Finding out who's calling from "no caller id"

My child has been receiving calls for months from "no caller id". The caller has been harassing him and they are "hiding" behind no caller id. Is there any way of finding out the true caller number?


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    I want a phone system when only those in your contact list can activate ring tone.

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      You can do that on iPhone.

    • If you can't do that on Android or iPhone, TrueCaller can…

    • You can do that on Android. I used to do it on my old Nokia n95 over a decade ago too :D oh I still miss that phone!

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    Report nuisance calls to carrier. If they persist they can help report to Police because carrier knows who is making the calls.

    • Carrier gets big bucks from these private numbers too. I hate them.

  • Sadly this is someone that he "knows" hiding behind no caller id and he needs to pick up all calls as he is seeking casual work and most employers call from no caller id.

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      time to get a new phone number then

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    If the call is important they will leave a voicemail.

    Otherwise, after saying hello and it's the harrassing person get him to pretend he can't hear them and hang up.

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    Get a new number.

  • There is some discussion of a *69 that allows you to dial back the last call made to a phone. You might want to investigate that option.

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    Don't know why you would let this go on for months. Change the kid's number already! Do something about it!

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    Look at ‘malicious call tracing’ all the carriers can do this. It most likely needs to be done in conjunction with the police.

    Also consider recording the call when answering to gain evidence/content of the calls.

    Let your son take the lead on how he’d like to handle it (but be there as a support) and make sure he’s feeling okay within himself - this kind of thing can be quite stressful.

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    Buy a whistle!

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      it works well on telemarketers….

  • Get better friends ?

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    Block private/no caller id numbers.
    They will all go to voicemail.

    Any employer will clearly leave a message anyway.

    Any idiot dumb enough to leave harrassing messages on a voicemail recording is just extra bonus

    Also, just get a new number.. easy enough to notify family members of new numbers. Most kids these days wouldn't make phone calls and would be using messaging apps anyway (though if it's one of his 'friends' doing it they'll likely get his new number when he updates it in messaging apps )

    • A lot of lazy government and bank workers will not leave voicemail.

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    I would not work for, or do business with, anyone that hides their phone number.
    Business is all about communication, not childish guessing games.
    Tell him to go look for work with professionals.

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      Your tax payer dollars go to those telcos that maintain the private number system because the government/bank doesn't care about their customers. We need telco reform :(

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      Tell him to go look for work with professionals.

      That sounds all fluffy but depends what sort of work he is looking for, what skills etc…
      Most kids have no idea what career path they want and are happy to take any work or money…

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    "The caller has been harassing him", is that when answered or just by the act of ringing, if ringing only, could be any spam groups of (o/seas) companies, changing number won't stop that?

    Agree with others above, report to carrier or at the very least new number.

    Why in god's name had this serous issue been reported - as usual with neg Nazis no message why!!!!

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    There are two practical solutions.
    Change the number or reject all calls without ID.

    I don't answer any calls without ID, and I use TrueCaller to identify everything else.

    If people don't leave a message, that's not important (wine sellers, scammers). If they leave a message, you call back if you want, or add to the blocked list.

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    You've obviously googled for this and have your answers - but as a good OzBargainer - came here first

    It is an offence under section 474.17 of the Criminal Code Act 1995(Cth) to use a mobile phone or email to menace, harass or cause offence. A person will be found guilty of an offence if they use a service in a way that reasonable persons would regard as being, in all the circumstances, menacing, harassing or offensive. The court has considered the types of conduct that would be regarded as ‘offensive.’ A court has held that “the communication must be characterised as one causing offence or carrying with it the likelihood of causing offence to the person to whom it is directed.”

    If you are receiving harassing or offensive phone calls, you should make a report to the Federal Police who are entrusted to enforce the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

    First step - go to the cops and make a report. They will give you options
    Second step - contact phone company see what

    keep a log of dates and times of the calls

    • All true. However there are special exceptions for charities who can do whatever the fu#k they please, so most telemarketer companies now describe their businesses are charitable, so they can fly under the radar of Australian Government's pathetic laws.

  • UFED. Universal forensic extraction device. Cellabrite download.

  • If you have an Apple device, you can block silent/private numbers, if you have Android you may need to download TrueCaller or Google's Pixel Phone app which include this function in the settings (most other Phone apps from Samsung, Sony, etc don't have that private number blocking feature).

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