This was posted 9 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Strawberries 99c, Bike Repair Stand $39.99, Ebike $599, Helmet $19.99, Pump $14.99, Light Set $19.99, Storage Rack $49.99 @ ALDI


Excerpt from the upcoming catalogue.

  • Aussie strawberries 250g $0.99 from August 25
  • Bike and accessories from September 4.

Full catalogue can be found at Best Aussie Markdowns.

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      Who's Joey?

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    think this is fromm 4th september.

    i bought similar bike stand off ebay for $55. its not great but does the trick

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    7.5 Ah battery on the ebike….yeah nah

    the floor pump is good though - bought it from the last run of bike stuff in April.

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      Genuine question but what’s wrong with the battery on the ebike?

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        small ish capacity. but will do just fine for shorter trips.. 20-30km range probably depending on how uh prosperous you are.

        being under the seat means annoying to remove for charging it off bike as well.

        • Appreciate the answer :)

      • what lawyerz basically said. but not so much as something "wrong" with the battery but the capacity isn't ideal. even this basic kogan ebike has a 10Ah battery:
        capacity may not be a big deal if you're just going to use this once a week, or for short rides, but not so good if you intend to commute to work on it. when i bought my ebike, i just went and upgraded to a 16 Ah battery so i wouldn't have to deal with range anxiety. to give you a general idea, i could do something like 60-70km on a single charge, using level 4 out of 5 pedal assist.

        • Thanks for that. I suppose upgrading the battery would kinda defeat the fact it's a cheaper option. It'll probably make me deep dive into the eBike world and I'd eventually upgrade butttt seems like a good entry level offer as I don't plan riding too far daily.

          Once again appreciate the response!

          • @MBix: it's cheap for a reason but you have the benefit of dealing with a physical store should something go wrong.

            and i had to giggle a bit about not "riding too far." that was me in the beginning. you'll go further than you thought you would in no time, and get there quicker than you think ;)

            happy riding!

            • @tdw: hahaha that is exactly both my hope and fear is that I'll end up loving it and want to go further and further and next thing I'll be upgrading battery, then bike then who knows!

              • @MBix: oh i know the feeling. i'm constantly looking at deals on NCM ebikes, and this illegal-on-public-roads thing
                when i already have a bike that i sunk a few thousand dollars in (incl. locks, lights, saddle bags, tools etc) lol

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    Anyone have experience with the bike stand?
    Planning to put 2 adult bikes on it + mount in garage with brick walls.

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        Go one page further…there is a 2 bike wall stand…

    • Also curious. Currently have some wheel hanging wall mounts but hoping to get something more compact against the wall

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      Dunno why people negged you. There is actually both a repair stand and a 2 bikes rack. Looks decent, capacity 50kg.

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      Judging by the picture, the bike storage rack holds the bikes using hooks under the top tube.

      In my experience that's fine for bikes with a frame top tube that's close to horizontal, but awkward for bikes with a steeply angled top tube

      • +2

        You can adjust the hooks up and down independently, but from memory, I don't think the actual cup part of the hook can rotate.

    • +2

      I used one before without issue, the adjustable support arms are good for odd shaped bikes.
      I was living in a rental at the time so I couldn't actually mount it to the wall, so I just made up a bracket to support the upper and lower parts.

      We had a reasonably heavy commuter bike on the lower hooks and a lighter racing bike up top, but if it was mounted, there shouldn't be any issue, the only downside I can think off is having to lift up the bike to the higher position.

    • +3

      I have one and works a treat. It’s pretty unstable if you don’t screw it to something but if you do it’s fine. The two arms for each bike are independent so for my bike with a straight cross bar they are on the same level and for my partners bike, with an angled cross bat, the one arm sits about 4 or 5 pegs above the other. As the ‘hooks’ aren’t adjustable it doesn’t sit perfectly but the hooks have a sort of rubber coating on to protect the paint work which again, does the job. Hope that helps!

  • Shame there is no bike trailer like previous years

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    Wish they would bring the 29er MTB back

    • +1

      Maybe a week after?

      iirc last year, they split the ebike and MTB/Hybrid bikes up for different weeks - probably a bit much to have all 3 in one week of specials

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      I converted their 29er to an ebike. Worked out great

      • +1

        Interesting, what components did you use?

        • +2

          Overall, it works out being much better than what you buy of the shelf in the shops on price, power & fun

          • @conork: Looks like a good bit of kit! Did you have to modify the 29er Aldi bike at all to convert it? I have the 29er, but the lack of a second front chain ring always makes me feel like I'm missing out on the speed available to my lighter road bike. Did you find that you could get up to 45km/h without a bigger front chain ring?

