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Philips Fabric Shaver GC026/80 Black $14.96 + Delivery (Free with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU / Myer eBay


Even cheaper than yesterday as Amazon is matching the Myer Afterpay sale.

Myer eBay are now also the same price, free shipping with eBay plus.

  • EFFECTIVE AND QUICK PILL REMOVAL - Large blade surface for covering a large area at once and up to 8800 rounds/min blade rotation for effective removal
  • 3 SIZES OF HOLES - 3 sizes of holes in the mesh to tackle all sizes of pills
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT CAP - Height adjustment cap for the most delicate garments
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN - The pill container is easy to remove and empty and the cleaning brush helps to clean your appliance after use
  • BATTERIES INCLUDED - 2 Philips AA bateries are included in the package

Enjoy :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Afterpay Day sale for 2021

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      • +24

        The average wage is definitely not that high…

  • +4

    Are these much different to the $6 Phillips ones at Target?


    • It looks exactly the same!

      • +2

        No stock anywhere, and no option to buy online.

    • Old clearance priced model

  • +7

    Got one and can confirm it is soooo good.

    Had a new jumper making a mess this bad boy ate it up… Anything thin it'll chew through though

    • +1


      Got this model from Amazon ages ago, still goes strong, takes the fluff away, sooo good

    • Out of curiosity how long does it take to do a jumper and did you find the jumper just fluffed up again next time you washed it. I don't currently do this manually as I'm not patient enough, but been eyeing these off for a while but not sure if it'll solve my problem or if I just need to try buy better clothes in the future.

  • These work on bed sheets?

    • yes it does, I use it all the time.
      Basically any fabrics

    • Yes, I have used it on sheets, though only once and then tossed them out. I would recommend looking out for a deal on better thread count sheets.

      • I've got relatively decent Sheridan sheets that have fine pilling on them.

        If they were say egyptian cotton with longer threads, yep, but they arent.
        But higher thread count doesnt necessarily mean no pilling.

    • But better quality bed sheets that don't pill and you won't need to buy this crap

      • +2

        If a $15 fabric shaver can get me another bit of life out of some $1-200 sheridan sheets.. i wouldnt call it crap

    • +1

      My cat had scratched some of my office chair but this device trimmed the threads back to the point you can't even notice it.

  • You can use a safety razor. I use to use it on my merino wool scarfs about twice a year. They got daily use when I lived overseas

  • +2

    Great little thing. So great that my ex's mum nicked mine. All is forgiven but never forgotten.

    • +3

      Wonder if she found a special use for it?

      • +3

        Hopefully she didn’t nick herself

        • She got a nick on the di…

  • +1

    does this work on lint?

  • +1

    How does this compare to the Xiaomi fabric shaver. Does this Phillips have replacement heads available to purchase like the Xiaomi?

  • managed to cancel just in time and re-order this.
    thanks op

  • Worthwhile. I bought this brand and a cheapo $3 one from Daiso, the Daiso one was essentially single use. Blades of aluminium foil. The Phillips one has a more powerful motor too, and can get multipacks of replacement blades easily.

    If you don't think you should get one, you should. Keeps my woolens looking fresh and new looking every year.

  • +3

    Myer eBay now $14.96 for those with eBay Plus.

  • Just did a 'buy now think later'…

  • Cancelled my Amazon order from previous deal and re-ordered. Saved a dollar. Too much effort but I love my OzBargain badge.

  • Dunno why I am buying this, but made use of the $15 code.

  • EBay offered me $10 voucher for this item. Got it for only $4.9x.
    Thanks OP.

    • how did you get the $10?

      • It had the caption under the price "save $10 with this item" and gave me a coupon code

  • seems cheaper to buy off myer direct with 5% shop back than ebay if you don't have ebayplus

      • $7.95 Shipping
      • True but I was going to C&C

  • +2

    Purchased last month. I love this Fabric Shaver! Has made a few of my clothes look like new again ;)

    • Only pubes

  • Does it get Golden Retriever hair off your Explorer socks? Oh god do I ever need something that does!

  • Finally got mine today, it's awesome.

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