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1,000 Live Better Reward Points (~$10) for Fully Vaccinated Members @ Medibank (Live Better Rewards App Required)


Medibank is stepping up its support of Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine roll out by rewarding customers for getting the jab.

Eligible customers who are fully vaccinated will receive 1,000 Live Better Rewards points from early next month, by logging the activity in the Live Better Rewards app.

Live Better points can be used by eligible Medibank customers towards gift cards or products from partners including Adidas, Amcal, Apple, Brooks, Fitbit and Onsport. Customers can also choose rewards including saving on their health cover or getting more on their extras like a remedial massage. Customers who are fully vaccinated will be rewarded with Live Better points to the equivalent value of a $10 Amcal gift card.

Mod 2/9: This deal is supposed to start 'early this month' without a date specified, this wasn't reported on posting (we usually remove deals without a dedicated start date). We have set an arbitrary start date of 6/9 13/9 for now, please report the deal if you see it become available.

Mod 14/9: Deal is now available, main link is updated.

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Referee gets 4 weeks free. Referrer gets $100 EFTPOS card (must activate within 3 months, valid for 12 months from activation).

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  • Cool didn't about medibank points

    • +16

      What? I don't what you saying?

      • +14

        Verbs overrated.

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          Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick

          • +1

            @localhoost: When me President, they see. They see.

          • @localhoost: Me mechanic not speak English. But he know what me mean when me say “car no go”, and we best friends. So me think: why waste time, say lot word when few word do trick?

        • -1


        • Subjects too.


  • +1

    Awesome, more places should do this

    • I'm looking forward to it.

  • I have opened the app and can't work out where to add this (let alone have any idea how it's actually confirmed) as I did not receive any form of confirmation after getting my second Pfizer dose.

    • It takes about 4 hours for you to get confirmation from aus gov for the second dose I’ve noticed. If you check Medicare, you can see your digital certificate. But it can take up to 5 days, did for my friend.

      • Ah of course, that makes sense - I don't think I have the Medicare service linked to mygov. Cheers!

  • +26

    Here comes the “I’m anti vax but I’m going to disguise that as being a freedom of choice thing” crowd.

    Hint: none of these programs (including that wacky guy last time offering his newsletter subscription to vaccinated people) are forcing you to get vaccinated. If you don’t want it, don’t take it. If you feel so inclined to “boycott” or want to “ban” people for offering incentives for vaccination, maybe you should re-examine your own position.

    • Interesting meeting to watch.

      Informed Consent and Vaccine Passports – Department of Health Part 1 and 2


  • +2

    I wish I got free shit from the things I’m subscribed to for this :(

  • +10

    we need a compliation of vaccine incentives

    • +29

      1) not dying.

      • +4

        Say no more

      • +5

        I dunno, sometimes that doesn’t seem like much of an incentive.

        • It's not because there's something called herd immunity.
          I cant wait till we remove lockdowns once 80% vaccinations is reached and let the anti-vaxxers enjoy the virus

          • @cktftw: As long as we can enjoying working, travelling interstate and shopping for food as well then I'm OK with that.

      • +6

        You can't force me to live!

      • +6

        but living is so expensive i.e. not a bargain.

        • Funerals aren't cheap either. No bargain.

  • AIA vitality has similar promo

  • +8

    dont see why we need incentives - just have a range of vaccines for ppl to chose AVAILABLE when they want it, if they want it
    open things up and leave the decision up to them, this crap about keeping us lockdown till we get to 70,80% is annoying

    • +7

      If $10 worth of health fund points makes you go from anti vax to pro Vax….were you even anti vax in the first place :)

      These incentives are just relatively worthless 'thanks' from companies so they can get some social media points. Doesn't hurt anyone except those massively offended by the ideas of getting the vaccine, and it isn't going to incentivise anyone to actually get the vaccine that wasn't anyway.

      • +11

        This isn't social media points for them. They have a vested financial interest in having their patients vaccinated. If the vaccines reduce complications; hospital stays etc; there is every reason financially for them to throw rewards at you to vaccinate.

        Society wears the hospitalization costs of anyone who enters as a public patient and doesn't provide their private coverage details; but many (like myself) will whack stays on my insurer; the hospitals are underfunded as it is - I'll add my insurers details when asked if I have one in a public hospital.

        Financially it makes sense for them to incentive their patients to get vaccinated; as demonstrated in the US and the cost modelling of insurance companies over there (more heavily weighted in the US as they all basically need private health cover or pocket the bills themselves).

        • -2


          • +1



            didnt seem ambiguous or requiring air quotes to me

            "I'll add my insurers details when asked if I have one in a public hospital."

            are you assuming he doesn't have insurers details?
            Because thats about the only sentence in that post using 'if' that has any kind of arguable points

        • I'm wondering if having people vaccinated really does make financial sense for them. We saw during last year's lockdown that private health insurance claims shrank rapidly, partly because elective surgery was cut back or cancelled. In that case, they might be better off if the lockdowns go longer.
          Ultimately, it doesn't really matter if they think that $10 will change anyone's mind or if its a manipulative marketing ploy. If they're handing out $10 to people that are customers with them anyway, I'll be making sure that I get my share, regardless of their motivation.

    • +1

      You're committing a thought crime mate. We don't want people to think just comply

    • I do not want to be any part of this vaccine lab rat.

    • +1

      Not ‘needed’ but a good gesture. I think these incentives are prosocial and help to foster a positive culture and dialogue around vaccination. By offering an incentive the business is publicly showing it supports vaccination. The more brands do this, the more it becomes the dominant voice and may help to build confidence in vaccines in the community.

      Of course vaccine availability would also be super helpful.

    • Agree.

      At present i cant get, and choose what vaccine to get. Whats the point keep urging people to get vaccination?????

    • +1

      I think the problem is that the vaccine does not work. If they did then that's exactly what would happen, people who want it get it.

  • +1

    Investigative vaccines. Take at own risk, but $10 is $10 lmao

    • I'm not gay but $20 is $20.

  • Lol, classic defense posture in the photo. Muscle need relaxed more

    • She looks like Sharon White.

      • Who's She?

        • google Sharon White NSFW

          • +1

            @Hero: Thanks. Just resulted in me getting an email from my boss calling a meeting to discuss inappropriate internet usage…

            • @sqeeksqeek: Sorry mate. NFSW stands for not safe for work.

  • I am fully sinovac. But how come I am not eligible?

    • +2

      Hows the bells palsy going?

    • Junk vaccines didn't make the cut

      You should seriously re-vaccinate, you're no better off than unvaccinated right now.

  • +10

    To the anti-vaxxers upset by this deal, just wait ‘til they raise your premiums. If you think private insurers are going to subsidise your medically expensive decision to not get vaccinated, then… lol.

    • +2

      Or just do what they are doing in the US, offering wellness incentives to people who quit smoking; lose weight and are no longer classified as obese or have a covid vaccination. Raise everyone's premium and offer incentives to be "well".

      Different to raising premiums for vaccinated but the same.

    • +1

      It maybe the side effect of the vaccine will cost more to the medical expensive in long run.

  • +3

    Give every vaccinated person a big mac and we'll all be vaccinated by next week thanks to the huge stash of astrazeneca availability.

    • -1

      I reckon more people will become hospitalised due to blood clot

    • +5

      Selling the future of your kids to communism only for $10

      please show your working…

    • +5

      Lol conspiracy theory that links covid vaccines, communism and kids futures.

    • +11

      $10 for communism? Bargain. Should post as a separate deal.