This was posted 5 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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LG A1 55" Self Lit OLED 4K Smart TV $1995, 65” $2995 (+ $300 Gift Card) + Del ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Great price including the $300 gift card

65” is $2995 also with the free gift card and del as well.

Free Delivery!
Free Delivery on this LG OLED TV. Offer valid until August 28 2021.

*Not available in some regional stores. Delivery will be arranged for a mutually convenient time. Delivery excludes unpacking, installation, & removal of old equipment. For full terms & conditions visit Terms & Conditions apply.

$300 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card Offer!
Purchase this LG A1 OLED 4K Smart TV and get a $300 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card! Online purchasers will receive a gift card via email 2 weeks from order completion. In-store purchasers will receive a JB Hi-Fi Gift Card at time of purchase. Offer valid until August 25 2021.

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  • Same with Bing Lee

  • -1

    any Sony A80J 55' deal?
    currently only $200 rebate from Sony
    or $300 giftcard from Jb without rebate

  • +4

    If you combine self lit technology with solar panel you get perpetual energy.

    • +3

      Sun’s also self-lit. You’ll get more energy if you put those panels on the roof.

      • -2

        sun is powered by fusion not self-lit OLED

        • +1

          It don’t matter how it’s self-lit.

          • -2

            @AlexF: if it uses fusion then it is not self-lit

      • Impossible to get 24 hrs Sun lights tho.

        • +2

          Sun’s alight 24/7.

      • Buying 20 of these to put on my roof thanks OP

        • +2

          Buy G1 model - brighter.

  • +7

    Misses out on too many features to be even vaguely justifiable value at this price. The extra for the C1 (price matchable for only ~$400 extra at the moment) is a no brainer, even if just for future proofing

  • +3

    No offense to OP, but these are terrible prices

    • +2

      $1695 for the A1 55” seems good? (if you count the gift card)

  • +2

    Not really the 65C1 was recently under $3k you would have to be crazy to get the A1

    • That's right, C1 was about $2995 few weeks ago

    • You're not wrong, but that was a discount of a discount for the C1 so it probably won't be that low again soon. I'd very much recommend waiting than getting the A1 tho.

      • Yeap it seems so, it was just a 20% off their tv range I don't think the GG realised how popular it would be haha. I absolutely would wait again just funny seeing these post and how people think these are good deals… Oh well 🤣

  • If your like me and wanted a TV for movies and tv shows only, the A1 is bloody amazing.

    • So is Sony x950h, and much cheaper

      • -1

        Definitly not cheaper.

        OLED is unbeatable.

        • +1

          It's definitely cheaper, what are you on about? 65x9500h is around 2400

  • +6

    I've seen the 55" A1 for as low as $1100 equivalent in Europe… in the Netherlands no less.

    These are ordinary C1 sale prices for mid-year, so this LG Australia thinking we'll put up with their garbage.


    • Are you sure? Seems very unlikely.

      • +2


        In June the options were C1 @ $1850, G1 @ $2300:

        With manufacturing ramping beyond record levels, these prices are a joke.

        • €799 for the A1 is $1309 and not $1100. A really good deal though.

          And the C1 was €1239/$2031 and not $1850

          • @C0mbat: You know that the Netherlands pays 21% in tax, yeah? Not 10% GST.

            Exchange rates were also different at the time, which is where the $1100 comes about.

            • @jasswolf: Does that Pepper website show the prices pre sales tax? That's unusual but fair enough if that's the case. Both here and in the UK prices are always shown with tax included.

              • @C0mbat: No, it doesn't, that's my point.

                You take off 21% tax, then put 10% on, so the number is lower. You've converted the price straight across, using today's exchange rates, which are also higher.

  • what's the difference in A1 and C1 ?

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