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[iOS] Free: Amblyopia - Lazy Eye (Was $14.99) @ Apple Store


Might be useful to some

Amblyopia, also called lazy eye, is a disorder of sight due to the eye and brain not working well together. It results in decreased vision in an eye that otherwise typically appears normal. It is the most common cause of decreased vision in a single eye among children and younger adults.

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    Why would anyone want a free eye disorder?

    • I SEE what you've done there

    • free eye disorder?

      Use more phone will made it worse 😆

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      It’s better than paying for it.

  • Can't say that the app looks very legit from their other offering of metal detecting shoes…

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    Go see a real optometrist if you think your child has amblyopia. Not something an app should guide you with. And guess what, that optometrist visit is 99% of the time covered by Medicare so it's "free".

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    Wow. This is the most medically incorrect app I’ve ever seen. From the product description they claim that there’s no point to continue patching if there’s no improvement after 6 months. Word of advice- take your child to an ophthalmologist and don’t play doctor when it comes to your childrens’ vision.

    • Any kid with amblyopia should always see an eye doctor in case there is any underlying disease hence one eye has weaker vision.

    • It’s not incorrect to stop patching if there’s no improvement after 6 months,
      Indeed, vision on both eyes should always be monitored continuously.
      The good eye should not be continuously patched, There are so many factors eg patient’s age, VA, other conditions… consult a health professional. In Australia, we are very lucky,

  • So what does this app do? Tell me if I have a lazy eye?

    • It pokes you in the eye first

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    My son has lazy eye. We have regular check ups with eye specialist. This app will definitely help with some exercise. Thanks.

  • Thanks OP, it works

  • Eye see 👁

  • The intention of the app is NEVER to replace proper diagnosis or treatment from health professional.
    The app actually seems to have merit on its design and potentially can be useful.
    so no need to neg the deal or bash the developer.

    Always talk to your doctor.

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    It can be a great tool and bargain for people who knows exactly what this is and under supervision of a medical professional.

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    There is no evidence that these eye exercises work. Take your kids to see an optometrist or paediatric ophthalmologist before they miss their critical period. After this period, the eye stops developing and it’s too late to fix their amblyopia.