up and just accepted that it does 2 coffees max at a time.

        • -1

          thats weird, never had an issue doing back to back coffees (back when we could have guests over…), currently my process is; put an empty portafilter on, run a double shot with 2 cups underneath (warms up cups and portafilter), steam milk for two, while doing that, grind beans, tamp one handed (leaving the tamp in the magnetic holder and pushing upwards instead), clean steam wand while the machine cools down (lets off steam lol), then pull a double shot into my two cups, add milk, boom, coffee for me and the missus, and then run a single shot with my spare glass to clean the group head of any coffee residue…

          If I had guests over I'd just tap out the portafilter, grind more beans and pull another shot or doubleshot back to back. Nothing changes.

          • @squinly:

            If I had guests over I'd just tap out the portafilter, grind more beans and pull another shot or doubleshot back to back. Nothing changes.

            This is the bit that gets me - the pressure gauge goes off the scale, the coffee doesnt come out, or if it does its in tiny drips. Then if I push the cup button again to stop it you can hear a release of pressure like a turbo blow off valve "psshh". Dunno what does it.

            • +1

              @WillisAU: Are you trying to poor another cup through the same coffee puck? Sounds like you aren't removing the puck and starting again with fresh coffee on the next one?

              • @Hagla: no, i'm starting the whole process again with a clean and dry basket. If I ran another shot through the same old puck it would be the opposite - gushing and super watery

                • @WillisAU: I can't explain why it's happening but the symptoms you are describing suggest your grind is too fine or you're tamping too hard but only on your second shot. Very strange.

      • +1

        I'd second this, really is a great machine. I have one at home and it's been going strong for ~4 years now.

        We had the BES870 at work and it was abused to hell and back. Lasted over two years doing 15-30 cups a day (in short order without much time to cool down also). Liked it so much we replaced it with a Barista Pro when it had issues (I'm blaming the BES870's demise on idiots running it dry which the pro avoids with a water level sensor).

        • -1

          Love the next model up, BES878BSS (Barista Pro) with the (dual boiler) ThermoJet heating system achieves the optimum extraction temperature in 3 seconds with instantaneous transition from espresso to steam and B&W LCD.

          • @srhardy: The BES878 doesn't have a boiler let alone two.

  • +3

    Nice price. Mines lasted me for about 3 years so far!

  • +2

    FYI You can’t redeem the bonus beans pack on this colourway unfortunately. It’s only the BSS and BKS that you can.

    • +1

      Thanks for letting me know, I'll update the post now.

    • +4

      I would be suprised if they reject the claim, for those purchasing I think its worth a shot from experience with 2 breville promos they havent been strict on model numbers.

      • Yep, I rang breville last time and said "but harvey norman said I'd be eligible" and they honoured it.

        • Yeh just put it through online and if they reject then their customer service is actually pretty good on the phone.

    • I just bought this, yesterday and was able to submit a redemption through the Breville website

      • I just did it too.

        • Did you submit the receipt from ebay?

          • +2

            @mihsan: GG sent me an SMS with a link to my digital invoice. Saved that as a PDF and uploaded to claim.

            • @whodatdere: I haven't received SMS from GG, anyone know how to get it?

      • I just got an email saying mine successfully went through. Free beans, yes! I submitted a pdf of the Good Guys 'Your order is being processed' email - it doesn't mention the afterpay voucher and states that it came from Chadstone, don't know if that helps.

  • +2

    Thanks OP just bought was holding out for the Pro but even after the sale price this was $230 cheaper .. too good to pass up.

    Love the sales hate afterpay ..

    • Yeah not big on afterpay but for those looking for this machine, its the lowest I've seen it in a while and other similar price points were through after alternatives like latitude pay ect.

    • What's wrong with after pay? Isn't it just a pay and forget?

      Or does it affect like credit or something?

      To be fair I've only used pay pals pay in 4 and it was easy.

      • +9

        Copied from another commenter (thanks /u/PainToad)

        "If you try to get a loan from a more credible lender for a substantial purchase in the future, they may question why you needed to use a loan to make such a small purchase. Or they may question your financial maturity if you thought it was a good idea to go into debt over something as a frivolous as a video game console etc.

        Whilst Afterpay claim they don't do credit checks, they also reserve the right to do credit checks in the future according this article. https://mozo.com.au/fintech/love-afterpay-here-are-the-traps... Credit checks can affect your credit rating.

        There's also the ethical issue of supporting a style of lending that seems to target young and dumb people and lower socioeconomic groups who maybe desperate for finance.

        These are all my personal opinions and obviously not financial advice.

        I personal wouldn't touch them or any company like them."

        • Afterpay is like a credit card/loan. I think as long as you pay on time, it is fine.(i.e. manage your finance/budget well)
          I recently refinance my home loan and the bank needed to check my afterpay transaction as well. They approved my refinance.

