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Thanks OP, I'm eligible too
10/07/2024 - 22:39
I have a Redsbaby Skip pram as well and have flown on multiple destinations (domestic and international) with Qantas. There is no issue at…
04/07/2024 - 14:16
Don't forget gift card + cashback
01/07/2024 - 20:48
That's right, that's also what I see on my statement. You can confirm it by checking the balance on your qantas frequent flyer account.
26/06/2024 - 09:20
This time it must be a delivery :( Waiting for the discount instead :)
25/06/2024 - 14:00
You're meant to enter that 1.54 value on the form
25/06/2024 - 12:50
Taking the risk and just made the payment. Hopefully I get the $35
19/06/2024 - 20:52
Didn't know there is a reminder feature. Thanks :)
14/06/2024 - 09:18
I didn't even activate mine, cancelled the additional card immediately once arrived
12/06/2024 - 07:22
Yes, Westpac bonus. I booked close to 5 PM on that day. Hopefully you'll get yours soon.
10/06/2024 - 10:41
Just received the most awaited email, it's tracked now :)
10/06/2024 - 09:20
lol, good to know. This is the link to apply for it Considering each lounge can be sold at around $40.…
09/06/2024 - 19:18
Both Expedia and st George, the Westpac bonus isn't tracked yet. Hopefully I won't need to complain to thei support
09/06/2024 - 18:25
Google one, YouTube premium and movies
09/06/2024 - 09:59
Thanks for the info :)
08/06/2024 - 21:23
Hi everyone, I booked a non-refundable room with Accor for an overseas trip last week, it's for October, but my credit card still hasn't…
08/06/2024 - 17:02
Alright, booked 2 trips. 1 with Westpac and 1 with St. George. Hopefully both are tracked.
08/06/2024 - 16:51
Somehow when I clicked Expedia from the St. George lounge, I still see Westpac icon at the bottom of shopback app. Would that be OK?
08/06/2024 - 14:55
How do we activate the St. George cashback? Is adding the card to our shopback account then use the same card to pay enough?
08/06/2024 - 14:15
I guess it doesn't matter, 10% additional cashback would still be higher than the conversion fees?
08/06/2024 - 11:24
If we book a room overseas, would Expedia charge us with the destination foreign currency or $AUD?
08/06/2024 - 11:20
Just checked my car tyres, looks like there is only 1 that's almost worn out. 2 tyres have the same brand, which most likely were replaced…
05/06/2024 - 11:02
Thanks for the info, I tried to proceed with the payment and could see the message as well > You will pay in the local currency of the…
03/06/2024 - 22:34
Hi everyone, I have a quick question regarding booking hotels overseas through the Accor website. I'm planning a trip and will be staying…
03/06/2024 - 22:21
Thanks for the summary of all current Qantas Credit cards. At the moment I can't apply for Amex, NAB and Commbank since I've got them…
01/06/2024 - 10:54