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½ Price - 12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscription $39.95 (New/Expired Subscribers Only) @ PlayStation Store


I think this is the first time I've seen half price PS Plus subscriptions.

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    Literally paid for 12 months at $79.95 this morning! This post hurts.

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      That's rough buddy.

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      Never pay full price for PS Plus

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        I accidentally left auto renew on just before the June sales 😢

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          I did this, cracked it at Sony because I had a prepaid card sitting here, they refunded me as a one time gesture of goodwill..

          Its not that I accidentally left it on, I turned it off many times in the past, but it turns itself back on in a number of scenarios including when you add another 12M on top of an existing…

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            but it turns itself back on in a number of scenarios

            Yep, incredibly scummy from such a big company. Have made this mistake a number of times.

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              @deanylev: Report then and complain and reference the ACCC
              Remember last time only 4 people complained to the ACCC and i think it cost Sony 3.5 million.

              I complained about games that added it self to carts by looking at them in the early days of ps5 making you accidentally buy them and referenced this….

              “Consumer guarantee rights do not expire after a digital product has been downloaded and certainly do not disappear after 14 days or any other arbitrary date claimed by a game store or developer,” ACCC Chair Rod Sims said.

              They practically threw the money back at me after denying my claim 2 times before that.

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                @jimmy c:

                Remember last time only 4 people complained to the ACCC and i think it cost Sony 3.5 million.

                I did not know this, good to know the ACCC do not mess around :)

    • That sux man

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      Contact support and they can refund you.

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        I'm going to try. Why not.

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          Because it was your sacrifice that got us here!

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          I've done it before with success. They even have a 'refund subscription' option to choose from when contacting support, so its a common request.


          acutally, just read the page, had this comment which should help you.

          After purchasing a subscription through PlayStation Store, you have 14 days to request a refund.

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            @Grandpipe: I brought 12 month ps plus card last week for $65 on gumtree. No way I can get a refund from that. It's like Sony really wants me to drop using their platform at this rate.

            • @Roze Rage: …and that's entirely your fault is it not?

              It's not like Sony is forcing you to buy a one-time use code of all things from a private seller with 0 guarantee of it being legitimate/valid when Sony consistently have offers for PS+ which are around that price and even cheaper (eg. Days of Play is just one of them)….

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                @Shekster: That was $60 mate on June, not a big difference unlike this deal and this probably first time Sony officaly drop PSN Plus below that.

                Sony could have just let us existing customers, top it off instead of gatekeeping for this deal, no? How about other people who paid full price code from other retailers in a situation where they would likely buy a code now because they're stuck at home?

                I refuse to pay full price for PSN Plus & only brought a code now cuz of lockdown for couple of games to play online.

          • @Grandpipe: Thank you! I just lodged a refund request :)

          • @Grandpipe: “Consumer guarantee rights do not expire after a digital product has been downloaded and certainly do not disappear after 14 days or any other arbitrary date claimed by a game store or developer,” ACCC Chair Rod Sims said.

      • the website just loops back after you click contact us…

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      I have bought a few years worth of membership when they went on sale AT JB earlier this year. I think I even used a JB voucher for an extra 5% off

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      Let me PayPal you through a tenner, just to help with the sting.

      • Your comment was the aloe the sting needed.

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          If you don't get a refund, DM me, I'll throw in another tenner your way as well

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          Ok. This is starting to gather steam.
          Lets make this happen! $20 back AND maybe 2 others might jump onboard. :) Too legit to quit.

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      You can contact sony support and let them know. I did this last time and contacted them for a refund and they were more than happy to do it!

    • I think you can cancel you sub everytime and PS will calculate the refund, then you can buy this deal

    • your subscription had to be ended to get this anyway

    • T&C at the bottom of the order?

      "I request immediate access to my purchase and acknowledge that I can cancel my purchase within 14 days of the purchase date, but I will not get a full refund as a deduction will be made for the use I have had of the service."

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    Unfortunately not available to existing subscribers.

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      Time to use new email

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        But you'll lose access to past PS Plus monthly games

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      Just create a new account. Make it your second account.

      • Do the games and content transfer over ?

        • Yeah I would like to know too.

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          No, if you have your account activated as your main console you can use your Games/DLC on your new account.

          • @GoonSack69: I'm pretty sure if you set your second account that has ps+ as the primary system of your console, the ps+ shares to all the accounts on console. My friends did that back in ps4, idk about now when ps5 is out. Can always ask someone to re-teat this theory.

            • @Roze Rage: Yeah it does share the PS+, I have my account set as primary on my sister's PS4 and she can play online on her account that doesn't have PS+, still works on my PS5.

