Ralliart Vs Evo - Need Owners Opinions

Good morning everyone.

I really enjoy my CJ lancer but I'm considering upgrading one day to either the ralliart or evolution which is the best of the best with the turbo and AWD and all the goodies.

I'm just curious if somebody here owns one or both?

Preferably 2008 onwards

I'm curious what's the major differences between the 2?
Are they really that much different to drive?
Are the engines really much different?

Hopefully somebody here can give me more first hand information cheers.

Good and bad points of both?

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  • What happened with the clutch on your WRX?

    • That cars is in storage in Vic and on the back burner for now

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      Ha I thought it was a Liberty. Knew this was gonna be a Willco post before I opened it.

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        The RS and WRX are very the same and it's easier to say WRX as most people don't know of the RS

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  • If you want to spend the money the only way to go is with an Evo. If you can afford it buy as clean (I.e. not tuned to the hilt) as possible as these are really starting to go in value. Clean Evo 5 Tommy M editions are going for well over $60-70k for clean low kms. Future classics

  • I am not sure on the Evo, but you may want to check out the transmission issues on the Ralliart variant

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    but I'm considering upgrading one day

    Lol is this one of those dreamer posts where you might make the change in 5 years?

    You were prepared to buy a bunky in limp mode due to budget constraints, yet you're asking about performance cars which are asking stupid money these days…

    Ask us when you can afford it, which also means being able to put 98 RON in it, not cheapening out

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      Lol is this one of those dreamer posts where you might make the change in 5 years?

      Appears so. OP's previous posts asked about:
      2008 Golf GTi
      2004 WRX
      Jetta 103tdi Turbodiesel Comfortline 2011
      2008 Hyundai i30 CRDI 1.6L Diesel

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    Alternative options of consideration - step up?

    Suby GT (turbo)?
    AMG A Class (not sure on $$$)?
    AMG GLA (not sure on $$$)?
    Audi S3 (not sure on 2nd hand values)?
    Ford XR5 Focus (not all-wheel drive but had one (ex's) in the past and loved it around the twists, more so than my FPV at the time)?

    Similar sorts of market segment, but perhaps alternatives if or interest…

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    The Evo will end up being a high yield investment vehicle soon.

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      That ship may have already sailed.

  • Thanks to the guys who offered real information

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      Pity they didn't save it for someone with a real question.

      • The internet is made to gather information regardless

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        It's almost like the internet is already full of information about these 13yo cars…

        • :p ozb is the most reputable car forum in AU…

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      Bookmarked for future 👍

      The internet is made to gather information regardless


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    If you have the money and you value having the best of a particular car be it performance, comfort or quality etc, buy the Evo.

    I had a WRX and always wished I bought the STI. Since then I've had an Audi RS, and two BMW M's (Not M Sports). If you want the performance car, don't skimp on the middle model because you will always regret it and wished you saved to get the better model in the first place.

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  • Just get a rexy

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      I've got an old school liberty RS turbo in storage that's needs a lot of work just contemplating whether to put money into that or something newer

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