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½ Price - 12 Month PlayStation Plus Subscription $39.95 (New/Expired Subscribers Only) @ PlayStation Store


I think this is the first time I've seen half price PS Plus subscriptions.

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    • Deal ends at 9am AEST so I’d recommend checking the time the digital receipt for your charge last month was sent and seeing if it was before 9am. If so you should be able to renew it within that short window of time tomorrow.

      • doubt it was before 9am, i do very little before 9 ahah

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    Perfect timing, just scored PS5 on Amazon today

  • You have to be really careful to switch off the auto renew for this as they make it quite difficult for you. Last I heard there were 2 options you had to deactivate.

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      Not really, maybe it's changed since you did it but for me it's extremely straightforward. Just need to toggle one switch (located in an obvious and easy to find location) and that's it.

      • Yep, from the Android app > settings > account information > bounces out to the website > settings > subscriptions. Felt pretty straight forward.

  • Only new or expired :( sads

  • How can I gift this for my nephew? Do I create a Sony account for myself, buy it and receive a code that I can pass to him or do I need his account details?

    • Need his account details

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      Easiest way would be to buy a digital currency gift card (eg from EB Games, JB Hi-Fi)
      Send him the code to redeem on his account, then hope he uses it for PS+ and not like fortnite bucks or something

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    I smell PS Plus Premium coming soon….

    • Sony recently bought an anime streaming service. Seems like the perfect demographic.

      • Sony has had Funimation for ages now. If they wanted a streaming service pack-in, they didn’t need to wait to buy crunchyroll

  • Thanks OP.

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    This deal is a real slap in the face for all the loyal PS+ subscribers that have been paying their monthly dues for the last 10 years.

    • It's always been like this.

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      loyalty doesnt pay in the tech world … but then again we have the power to not buy and switch freely if needed so it is what it is sadly

    • since 2010*

  • I'm new to PS+ and just activate 14 days trial yesterday, cannot purchase it atm. If I cancel my trial, will I be able to get it?

    • Good question

    • looks like the offer ends 30/08

  • Is anyone having issues logging into PSN?

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    Sucks cant add to my existing subscription, got 2 weeks left :(

    • Me too, really stings

    • Ditto. :(

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    Great, was thinking of getting this for the new fifa

  • First time I've regretted loading up on the various -30% offers over the year

  • Can I buy this and use it later?

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  • Amazing! I’d let my subscription lapse back in May. Thanks for this OP!

  • question for newbie PS platform, I have preorder on EB games then there is a month to wait.
    Is the a good chance to subscribe to the PS Plus before back to the regular price? It will waste a whole month in September. Eb games haven't given us the guarantee collet our PS5 in Oct (Although the estimated time said 1 Oct will get, but you know estimate)

  • When I added to cart I see this:

    This subscription continues indefinitely. You will be charged $79.95 automatically every 12 months until you cancel. Details of how to cancel are at: http://playstation.com/cancel-subscription

    Charges may be increased on 60 days' notice for reasons set out in the service terms.

    Does that mean I can't turn off auto-renew and I have to cancel instead?

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      Nope. Turn it off & hopefully score another deal when your subscription is due.

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      Are you paying with a credit card? Your'e game

  • Does this stack?

    • Would also like to know. Can I buy 3 years’ worth at once? Or just 12 months?

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        It’s only for 12 months, you can’t buy multiple years at the same price

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      No, because the offer is only if you are not currently subscribed

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      Unfortunately not, from the picture on the website that it states "Not for existing customers" so I assume this offer is only for new customers :-/

    • Thanks for clarifying everyone, I’ve never bought PS+ before.

      • Yes. Thank you. This was my first time too.

  • Getting a strange error when trying to purchase this deal.

    Added to the cart and sign in to check out, it then gave me some kind of product not found error and when I try go to same deal page again, it then tells me that I already owned the product, but clearly I haven’t purchased it yet.

    Hmmm… anyone else having similar issue?

    • Never mind, silly me didn’t read the post title properly. It’s only for new or expired sub user only. My sub is still active.. doh..

  • How to check when PS Plus expires

  • Quarterly earnings must be particularly low.