              • @GoonSack69: We have the same setup for our PS5s and was pretty amazed at the fact we only have to buy 1 digital copy of a game and you can run it on both consoles. Does anyone know how far you can push this? Max 2 consoles I assume due to only being able to set 1 primary console?

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          You will be able to your PS+ games, but only while the PS+ that the games are linked to is active. So if you have 3 months left on your current one, you'll be able to play them for another 3 months using this method.

      • It is a good idea only if you don't want to play old games that you got with your existing account.

  • Yeh can't stack with existing subscription.

  • Can u activate at a later date? I want to activate over xmas

    • Doesn't look like it. It was instantly activated on my account when i processed it.

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    Wow perfect timing for me…. thanks!

  • Iam assuming this offer is for AU accounts only

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    Previously subscribed for years, let it lapse a few months ago and this worked for me. Thanks!

    • That's what I came here looking for. Let mine lapse now for about 8 months. Couldn't justify it at full price when I have Game Pass on Xbox. If it works on lapsed accounts, I'll give it another go :D

    • Same. I don't use my PS4 Pro enough to justify a full-price subscription, so I let it expire a while back. But I will use it (and the attached games) enough for a half-priced one. Maybe we're the target audience? :) All I need now is another "3 months for $1" on my Xbox Game Pass for PC and I'll be cooking wtih gas again.

  • Can you pay with a discounted gift card? New to PS Plus so not sure…

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    Wow that cheap. I'm 35 years old, this post warrants my first time using the word YEET, YEEEEEEEEETTT!!

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      my first time using the word YEET, YEEEEEEEEETTT

      ? And I am younger than you

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      im 38 and i will never use words like that, just use WOOT like we should be using!

  • Just subscribed on old account but I wasn’t using subscription from like a year. Not only for new accounts

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    Never bought PS plus before.. worth it? I don't do multiplayer

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      Yeah at this price for sure, full price probably not.

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      Probably not dude. The games have been pretty bloody hit and miss and if they're shit, then it's a month to wait for the next lot, and if they're shit, same goes, if that one's shit you've waited 3 months to piss away 10 bucks.

      Even at the reduced price, like, I don't do MP either (lil bit of Fortnite and Rogue Company here and there but they're free anyway so eh), and that's really all Plus offers. Go on Wikipedia (won't bother linking bc last I heard they took down the list anyway, so what I mean, is go Google for another site) and check out the list of PS+ games offered in the last year or two and see if it's anything halfway decent and you're willing to take a chance on the service based on what they've offered in the past.

      I suppose the 20 game PS4 collection is cool if you're one of the 4 people in the world who haven't checked out what they're interested in that selection yet, but also you need a PS5 so idk. But there you go. Depending on if you wanna trust your login to a rando, I'd happily sign you into the PS5 here and pop the PS+ collection for you (which would then work on a PS4) and sign you out right after, same goes for anyone else reading if you want. Like, I'm in goddamn lockdown, I got nothing better to do, may as well share the love.

      • I pulled the trigger because of the ps5 factor haha
        Well at least my fiance is happy to have Detroit become humans

        That half price really dropped it to the "why not zone"

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        I'm 1 of the 4

        • Guess that makes me number 2 of 4.

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          I gotta ask why then, dudes. Like, if you're interested in something in that pile, and they're all on sale for a tenner relatively often, why have you not got around to it?

          Fair game if you don't have time, but then, how is the PS+ collection going to give you time? I just really don't see how if you wanted to play Batman for example, you wouldn't have played Batman by now, 5 or 6 years after release.

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            @TheDukeOfNukem: Slowly catching up actually, had a PS3 but skipped the ps4, didn’t have money but now making some money just in time for ps5 so buying heaps and catching up haha. So many good games to play though.

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              @Johnnysopals: True. tbh if it wasn't for Covid jacking the prices on everything, I'd say just buy a PS4 for cheap and catch up til the PS5 drops. I bought my last PS4 for 200 new on an eBay deal in December 2019 (and ended up getting it for free through PayPal (profanity) up at that) and if you could still get a new PS4 for 200 I'd say just grab that, play catch up for a couple years until the PS5 is A. in stock and B. a more reasonable price.

              As it stands right now on next gen

              Xbox - Flight Sim was cool for 5 minutes
              PS5 - Astro was fun for a built in game

              Spidey would have pulled me but since they put it on PS4, eh. Speaking of, defo don't sleep on the Spider-Man game, I still prefer the swinging in Spider-Man 2 2004, but beyond that, it's damn near perfect for what it is.

