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ASICS Gel-Kayano 14 White/Classic Red & White/Pure Gold $97.75 (15% off in Checkout, RRP $230) + $15 Delivered @ up There Store


Gel-Kayano 14 - White/Classic Red

Gel-Kayano 14 - White/Pure Gold

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    Gees mate they are up to #28 if I’m not mistaken..

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      These are considered as lifestyle shoes nowadays .

      I don’t know much about fashion but it seems these 2000s shoes and crocs are becoming popular again.

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      These are a retro of the 14's by the sportstyle division of Asics for the streetwear crowd rather than the latest and greatest that are more pure performance oriented

  • King of broken Fabric

    We got 4 pairs of Asics, none of their fabrics can survive more than 3 months

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      that's weird. checked out the "my gear" tally in my strava: 902kms of running in the 17s, 567km in the 19s and 981km in the 23s. none of them have broken fabric. still use the 17s to mow the lawn!

      • bought 4 pairs from Asics outlet in Birkenhead point, brand new, not the display sets
        I don't run, only wear the shoes to walk over the bridge from North Sydney to Wynyard.
        3 months later, I came back to the store and ask if they have any warranty, as I bought two pairs at the same time. The shop assistant said they have, but I need to prove the shoes were used under normal conditions. I don't know how to prove to them.
        I thought it is my personal experience. But after 4 pairs, I am done with it. I never have problems with Nike, Adidas, NB etc. similar fabric.
        Also talked to my friends who have Asics, a few of them have the same issue.
        2 holes above the little toes, exactly the same location, hahahaha

        • Need photos of the holes on shoes, and your toes.

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      Must be fake ASICS or bloody long nails. How many pairs of socks did you go through in 3 months without holes?

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        Mate, just sharing my and my friends' experiences so anyone who reads this thread can think twice.

        You don't have to believe it, this info is for people who would like to open their eyes.

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          lol "open their eyes"? sounds like there's a conspiracy theory here

    • My experience has been the opposite. I'm looking for a new pair of kayanos because unlike most shoes where the sole gets too compressed after a few months, my current pair (kayano 26) are comfortable after almost 2 years, and I'm only looking for replacements because I've almost worn through the soles. I've probably walked/run 1000km or so with them - worth the price because they have lasted.

    • I have a pair of Kayono 26 (I think?) that is a couple of years old. Used at the gym, running, wearing to work when I am in casual mode even fishing and they are still pretty much new looking.

    • I’ve had multiple ASICS last 10 years +

      Progression of use is

      Running -> gym -> casual-> round the house

      Basically my experience is the exact opposite of yours

    • Open up the laces, stick a strip of gorilla tape etc on the inside of the toe box. video on youtube Link

  • Only small sizes for sale.

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