Covid Mullet Madness, Have You Managed to Get a Hair Cut Recently?

Random thought…

Has COVID caused mullet madness for you and/or a mate you know, or your partner?

Males and females hair maintenance discussion… lol. 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️

(When real boredom sets in!) 😣

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    What hair?


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    This explains the hair clipper deals recently and how to cut own hair posts.

    • People have been buying home haircut kits with electric clippers since last year's lockdowns.

  • I use the Remington self hair cutting kit, not the best look but getting better at it over time

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    I do most of it myself and the wife fixes the last few bits up. Not sure why covid is an excuse for anyone, I've only paid for 2 haircuts in 12 years and that was because I was travelling.

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      Not sure why covid is an excuse for anyone,

      Some of us are single, have had our entire industries and most of our hobbies shut down, and are barely allowed to see anyone.

      As well as a mullet, I have a full bush too! ><

  • Has COVID caused muttel madness

    Based on footage from many of the protests, it would seem that the madness is spreading

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      If only a haircut could solve those people’s problems… sigh.

    • Don't let them breed

  • Assuming the age of many here, M and F, I probably should have asked and mentioned - waxing, lasering, and general grooming etc… hahahhahha

  • Now there’s a hair style you could set your watch to!

    • Does your watch have a decade hand?

  • Had clippers for years & never really used. Wife is now giving me cuts using #2 sides and back & scissors on top. Not barber quality but def better than I could do

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    i just do my own. even the most worst hair cut never takes more than 2 weeks to sort itself out

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    Just do it yourself. The beauty with covid is, no one's going to see your messed up haircut but your own family.

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      With modern technology, you can share it to the world via Tiktok

      • Put a beanie on

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      What about those of us that spend 5+ hrs on video conferences every week day?!? :(
      Ok, maybe not 5hr every weekday, but not far from it…

      • They only see the front and a bit of the side of the head. Mullet away!

  • Just get some clippers or a sharp beard trimmer and go nuts. I literally just give myself a zero because it's so easy to do it.

  • Got my dad to do my haircut because he wanted to try; didn't work out well, but it was overall ok because he didn't cut a lot of hair, so it'll grow back anyway. Lockdown's here for at least another 40 days, so eh.

    • Lockdown's here for at least another 40 days

      I recken infections are gonna top 2000 and they're gonna cancel Christmas

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        'at least' being the keywords, lol

        • yeah ok. But I think they're gonna jimmy us again for New Years.

      • I recken infections are gonna top 2000

        Yeah, but what about after next thursday?

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          Yeah, but what about after next thursday?

          Hopefully, Gladys gets into a car accident and John Barilaro goes to jail.

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          Is that Thursday this week or the week after?

  • What's wrong with letting your hair grow? I haven't cut mine since March last year. Loving having longer hair especially on the cooler days.

    If you do want to cut it, just get a set of Wahl clippers and watch some YouTube tutorials. It isn't hard at all to get a good result, just take your time.

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      What's wrong with letting your hair grow?

      My hair is all wavy and stupid looking. I look like a homeless person.

      • Nah, you just need to find the right products and look after it properly. Also you really need to let it grow for at least 8 months until it starts to look good, everyone goes through an awkward phase when growing out their hair. But it's worth trying at least once in your life.

        • I had long hair once but it was a nightmare to take care of it. Too long in the shower, too much on hair products, combing took forever, knots, summer frizzz

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        I look like a homeless person

        That's free public transport.

    • I was almost out of conditioner and decided my long hair was needlessly accelerating the rate of usage, fixed it with clippers.

      I agree with the second part. I got Wahl clippers during last year's lockdown and have been cutting my husband's hair since. He reluctantly agreed to do mine a couple weeks ago.

    • Did the same but had it cut late June as it was getting a bit weird 😃

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    I'm confused. I voted based on thread title, but then saw the question is the opposite?!?

    • hahaha - good point. Think admin posted the poll, I'd not included a poll in the beginning! Let's finger point and blame them… lol
      I'd posted it as a discussion topic, but a poll was a good idea. It's really 2 questions though, you are right… Prob needs two sets of polls. :)

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    What hair? 🤣🤣🤣

  • I have been growing my hair out since the original outbreak of COVID-19. I always wanted to grow my hair out, and after quitting my job and going back to study, I felt the time was right.

    I do tie my hair, which gets rid of the problem with unruly hair somewhat.

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    Nothing saves you more money than a DIY buzzcut

  • I went to the 'one-legged' barber!

    • Do I really want to ask what that is?

  • Yes bought $20 clippers years ago so 5 minutes easy to do

  • I have gone full Boris Johnson now.

  • My wife is a hairdresser with a home salon :)

  • Do it yourself. Have you ever thought of doing that?

    What if society completely collapsed. Would you know how to cook, wash, cut your own hair?

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    Just gave two of the kids a hair cut, the 5year old asked for lightning bolts in the sides… that was a disaster but he is happy

  • I have long straight hair and have discovered it’s so easy to cut myself. Brush it all back evenly then tie at nape of neck. Secure the ponytail in 1 or 2 places with elastics. Chop off at desired length with sharp scissors. Untie and snip until even. I’m never going to the hairdresser again!

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    Mullet madness should be always regardless of lockdowns 💪

  • I haven't cut my hair or beard for so long that I don't even remember the last time I cut my own hair, let alone paid anyone to do it for me.

  • Shaving cream a razor once a week. Haven't paid for a haircut in over a decade

  • We called a dog groomer and when they got here they were a bit surprised but still went ahead and did ours.

  • Yes, asked my wife to cut my hair with scissors (don’t have hair clippers). She was doing that for the very first time, did great job actually! Ordered hair clippers now, wife is excited to try with clippers and scissors next time :).

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    Everything is open in QLD. Haircuts and all. I guess LNP are letting you down?

    • Whats Vic's excuse then ?

      • Nowhere even close to NSW COVID numbers. Also, it got down there again, via NSW, after they were all clear. Yikes.

  • I look like a guy who can either afford a meal or a haircut not both. Beanie or Cap in most teams meetings. My team thinks I am going through a mid life crisis. Times like these I envy my bald mates. At this rate, I am going full Joffa hair and bmi ;-)

    • hahaha - please tell me you are a Pies supporter that at least, and one who has all their teeth!

      (I know I am and do!) No discrimination towards anyone, or those Bombers, Swans, Blues… aaahhh f'it, anyone that is anything other than a Pies supporter! lol… Only two teams in the AFL - Collingwood and… everyone else!

  • Yes had mullet madness. Then just bought Phillips trimming kit and gave myself no.1 cut with clippers and got relative trim all the edges neatly later. Till can get to see my barber whenever that will be.

  • Cutting hair at home is easy, its the cleaning up that is the pain.

  • I just gave myself a buzz cut on purpose because I'm in a locked down LGA of concern in Sydney. Literally went to Woolworths and grabbed the last shave kit on the shelf as they're practically sold out now. I'll let the hair grow back and get a haircut once lockdown ends and my hair should hopefully be long enough to warrant a haircut.

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