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      You will probably get $40 worth from the monthly games. Usually there's at least one decent game per month.

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        Will see now haha

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        Usually but not lately

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      i was in the same boat couple of months ago.

      the ps plus collection of free games more than made up for the cost, and then there's monthly games.

      at this price i would 100% grab it

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    lmao the missus PS+ ends in a month and it had been on for like 2 years without being used once (bought some discounted codes in the day) and we finally got a PS5 the other day and came to the conclusion, as I did years ago, that PS+ is just not (profanity) worth it.

    40 bucks though is basically "eh (profanity) it, why not" territory. Wonder how long it will be on offer at this price for.
    Edit: nvm, saw the end date. Could always reactivate my one if we really wanted. Either way, cheers OP.

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      the 30ish ps4 games you get with the ps+ games collection you get to play on ps5 is pretty amazing if you haven't played them all yet.

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        I had a long comment here but I won't bore you with that much,

        There's only 20, and of those 20, I've platinum'd 5 of them, played another 8 to make 13, of the final 7 there's 6 I don't give a single shit about and God of War which I might play eventually despite not really liking the originals.

        40 bucks to play God of War is a bit steep tbh.

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          Lol the games are definitely worth $40. God of War on Ps5 remastered is very good. Not to mention all the other games. I got control for free via plus. Best game I’ve played this year. COD3. Unchartered. Ratchet and Clank. There’s heaps there but depends what you are into. I’d be quite concerned if you are even a gamer if you liked only one game of that many classic games.

          • @BusMan247: Well first off, you're only renting them, so it's basically 2 bucks to borrow a game a year, and 4 bucks normally. Considering a LOT of them can be straight up bought on disc for around 10 bucks if you wait for sales, it's not a crazy good offer.

            But second, like I said, I played a fair few of them. As for Control, played it on Game Pass for about an hour and I haven't gone back, might, might not, idk, but it didn't grab me instantly.

            COD I got day one and played to death…6 years ago. Uncharted I've platinum'd all of them (and by all, I mean all, including the rereleases and Vita one), further the trilogy was given away by Sony and has been on sale for 10 bucks numerous times. Ratchet I also have the plat in, and is 10 bucks all the time too, I bought it for 10 bucks like 3 years ago at that. inFamous, Until Dawn, same story, plat'd half a decade ago and can be bought for a tenner quite often. Batman the only thing I didn't do in launch week was the riddler trophies, also around 10 bucks decently often…

            It's not about not liking the games as much as they're all quite old and cheap games. I'm not being entitled about it, I still think it's a great offering, it's just hard to find someone who hasn't played many of them by now. The thing is, if you were on PS4 for the entire gen, and you paid for Plus all gen as a lot of people did, you wouldn't just only have played lots of these along the way, but you'd already have Until Dawn, COD, Uncharted 1-3, Ratchet, Batman, and inFamous via Plus in the past so 6 of the best ones in there have already been offered. The PS+ collection really only appeals to people who either didn't play much last gen, played on a different console last gen, and the overlap in the middle.

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              @TheDukeOfNukem: Fair response and you POV makes sense, especially in your circumstances. In my case whilst I did own a PS4 and played a bunch of stuff I liked (uncharted, last of us, killzone, etc) I was more active last Gen on Xbox due to gears of war. That thing ate my childhood! This Gen I decided to go with PlayStation and because I do go online I naturally have plus. Due to the slow release of next Gen games, the plus freebies have been amazing for me. Like I mentioned to get control, BOP3 (although like you I smashed it at release), uncharted and God Of War remastered in 4K for me alone was worth it. Not to mention the years worth of free games. I think for $40 there is a strong business case for most people.

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      If you play online though, you don’t have a choice. If you don’t play online then PS+ is absolutely not worth it.

      • I don't really. I used to be into Fortnite with a few friendos, played a bit of Rogue Company (enough to get the platinum anyway), that's about it for the last 3 or 4 years. Both are free either way.

        But I do have GPU so if there was some MP game I wanted, I'd just buy it on Xbox anyways.

        It's been 7 years, but as someone who was a champion of PS+ before the PS4 launched, it still pisses me off how they gated off MP like that.

        • Back in Xb360 and PS3 days, I bought a PS3 for the free multiplayer aspect. Once they changed MP to be exclusive to PS+. I lost interest in the PS. I have a PS4 and still don't play it because GPU just keeps me busy.

  • lol my M2M sub ends on the 31/8 - bummer!

    • 02/09 for my 12mths. D'oh!