          • @Theseed: That is because you are refinancing as it is likely you can service the loan. But for anyone looking to borrow, any credit facility tied to your profile will affect the max amount you can borrow. In this crazy house market, every dollar you can borrow matters. My bank also asked me specifically if I used Afterpay when I was applying for my loan, which I dont. If it is not important, they wont ask.

        • Yeah honestly it's great if you pay on time.

          With credit card, if you pay on time then it may increase your credit rating because creditor can see your green sign monthly. I reckon it's the same with afterpay? Although I don't think I ever heard from mates that work as credit assessor that Afterpay is ever checked because they're not a creditor basically (less than 6 weeks).

          You can also pay then choose to pay off all the payment like what I always do with my card (transfer the debt straightaway)

        • +1

          You can pay the remaining 3 payments immediately, there is no need to wait for recurring every 2 weeks.

  • This or the Sunbeam barista Max?

    • +2


      • -2

        Yes its a better machine, build and quality but for the money Id go the MAX or the next model up, the Barista Pro @$800ish

        Its just not that much better as its missing its bigger sibblings, ThermoJet heating system achieves the optimum extraction temperature in 3 seconds with instantaneous transition from espresso to steam system. So id just save another $100 and go the MAX. Or a POD machine (Im a snob and Im saying POD coffee is more than competivie, its neater, quicker and drinkable too)

    • Just returned the max and swapped for this. Build quality was poor so really depends how ocd you are. The max was scratched within seconds because it’s plastic with a light film on top. To give you context it scratched from my dish rack. Makes a good coffee but for $100 more def worth the express in my opinion.

  • +1

    On the fence, coming from a pod machine/aeropress. Thoughts on the durability of a machine like this vs a fully automatic?

    • +1

      same here, been using pod machine for long and drink coffee everyday. can anyone provide experience on using these machine, sound like a lot of process to get a coffee compare with pod machine… i believe the fresh grinded coffee give better taste. thanks

      • +9

        I went from nespresso to this machine 3 years ago. Yes you actually have to learn how to make a coffee. there are many variables you need to get right. But the coffee is so far superior to nespresso pods, not to mention the environmental waste benefit and cost benefit per cup.

        • +1

          Absolutely agree, I converted recently and no regrets, you may waste some beans initially but pod coffee now tastes like sewage.

        • One problem I see with trying to compare with cafe coffee is it takes a few shots to dial it in based on weather, temperature e.c.t so it's never really going to be as good as a coffee from a good cafe. They've even got heaters in commercial grinders now to keep the bean temperature consistent as well as many places weighing each shot and adjusting time settings. Lots of variables that they don't even get right until they've run a few shots through at the start of the day.

          But just making the coffee at home as you said you need to learn how to do it, but just think it's important to draw the line somewhere. Doesn't take too much effort to learn how to make a simple coffee on an espresso machine. First time I did it I ran the whole cup of water through the shot, tasted awful. Some machines don't even have manual mode anymore.

          Good, freshly ground beans definitely helps too.

          • +1

            @lancesta: agreed, you can get probably 90% of the way to a good cafe coffee, but they are using expensive commerical machines, so thats expected. You can get that level and exceed it with more expensive machines but its a slippery slope above $1k

            • @WillisAU: Yep definitely, once you start to factor in the machine cost with 3 phase power, servicing and regular calibration it's just not worth the hassle. As you said though can still make some pretty amazing coffee from home without too much effort.

    • +5

      Controversial opinion: If you are happy with what you've got and your current machine works fine, don't worry about it. A machine like this will take up a bunch of bench space, you'll have to pay more for fresh bags of coffee, and it will take longer to make coffee (once you've finally dialled in to your preferences). There's certainly an appreciably better coffee with the Breville, but lots of recommendations for go for it!!! are people who like validating their own purchases. ;) I'd be interested in seeing the environmental cost of buying a huge new coffee machine vs. using your existing equipment; especially if you're using re-usable coffee pods (STRONGLY recommend doing this for better coffee too).

      P.S. I do use a Breville Dual Boiler occasionally, so feel somewhat justified making this comment.

      • +1

        Fair enough thanks for all the comments. Funnily enough I was just looking over to my countertop wondering where I was going to find 3x the space of my current nespresso machine, for this unit. Beans shouldn't be an issue for us, we are fans of other ground Aldi beans that we brew in our aeropress when time permits. Pods we usually stock up when they are 30-ish cents on special at the shops. We microwave our milk first anyway (shock horror 😅) so that saves time, even though our current pod machine has an auto frother.

        Why do you say the Breville will take longer to make coffee? Grind, tamper, pull the shot, rinse out the basket (assuming we're not going to use the steaming wand)? Or is there more to it?

