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DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Gimbal $99 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Mobileciti


DJI Osmo Mobile 3 Handheld Gimbal w/ Smartphone Stabiliser - Grey

Seems like a great price on AU stock from mobileciti. I know there is a newer model available but this is a very good price and a great product.

Thanks to price hipster for notifyine about the deal ;)

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    Hmm.. AU stock? That's what they said for their Google Pixel 3.

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      Except AU stock means it's in Australia 😉

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    Was tempted but looks like issues with iPhone 12 max pro.

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      Wow. A big thanks for saving my $$$. Was about to buy it until I saw your comment & seems a major issue with the weight.

      Thanks again for the prompt to do some extra searching.

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        I think several of the current mobile gimbals have issues with the iPhone 12 Max Pro due to the weight.

        • That's one fat phone yikes

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      Thank you for the prompts

    • Hey I have 12 pro max it fits but it’s like just

  • I was in the same position and about to lay $100 on this DJI Osmo. Wasn't sure how it would go with the weight of my Note 10+ 512gb. Read a few people having issues with S9+ on DJI forums. I went with a EKEN S5B and it included a cover and stand. I record at 4K60 no problems, I just need to remove my spigen cover. Paid $98.53 Inc GST, with cover and base stand. Might be an option for some with weighty phones. Brought via AliExpress. It's buttery smooth at 4K60 and can use the thumbstick for left/right/up/down.

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    Catch are selling it for $103.95, but with free shipping, so may work out cheaper: https://www.catch.com.au/product/dji-osmo-mobile-3-smartphon...

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    eBay $99 + free delivery and you can use vouchers etc

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      Thanks bestfriend! I had a $5 off for Ebay Plus members code sitting in My Ebay waiting to be used. Bargain!

    • I ordered one, ta. I'm going to become the next what's his name, the guy who made Citizen Kane.

  • Can confirm this can fit 12 pro max but it will take some practice….

  • Is it good product and worth it? Any alternative worth exploring before putting 100 bucks