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    Why would they not let existing subscribers add more this New/Expired Subscribers Only is so stupid

  • Man I hate these deals. Just reward all you customers, especially the loyal ones you charlatans.

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      They know you'll be renewing anyway

  • I'm burning :(

  • Any idea when this expires?

    My 12 months runs out in 10 days.

    • Offer ends August 30

      • Winner!

  • Still deciding if I need this, don’t do multiplayer.

    Works out to be $3.33 per month for about 3 games each month. This months games seems to be all rubbish though

    • Can come in handy for the fortnightly deals though with some discounts being much better than standard users

      And yeah the recent freebies have been rubbish in comparison to GamePass although Sony did come off a generous roll of AAA games in the early months (Shadow Tomb Raider, Control Ultimate, FF7 Remake, Days of Gone)

    • There's normally at least a couple AAA games each year that come out.

      Having a look at this years list, these are some of the notable ones so far:
      Shadow of the Tomb Raider
      Final Fantasy VII Remake
      Days Gone
      Zombie Army 4
      Battlefield V
      Star Wars: Squadrons
      Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

      Personally the only one I've played so far from this years releases is Zombie Army 4, but that is because I'm still playing through the backlog of older games. Currently playing Middle-Earth - Shadow of War, which was a free game late last year.

      This month was definitely one of the worst for the frees

  • Mine expires on the 28th. Fingers crossed it will let me get it before the 30th

  • I'm so pissed, my PSN subscription auto renewed like a week ago even though I could have sworn I turned off auto renew a while ago. I wasn't even going to renew because I don't have any use for it at the moment. Contacted support and they declined my request for a refund, absolute (profanity)!

    • They are useless, I requested a refund, said 48hrs they will contact me. 6 days later, nothing.

  • I signed up last week for full price :( …

    I waited a while but gave up and paid full price.

  • is there anyway around this to get if you currently subscribed?

  • I think this is the first time I saw a ps plus subscription.

  • Perfect timing, my Subscription will be expired as of 23rd August.

  • Worked a treat. Awesome !!

  • Thanks OP. Mine expired today and it worked for me. It was still showing as 79.95 on the ps5 store itself, so I bought it through the website below which worked.

    https://store.playstation.com › product
    Web results
    PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership - 50% Off

  • -1

    Is the deal still there?

  • I managed to get my PSN canceled and refunded but I can't seem to use this offer.

    It says I own the product already.

    When I try to sign up to PSN through other links it is the full price.


    Works on the PS App, great.

    • I requested a refund 6 day ago, still haven't done anything about it. Support are usless

      • They haven't responded to my email from the 24th either.

        I found a phone number online and they sorted it for me.

        • Any chance you could share the number?

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    We've bought a PS5 for my son for Xmas. Any way to buy this but make it so the membership doesn't start until Xmas day?

    • Nah, unfortunately.

      Though if you were going to get it anyway, might be worth "purchasing" the games this month on Plus and subsequent months (can be done via browser so you don't need to unbox the PS5) and that way you'll have a good dozen or so games stacked up as well.

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    Ok what exactly does PS + include

  • I finally renewed my ps plus after a year or so. Playing with my brother again during the lockdown

  • My god, its not accepting payment…. but status of site looks like its up? https://status.playstation.com/

    • fixed it, for anyone encountering the same issue, add a free August PS plus game in cart (same $39.95) and it will process

  • Dunno why but I decided (profanity) it, they have one last chance to win me back after several years of absence, gimme something good in October, cowards!

    Also yeah it's still working now, dunno how long for, but I did mine at 09:32.

    • And it seems my PS4 saves are gone from the cloud. I know they always said it could happen but I guess I just didn't figure it would, that sucks. I was like "(profanity) it, I'll do the Riddler trophies after 6 years or so and get that Batman plat" but I guess not.

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    dammit… missed out on this deal by a few days, what's the current cheapest method to get ps+?

    • Same, looking for a deal on PS Plus too.

      • Get a USA account. eneba or cdkeys often charge less than this.

  • My playstation hadn't arrived when the deal expired, but now it has arrived what is the best way to buy this. Hopefully I don't wait another 12 months for this to come around again

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