        • +4

          If you are content using pre ground coffe and microwaved milk then honestly, and not judgingly, then I wouldn't bother upgrading to an espresso machine.
          As for the Breville process

          pull shot
          fill milk jug
          wait for steam
          steam the milk
          pour into coffee, make fancy latte art
          wash/clean up

          I've timed it and it takes 3-5 minutes all up

          i've recently changed my process to weigh out 17-20g of beans at the start, instead of keeping beans in the hopper at all times (leftover grounds affect the next days coffee)

        • If you are content using pre ground coffe and microwaved milk then honestly, and not judgingly, then I wouldn't bother upgrading to an espresso machine.

          @WillisAU pretty much nailed what I was trying to articulate. Also having to weight a shot and refill hopper each time I use it just makes me question just how I became a slave to my coffee in the first place.

          • +1

            @OfTheOverflow: Bahahah I love you guys. It's looking like I'm probably in the market segment for pod machines/coffee…

            I do have a mate with a fully auto Jura though, and the coffee (yes even with microwaved milk 😂) is better tasting than the various pods that I have been using over the years. He's had it repaired once over the last 4 years or so but apart from that the fact that it didn't take that much longer for a cup over a nespresso machine, got me thinking of maybe dropping some coin on a full auto machine, until I saw this post today…

            Appreciate the comments and advice @OfTheOverflow and @WillisAU 😀

            • +1

              @highon2str: No probs; I've looked at a second hand Jura's before but baulked at the price even then, not to mention the need for repairs as it gets older. 😬 Deals on these Breville machines are also pretty regular, and most of the time don't require Afterpay, so I personally wouldn't be too fussed about this particular deal anyway.

              As @lancesta alludes to, there's positives and negatives - and it's a slippery slope 😂

        • I'm in a similar situation, have a the mini barista sunbeam espresso machine I got given and it's fine for day to day use. After using a Breville similar to this one my daily is objectively bad, particularly for crema and steaming milk (Breville had silky smooth froth) but it could also be because I buy preground and this had fresh beans. I often don't bother steaming the milk and pour it in cold which makes the whole coffee cold as the shot is only 30mL but most days I don't want to spend the 30 seconds or so it takes to clean the wand.

          I've lived for weeks away with only the aeropress pretty happily, find it great when you're the only one making coffee as i let it sit a bit before pushing it out. I've also got stovetop coffee which is okay, but I find it takes longer than the aeropress, particularly on old electric cooktops and is also difficult to share. Don't mind it when I'm looking for that filtered taste.

          Haven't owned a pod machine but have nothing bad to say about the quality of the coffee I've experienced when trying them at other places. Can understand the convenience. Probably still half the size of my sunbeam mini barista machine.

      • +1

        I dont think coffee bags are more expensive… these are my maths, feel free to counter with a different price for nespresso

        Breville - 1kg (1000gms) = 100 coffees at 10g per coffee (I actually might use 18g for a double shot across 2 cups). Even at $50/kg thats 50c per cup (get onto Directcoffee for better pricing).
        Nespresso is generally 75c-$1 per cup. If youre having 4 coffees a day then thats $1-$2 per day saving, which means 1-2 years before youre financially better off. Just my experience. Then theres the superior coffee

        • +2

          Good points - I hadn't run the numbers tbh, my assertion was that with reusable pods OP would be happy popping in freshly ground but cheap coffee (Aldi) and it will still be good quality. VS when you purchase an expensive coffee machine, you may feel inclined to buy a bit more expensive beans - I certainly do haha. I miss feeling content with my very cheap Harris and Grinders 1kg beans! Now I just skulk ozB waiting for 50% off from suppliers of good stuff to justify my machine.

          But yes - if OP isn't going the reusable route with pods and their Aldi coffee already, a machine like this could help 'pay for itself' over the years by ditching wasteful and expensive plastic pods. 🤙

          • +1

            @OfTheOverflow: I definitely like to buy beans from roasters that I recognise from cafes, so yeah its a bit more expensive, but directcoffee posts bargains weekly :D

      • +1

        "lots of recommendations for go for it!!! are people who like validating their own purchases"

        Thanks, I needed to read that. Been on the fence on buying a breville, when I'm happy with the 2 cup moka pot that my previous housemate left to me.

        • Moka pots kick ass! My current one is extremely scaly, despite my best attempts to fix it :( I miss how tactile and surprisingly quick it is to make a nice hot, strong, no-nonsense brew.

      • Depends on how you have your coffee.

        This is far more time effective for me than any other process i can think of (except pods which would be similar?). I drink just a double espresso, no milk, or anything else. So I get up in the morning, turn on the machine and grind, go to the shower, get out of the shower and tamp and make the coffee, finished getting dressed, then drink the coffee right before walking out the door.