            • @trainingwheelz: Ye absolutely. I don't use the gears, I adjust the controller on the bike, so it's mainly the motor doing most the work at that speed.
              On a steep hill I'll use the thumb throttle to help get moving.

          • @conork: Well this sent me down a rabbit hole today. Probably will get the streel legal one and stick it on a cheap reid bike now.

      • Did you use a bafeng kit ?

        • Ye I believe Dillenger use bafang motors and rebrand them.

        • +1

          i installed a bbshd on my aldo bike, so good.!

  • any bike clothing hidden on some other pages?

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    Interested in Bike repair stand, anyone care to share their experience

    • +7

      excellent. solid, portable. cheap.. don't think you can go wring with this one.

      • +1

        Thanks 👍 more than enough to justify getting up early in the morning and trying my luck.Last year they had very limited stock, will try to be there before store opens :-)

    • +2

      I've had my Aldi one for a year. Does the job, no signs of it falling apart.
      Happy I only spent $40 instead $100-$150.

      Only downside is base is a lot bigger than some of the other repair stands out there, but not really a big deal.

      • +2

        Great, happy to live with bigger base probably will make it more stable.

    • +2

      have had mine for 5+ years now, never had an issue with it.
      I prefer it to the Topeak one that I picked up maybe 10+ years ago.

      • +2

        Same, had it for 5 years, use it every month ish, I wash the bike while it's on the stand, and it still works perfectly.

    • +1

      I used mine for a very heavy e-bike and it really couldn't cope, eventually the holding strap and a couple of the feet broke. All in all, though, I was happy with it for $50.

      I imagine it would be fine for normal bikes or even a light e-bike.

    • I got one on a previous sale a few use ago. It is ok for my 29er hardtail. Only thing I find is that the clamp on the round tube that holds the bike is not strong enough to stop the bike leveling to how the bike wants to level rather than how you want it. So for example you can't clamp onto the seat post and have the top bar level. But then it does not cost nearly as much as a Park Tool work stand ….

    • +2

      I picked up one yesterday and its surprisingly good for the price. It's well built, very stable, holds my pushbike no probs and it's quite compact when you fold it up and store it away. I'm quite chuffed with this bargain purchase.

      • +1

        Finally I also managed to get one last Tue, initially I thought someone might have retuned this and was expecting some missing parts but nothing was missing. I wasn’t able to find one when it went on sale, tried few stores and all were OOS. Agree build quality is very reasonable especially given the price. Tried few bikes and it does the job, very happy with the purchase.

        • Got mine on Thursday, used it for a couple of small jobs so far but this stand will definitely be something for the long term. Build quality seems to be very very good for $40.

    • +22

      You are a peanut mate.

  • After some gloves, hopefully they have some clothing!

  • Interested in Bike repair stand

  • +3

    Strawberries taste better when they are cheap

    • and free from needles.

      • $1 in my local woolies right now but they are the "forced" ones with a lot of green on them.

      • Unless it's a vaccine dose.

        What a bargain.

  • I have had the two bike stand, tied to a post on the patio with a combination lock, for over two years. Have had no issues. Bikes have a sloppey top tube but the hook eyelets are adjustable.

  • +1

    Has anyone experience with the e-bike re: quality/ value and so on?

    • The one I had was the big beach cruiser model, but the company that built them went under. It had lots of internal/software faults that would cause it to cut out randomly or not start. Suggest to do your research, but also remember Aldi is great on coming through with warranties. Returned mine just before the 2 years were up for a full refund, no questions asked.

      I'm keen to give one of these folding ones a crack.

      • Good info, thanks a lot. :)

        • +2

          No woz m8.

          I couldn't figure out how unrestrict that model but I've heard these newer ones are much easier to rig, if you're into that.

          25kmph cap on pedelecs is really piss weak imho

          • @BargainTeebone: What info do you have about these newer ones being more moddable?

    • i had a folding ebike before - not this one, but 90% similar (folding, no gears).

      Some of the problems with it:

      • folding bike you can feel the lack of stiffness, like a feeling of sponginess when steering.
      • a lack of torque going up hills. If its steeper than the motor can handle, there is nothing you can do but get off and push.
      • it was heavy (even without the battery), and 'folding' it up it doesnt really save a lot of space.
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    How is it getting aldi deals these days with covid ? Easier ? Less people in queue?

