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Seiko Auto Green Sumo $689.00, Seiko PADI Kinetic GMT $469.00 Delivered @ Starbuy


Here is an Ozbargain exclusive deal.

Each watch has it's own code you need to apply to get these prices.

Seiko Auto Sumo SPB103J $689.00 Delivered. Code - GREENSUMO

  • Crystal/Lens - Sapphire
  • Diameter - 45mm
  • Lug width - 20mm (drilled)
  • Case Thickness - 12.9mm
  • Cal. 6R35 Auto Movement - 70hrs Power Reserve, Self winding, Hand winding & Hacking
  • Luminous Hands & Markers.
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Water resistant - 200 metres
  • 3 Year warranty from Seiko Australia

Random Rob Review.

Seiko PADI Kinetic GMT SUN065J $469.00 Delivered Code - BLUEPADI

  • Crystal/Lens - Sapphire
  • Diameter - 47.5mm
  • Lug width - 24mm
  • Case Thickness - 15mm
  • Cal. 5M85 Kinetic movement
  • Luminous Hands & Markers.
  • Screw Down Crown
  • Water resistant - 200 metres
  • 3 Year warranty from Seiko Australia

Peter Kotsa Review.

Weekend Sale.

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    Thanks OP… this was posted today @719. I considered buying it but passed it. With your post I pulled the trigger. Hope it’s as worth as the reviews !! Thanks

  • Back to $719

    • +1

      You have to use the code.

      • Oops. Didnt read.

        M… got a black one when they were going for $850. Tempted by the price.

  • Any diver recommendations similar style to the Sumo for smaller wrists? I own a mini turtle already which is great watch but wouldn't mind something with a bit of colour.

    • +1

      Not a true diver but the Seiko Orange Dial SRPD59K is 42.5mm - $249.00 delivered
      It's in the Weekend Sale but not many in stock so I didn't post it as a deal.

    • As above, Seiko 5 would be your best bet for existing Seiko line. The others could be the Tuna or the Monster.

      If you don't want to get a new watch but want colour play with straps. That shape case looks great on straps of all material

  • Thanks OP, Is there any chance of a deal on the black sumo?

  • +1

    Ooof. Just beat a great price already. How do you do it. I need your watch partnerships strength to get my all the watches I want lol.

  • Thanks for the post, just purchased the padi. Very happy with that price! Cheers

  • I'm so so tempted to get the sumo .. but I should not .. great price on a great watch .. highly recommend starbuy.

  • How is Starbuy for returns? I'm unsure if a Sumo will be too big for my wrist.

  • Very tempted. Just put off a bit by the 21,600 bph movement. I prefer smoother sweeps after getting used to 36,000 bph movements. But this has a nice 70hr reserve, hand windable, and hacking.

    No issues with the case, crystal or bracelet.

    Decisions, decisions.

    • +3

      Buy now think later.

      • I've got a bunch of medical related costs coming in, otherwise I would have already jumped on it.

        I own several of the cheaper Seiko divers and my biggest annoyances with them are the 21,600 bph, non-hacking and sometimes not hand-winnable movements. Plus Seiko consistent use of Hardlex over sapphire.

        But this is such an attractive wrist watch. Wouldn't look out of place next to my old Submariner and my Omega Planet Ocean. If only it had a higher beat movement.

        Still thinking but worried the deal will run out soon.

        Oh, and this cost includes 3yr local warranty and deliver . Ahhh.

  • Anyone know how the date change works on this one? Is it an instant change or the more annoying gradual transition between dates?

    • Answering my own question - from info on watchuseek.com , no the 6R35 movement doesn't have an instant date change. Gradual change that takes an hour or two to complete.

  • +1

    I tried to resist till the end, but I gave up and bought it, fifth watch from starbuy, all thanks to @watchnerd. Green was too hard to pass on.

    • +1

      Oh shit sorry about that haha. I will post some cheap Casio watches next time.

      • +3

        don't, I was tempted by the casio too last time hahaha

  • +1

    Now we need a strapcode deal

  • did anyone got update on the shipping? I only got a confirmation from Deepak on Monday saying I'll get tracking code once shipped (Metro Sydney)

    • Nothing yet, expecting it to be shipped today based on their 1-3 working days stated.

      • @swings dispatched at 1:30pm today

        • 2:03 for mine, just noticed.
          Starbuy always the best, with that many clicks and lockdown still keeping up with their legendary service

  • +1

    Got mine, looks so much better than photo and reviews,
    Size is just a normal diver, I don't understand all the mention of huge and heavy, I just compared it to the standard Citizen pro diver and I can't notice much difference, same for weight, in line with similar size , that I can feel difference at the wrist at least, I'm not a digital scale.

    The case is so beautiful, and the strap is mice, again another point so many people complain about, is totally adequate to the watch; I guess for pretty much any watch some people will prefer go for aftermarket anyway for the strap.

    Seems well aligned, NOTE, Starbuy put a letter explaining to first inspect without removing plastics and adjusting/wearing, so that if there is any cosmetic issue they can do without problems.

    Will put some photo later for future reference. But impressed in such a positive way.

    • waiting to check the bezel alignment myself.

      • how did it go?

        • pefectly aligned chapter ring, indices and bezel!