        Altogether i spend about 30 seconds to make my coffee.

        • why dont you grind right before you tamp and brew? your coffee will be going stale rapidly after its been ground….

          • +2

            @WillisAU: Time. I basically leave the house 10 minutes after I wake up in the morning. By grinding whilst i'm in the shower, after the 2 or so mins of shower i can come back and it and make the coffee. Yes it could be fresher, but I don't notice a discernible difference in quality/taste to when I grind right before the tamp (which I have been doing at the moment due to lockdown and working from home). I understand it isn't the perfect method, but it allows me to have a freshly brewed coffee with minimal effort and interruption to my morning routine.

  • How does it compare to BES880 touch barista . Currently for $1221 on good guys commercial

  • Payment isn't processing for me.

    Working now. Had to confirm my new account with Afterpay first.

  • Just picked up the stainless steel one for $594 at TGG . 15% off at the moment

  • +1

    This or the Bambino Plus deal with a grinder?

  • +2

    How do you guys compare this with Delonghi La Specialista Pump Espresso Maker? Delonghi is $679 at GG or $690 at Costco at the moment.

  • +2

    I can vouch for this machine, used if or over 12 months now, have found a local cafe that I like their beans and purchase from them. My wife and I use this every day (we bought it between lockdowns last year) and we make 4 - 6 cups daily (2-3 each) and find it amazing. I have gone through fully automatic Jura Machines, and pod machines, but nothing beats fresh ground coffee, and there is no way a fully automatic machine can do the milk as good as a human.

    The unit prompts you when it needs to be cleaned and overall, amazing domestic machine, the group handle is almost commercial size and quality which drew me to it. Once you get your grind right the rest is easy.

    Cannot vouch enough for this unit.

  • I currently have a Nespresso Creatista Plus pod machine and yes I know this is different but I’m getting kinda sick of the flavours from the pods.

    What type of set up is this machine over mine.

    Does it have the same or better milk froth device?

    Is it very messy to use?

    Anything else I should know or be looking into?

    • I dont know about your machine but I have used pods before. What I can say is, if you're someone who don't mind spending about 5-10minutes making a cuppa coffee, go for this one. Manual coffee is way better than pods because you can buy the beans based on your preferences. (I'm using Aldi'z Lazzio coffee beans. It has won some awards)

      It is messier than pods though because everytime I make a cup of coffee on this machine, I have to do some minor wiping and cleaning. You will have to take very good care of the machine as well and routine service and maintenance is required. Way more additional costs to maintain compared to pods.

      All in all, I did not regret at all moving away from pods because I am using my coffee beans as compost. In terms of frother, it's a good one. I make good latte and mocha out of it ala cafe style.

  • +2

    Great machine, I bought one just 2 weeks ago at $680 from The Good Guys… Wish I waited haha.

    • +1

      same here haha

    • +3

      Should've sat brewing that thought for a bit longer.

      • +1

        Cold drip

      • hahaha

  • +5

    Barista Express starter kit for anyone who buys

    the ONLY youtube channel you need as a Breville owner

    for single dosing (start with18g)

    introduce consistency in your tamp

    • Wait so the express doesn't even come with a tamp ?

      I really think the bambino plus + smart grinder on GGC is the better deal (if you have access to it).

      • +1

        It DOES comes with a tamper, and for 2.5 years I didnt understand why people would suggest upgrading it… until I upgraded it

        The most important factor in tamping is even distribution of grounds, and a flat level surface. The built in tamper isnt good at either of these, but the one I linked has a collar so you get a 100% flat tamp every time

    • While you're at it, do you have a recommended knock box? :)

  • Subtotal (1 item) AU $599.00
    Postage AU $10.00
    Vouchers/coupons -AU $89.85
    Order total AU $519.15

    How do I get this down to $509? Click and collect doesn't seem to be available?

    • I've posted the deal as "$509.15 + Delivery" since I found the delivery price was not consistent/flat rate for everyone.

    • Delivery excluded

  • +2

    Can you close afterpay account straight after this deal?
    If this is the case then I will assume no issue with credit check?

  • Do you guys actually buy this for home use?

    • +3

      It's not for commercial use broski. Perfect for the home with cafe like results.

      Having said that, waiting for it to go oos, can't really justify plonking down that much cash right now.

      It's a really superb deal though.

      • Ok thanks. Keeping myself in check and not missing out on what people are buying these days.

  • I am looking to refinance my home loan but that would not be possible if I made this purchase of a new coffee machine .
    If I had bought it and my refinance got rejected, my coffee will be very bitter to swallow everyday……

    • how does this coffee machine relate to refinance? because of using Afterpay?

      • correct

        • ahhhh. I'm planning to refinance in the next few months as well. How long does this Afterpay debuff last?

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