    Wouldn't mind the ebike and bike gear. But just wandering how realistic getting it will be.

  • How's the ebike good brand? Top Brand?

    • +1

      Probably not - the one I had was the big beach cruiser model, but the company that built them went under. It had lots of internal/software faults that would cause it to cut out randomly or not start. Suggest to do your research, but also remember Aldi is great on coming through with warranties. Returned mine just before the 2 years were up for a full refrund, no questions asked.

  • I'm spewing that I just got a bike stand delivered from eBay for$60 which is pretty much the same thing. Bad timing

  • Now just for Bunnings to come up with a similar 5 piece set (have to go through Facebook link to see what I'm talking about)

  • Great post. Thank you op.
    I’m interested in buying the bike multi tool. Is that any good ? Can I find this in my local Aldi store on 25th Aug ? I’m not Aldi buyer but keen to start shopping there.

    • looks to have all the usual stuff like hex keys from 2.5mm to 6mm, a torx key, phillips and slotted. not sure about the quality; you'd have to go in and see if it feels good in hand. you might want to go early though — bike stuff is particularly popular of the special buys

      • How does it work ? I have to go on 25th August to find this ? I also find it difficult to find items in Aldi and don’t see floor attendants.
        Any suggestions where they will be ?

        • +1

          yes, they'll be available from the 25th onwards until sold out. these won't be on the regular shelves and will instead be in the "special buys" section, usually in the middle of the store. what aldi normally do is they put their newest "special buys" all the way at the back of this section so make your way there first.

          • +1

            @tdw: Thank you so much. I’m going in there tomorrow.

            • @justanick: good luck!

            • @justanick: You'll be a week early if you go tomorrow

              "Bike and accessories from September 4."

    • +3

      Bike stuff isn't till "Bike and accessories from September 4."

      Was planning a trip tomorrow until I rechecked :)

      • Damn you saved me a trip.

      • The only thing worse than missing out on a bike repair stand cos I'm only there 30m before the store opens and the line is already massive, would be getting there 2hrs before store opens only to find that it wasn't even available yet… I was looking through the catalogue wondering WTF and your comment explains it, thanks much!

  • +1

    Are the bike lights any good? Has anybody tried them? How do they compare to the $20 ebay ones?

      • good, does the job well.
      • takes micro usb
      • both front and rear bright, will have to charge frequently (at least the front).
      • durable plastic clip with chunky rubber ring to secure onto bike, one side stays in the plastic clip so whenever you remove the rubber strap stays with the light. so easy to take on and off and adjust angle.
      • may cause bit of rubbing/chafing on bike/handlebars
      • only downside is that theyre a bit ugly. prettier options out there.
      • you may find same style for cheaper, but very hard to tell what has a decent li-ion battery until you get it. so probably just get from aldi if you want this style of light
      • Thanks!

      • +1

        agree about the need to charge frequently - It lasts nowhere near the stated number of hrs (for the mode). I'm getting roughly half the quoted levels.

        But given its price, another pro is buying 2 and have the same mounts for more than 1 bike, and being very easy to switch between spare lights.

  • Strawberries are already $0.99/250g at my local Aldi yesterday in VIC as of yesterday.

    • Already saw that they went up to $1.50 at the last week yikes

  • +1

    Helmet sizes run SMALL… or I have a big head. id go one size up

    • Thanks for the tip. How is the helmet otherwise?

      • +1

        Seems decent enough. Because it's small I gave it to the missus to wear instead, and she hardly cycles. Haven't heard any complaints so guess it's alright?

  • E by gum ,a Bike


    • +1

      um….in English?

      • Buy a gumtree bike.

  • A bit off-topic, but what would be the best cheap option for a bike to ride around during lockdowns (non-electric)?

    • where are you located?

      I mean if you really really will only do casual rides, kmart cruisers will do the job for like $170. Better yet, look on gumtree for lots of free ones..

      Otherwise a min budget of about $400 is needed for a decent bike if you're going to use day to day, and if you're around Melbourne, I usually recommend iamfree bikes for the best value bikes.

      • Located near St Leonards area in Sydney. Just looking for a casual ride.
        $170 is probably a bit too much for us, good idea to look on Gumtree/Marketplace. Not sure how that slipped my mind thanks!

  • Anyone pick up the toolbox from previous years and care to comment? Just getting into cycling and only have a multi-tool so far.
    Not sure if I'd eventually need the toolbox. But cycling approx 2-3 times a week since the lockdown.

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