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[PC] Star Citizen: Free Play Event @ Robert Space Industries


Got an email for this in the mroing.

From now through August 27th, Star Citizen is completely free to download and play. Enjoy access to six iconic ships, each giving you a taste of the distinct career paths and play styles awaiting you in the ‘verse.

·Anvil Arrow - Bring order to the system
·MISC Prospector - Strike it rich mining valuable ore
·Crusader Mercury Star Runner - Smuggle interstellar contraband
·Consolidated Outland Mustang Alpha - Sleek & stylish
·Origin 100i - Taste peak performance
·RSI Aurora MR - Try your hand as a jack-of-all-trades

Whichever path you choose (why not give all of them a try?), you’ll find breathless adventure around every corner when you blast into Star Citizen via the steps below. If you’re looking for help getting started, head over to our Welcome Hub, where you can learn the game and hone your skills with help from the ever-welcoming Star Citizen community.

Throughout the Free Fly and through August 27th, we’re offering discounted Starter Packs in the Pledge Store, giving you everything you need to keep the adventure going. Have fun out there, fly safe, and we’ll see you in the ‘verse.

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Roberts Space Industries
Roberts Space Industries

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    They're still sending out carrots to sucker people in with no set completion date eh?

  • +7

    At this point this game should be renamed the Roberts welfare program.

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    How many yachts does Chris Roberts own now? Can't believe the flak the community gave the No Man's Sky developers while this scam is still firing on all cylinders.

    Not going to neg the deal since it's not really a bad post, but for Christ's sake, I wish people would stop giving this man money.

  • +5

    I was one of the original backers many years ago. This is by far the most expensive game I've paid for and never played. Bought a few many ships at the time too, totaling…. US$450.

    At the time I didn't have any kids, but now have two of them such that gaming for me is only a few hours (disjointed - stop / start) at most per day.

    This post has reminded me to go find a forum to sell those first backer ships.

    • I wasnt a backer but bought one ship years ago. (profanity) Roberts.

  • Great post OP.

    This is a really fun game to try out for free with friends.

    The game itself is alright at $40 USD, but mainly needs server fixes and you have half a game there to play.

    For anyone attending the free fly, I really recommend the FPS missions since the in game guns are absolutely amazing fun to use.

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    Man, by the time this comes out, my “ Hardcover copy of 'The Making of Star Citizen' including loads of behind the scenes images and info, prelim concept art, development stories” is going to be a mighty tome.

    • +1

      Does it add +1 Intelligence or +1 OzBargainer if I consume it?

  • Tried a free weekend, got thoroughly confused as to how to even sign up, got thoroughly confused where to go once in-game, got thoroughly confused how even launch a ship, then finally gave up after accidentally activating the ejector seat whilst still in the hanger and unable to work out how to reset it.

    And I thought EVE Online had a steep learning curve.